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4:05pm Thursday 12/31 City Trash Update: Normal Thursday pickup today. Will not work Jan. 1. Normal Friday pickup moves to Sat. Jan 2nd.This week's Monday (12/28) pickup is pushed to next Monday Jan 4th due to the earlier weather delays.City Commission Meets Jan. 4th
Dec. 31, 2009
Sewer Debt / Tort Claim
Way To Go Sooners ... Good Luck Cowboys
From Thursday Dec. 31, 2009 Tulsa World: Collinsville — Imogene S. Monday, 72, retired from Federal Reserve Bank, died Tuesday. Services pending. Mowery, Owasso. Trash service complaint added to bottom of snow coverage page. -- Ted 12/31Jan. Calendar
Jimmy Ray Hayes (August 25, 1952 - December 29, 2009) Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home. Services 2pm Monday, Jan. 4, 2010 at the Assembly of God Church in Oologah
Misc. News: Shearer Birth Announced / Chamber Banquet
Dec. 30, 2009
CHS 2010 Senior Photos Requested
My dog ran away on Monday the 28th. We live by the park between the park and Stone Gate. He is a catahoula/black lab mix. He is black with patches of gray. His left front paw is also gray (it looks like he stepped in ashes). He has a red collar and weighes about 80 lbs. If anyone finds him, please call 371-2577. -- Thanks, Christine
New snow in progress the last hour or so ... just a light dusting so far. -- Ted 8pm Tuesday 12/29/2009 (about an inch on some spots now -- 11:10pm)Thursday Dec. 31st, 2009 will be a "Blue Moon" (Previous Coverage)
The people that shop in downtown (and generate a portion of the meager sales tax that runs this city) don't care if the merchants or the city clears the parking spots, sidewalks, or ramps connecting the streets to the sidewalks ... but they do care that somebody does. It's 5 days now since the sleet & snow fell and I just spent 2+ hours making just a narrow path (mostly in the ramps blocked by the plowed snow) for three blocks downtown. There is much more that can be done but I need to get back to my own work. I have another viewer comment on the lack of clearing in Prairie View which I'll add later and hopefully move this entire discussion off the "front page". -- Ted 3:30pm Tuesday 12/29/2009 -- (The earlier snow removal comments have been moved to the bottom of the original snow page) -- Ted 4:15pm Tues.
The once-a-year deadline for student photo CDs is Thursday and only 4 of the 11 requested so far have been paid (in full or 1/2 deposit). More Info. -- Ted 10:30pm Monday 12/28/2009 -- (As of 6pm Dec. 31 the count is 6 of 13 are valid. I'll wait a few days into 2010 before I drop any of the unpaid requests -- Ted)
2009 Year In Review (Sampler)
Dec. 27, 2009
Top Story: XC Girls State Championship
The Ville Athletics -- 4 Batting Cages
Will Be Available Starting Dec. 29th
-- Turfed Area -- Wiffle Ball Tournaments --
Sports Equipment and Fan Gear Sales
Roy Weathers -- 918-292-9060 -- 202 S. 2nd
From Friday Dec. 25, 2009 Tulsa World: Collinsville — Lorelle E. Mefford, 76, retired Baptist Retirement Center cook, died Wednesday. Visitation noon-8 p.m. Saturday, Reynolds Funeral Service. Services pending. Steven Majike on Tulsa World Football All-Metro 2nd Team -- 12/26/2009 & Honorable Mention: Justin Caruthers, Phillip Kolosha, Merin Oakley.
Christmas Eve Snow Blizzard
Dec. 24-25, 2009
High Winds Left Drifts of Varying Sizes
Lacie Cook & Kylee Cole on Tulsa World All-State Metro Softball Team 12/25/2009 -- (Previous Coverage)
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Kylee Cole has signed with Northeastern A&M Softball per 12/24/2009 Tulsa World -- (Previous Coverage)
Hi Ted, Kylee wanted me to e-mail you and let you know that she has not signed with NEO yet. She wants you to be there when this does take place. =] Signing for NEO can not occur until after January 14th due to "rules of signing". Coach Iverson will let us know the exact date soon. --Kim Cole 12/26/2009
Friday city trash collection is moved to Saturday due to Christmas.
Collinsville Sales Tax Comparisons
Dec. 23, 2009
$97,099 To City For November
Collinsville is one of the featured cities in the current issue of the Oklahoma Today magazine. -- 12/22/2009CHS Senior Jenny Dyer and CHS Cross Country (Coach of the Year) Arlin Stacy featured in Tulsa World All-Metro Profile. 12/23/2009 (TW Complete List)Misc. News: 6th Grade Cheer
Dec. 23, 2009
Photo CD Deadline
OCA East All-Stars (Football) Honors per 12/22/2009 Tulsa World: 4A Running Back (Merin Oakley), 4A Linebacker (Steven Majike).Collinsville Man Acquitted in 2007 Shooting -- per 12/22/2009 Tulsa WorldJan. 2010 CalendarMore Martial Arts Photos 12/22
Phyllis Jean (Tally) Myers (December 11, 1952 - December 17, 2009) Oologah Dolton Funeral Home

Ruby Bernice Bailey (September 5, 1930 - December 19, 2009) Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home

Martial Arts Test
Dec. 21, 2009
Students Earn Yellow Stripe
From Sunday Dec. 20, 2009 Tulsa World: Collinsville — Dorcas E. Jones, 72, died Saturday. Services pending. Stumpff, Bartlesville. Fall Sports Wrapup
Dec. 20, 2009
Football & Cross Country Banquets
Merry Christmas
Brief City Commission Meet Monday
Dec. 21, 2009
Consent Agenda Only
Misc. News: 4-H Members Helping Military Kids
Dec. 19, 2009
Friendly 2nd Graders at Wilson
Kenneth Williams Obit in 12/18/2009 Tulsa WorldI wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Angel Tree this year. Everything went extremely well. Every last angel was chosen plus extra donations. Thanks again. Memory Ostrander (Collinsville Chamber of Commerce) 12/18/20092009-2010 College Football Bowl Games
Bank of The Lakes
Open House and Santa Claus Visit
Monday, December 21st -- 1-6pm
118 N. 11th, Collinsville
Open House and Santa Claus Visit

Tuesday, December 22nd -- 11:00 am - 5:30 pm
200 East Main Street, Collinsville
The 5A State Champion Girls Cross Country team received replica state trophies at their banquet Thursday. They had been honored Wednesday at the City Commission meeting. They made progress on their fundraising for state rings but could still use some more help if you'd like to donate. (More later) -- Ted 10pm 12/17/2009
Harvey Earl Sory (November 8, 1942 - December 6, 2009) Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home Memorial Services 2pm Monday, Dec. 21, 2009 at Meadowcreek First United Methodist Church.Misc. News: ECC Character Kids / Soil Program Holiday Greeting
Dec. 17, 2009
Library To Host Smithsonian Exhibit / Limited Offer
Misc. News: Friendly First Graders / Alzheimer's Caregivers Legal Issues
Dec. 16, 2009
Whisenhunt Daughters Honor / Parade Photos
City sewer debt delayed by paperwork until at least Monday. No action on Rickey Hayes contract. XC Girls Honored at Dec. 16, 2009 Special City Meet.
Collinsville police and fire discovered a meth lab when responding to garage fire about 10pm Tuesday night (12/15/2009) at 518 W. Maple.Collinsville Wrestlers lost at Bixby Dual per 12/16/2009 Tulsa World 
Youth was the theme for the Cardinal Wrestling team at the 57th Annual Chuck West Bristow tournament last weekend. The Cardinals sent 4 freshmen, 2 sophomores, 3 jrs, an 1 sr to Bristow which included teams from all classes and was won by class 6A Sand Springs. The youngsters fared well and gained vaulable experience and mat time that will help them later in the year when they go to the Regional tournament. Freshman Zack Abkemeirer placed 3rd at 125 lbs. Jr Josh Pennington and Cory Snow finished 4th at 152 lbs, and 160 lbs respectivley. The Cardinals will travel to Bixby on Tues for a dual with the Spartans. The starting time for the JH match is 6:30. -- JR (12/15/2009)
Large grass fire active (at 2:20pm Tuesday) near 152nd East and 126th St. North -- 12/15/2009 Agenda for special city meet for 6:15 Wed.: Sewer Indebtness & Hayes contract & XC girls honor -- Ted 3:10pm Tues (Note: the word sewer is not in the agenda for this emergency waiving of competetive bids ... that's just my assumption) Just a few days left to request photo CDs
CHS Boys Basketball
Dec. 14, 2009
Team Photos and Rosters
CHS Girls Basketball
Dec. 14, 2009
Team Photos and Rosters
Francis Rosetta Thompson (July 13, 1913 - December 11, 2009) Funeral services 10am Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009 at the Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home Chapel
Blade Nelson (Chilli's Dec 14th) Benefit Misc. News: Cross Country State Ring Fundraiser
Dec. 13, 2009
HRC / Patchworkers / Newborns In Need
Collinsville Christmas Parade plus sweater, cookie and merchant giveaway photos Dec. 12, 2009
First Page -- 12:45am Sunday; Second Page 3pm Sunday; Third Page 6:25pm Sunday
JrHi Basketball -vs- Oologah
Dec. 10, 2009
Partial Coverage For Concurrent Games
Check back for info on Dec. 17th Cross Country banquet ...December Calendar
Collinsville Christmas Parade is Saturday (Dec. 12) at 11am ... Shoppers Prize Giveaway is 3pm ... with lots of downtown activities in between.Tulsa World 12/11/2009 Coverage of Collinsville Sewer Expansion To The West -- (Previous cvilleok Coverage)
Sample History of Collinsville School Superintendents
Dec. 11, 2009
1898-2010 List
Updated info for Monday's Blade Nelson (Chilli's Dec 14th) Benefit -- 12/10/2009Collinsville Basketball Girls lost to Pawhuska (31-39) in semifinal game of Sperry Tournament. -- 12/10/2009 Tulsa World. Ron Evans, Joel Mace and Memory Ostrander in Collinsville School Board Race (Feb. 9th Vote) -- per 12/10/2009 Tulsa World (Previous Coverage)
Collinsville Christmas Parade & Festival is this SaturdayChristmas Cookie Contest Entry Form (for Saturday)All-City Band Concert
Dec. 8, 2009
Beginners, Honor & CHS /
Three All-State Members Photo CD Requests ... must be received this month
Misc. News: Wilson 2nd Grade Friendship
Dec. 9, 2009
Blade Nelson Benefit / Support Local Merchants
Sperry Basketball Tournament (Monday): Collinsville Girls 60, Sperry Girls 29 & Sperry Boys 68, Collinsville Boys 56 -- per 12/8/2009 Tulsa World
Brinkley Howard's WWAH Efforts Recognized
Dec. 8, 2009
Kohl's Scholarship
The support the community has shown for the angel tree is great!! There are still some angels at each of the banks. Time is running out so everyone get your angel!
Bank of the Lakes: 16 angels left; RCB: 4 angels left;
American Bank: 5 angels left

Thanks to all for helping the children in the community. Memory Ostrander (12/8/2009)

The city set new electrical rates (starting with January use/February billing) to the list above involving increases to both the base rate and rate per killowatt hour. Estimated at roughly 6% overall in response to a 11.9% GRDA increase.

(Left: New Superindentent Terry Due and Retiring Superindentent Pat Herald) -- Ted 11:45pm 12/7/2009
Terry Due Is New School Superintendent & City Electrical Rates Raised ~6%
-- Check back later for more details from the school board and city Monday meetings. -- Ted 10pm Monday 12/7/2009
Jenny Dyer Wins National Meet. Collinsville Senior, Jenny Dyer, won the young women's division of the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships, in Nashville, TN on Dec. 5. She covered the 5K distance in 19 minutes 41 seconds, placing 1st and beating her previous personal best time by 20 seconds. -- Sheryl Dyer (12/6/2009)
Misc. News: Dad Home From Iraq For Daughter's Birth
Dec. 5, 2009
Photo CD Orders / Jalapeno / Graffiti
JrHi Basketball GirlsTeam Photos
Dec. 3, 2009
Bristow Game Photos
School Board To Hire New Superintendent Monday
Dec. 4, 2009
Monday Dec. 7th Agenda
City To Adjust Electrical Rates Monday
Dec. 4, 2009
Monday Dec. 7th Agenda
Misc. News: 4-H Members Giving Back
Dec. 4, 2009
ECC Kids Performances / Wilson Friendship
Chamber of Commerce Meet
Dec. 3, 2009
City Postponed
Sale of Walgreens Property (at 116th St. N.) -- per 12/4/2009 Tulsa World
Lady Cards JrHi basketball sweep of Bristow Thursday ... check back later for photos and details. -- Ted (I have no info on boys) -- 9:15pm 12/3/2009 See the December calendar for a variety of band, chorus, sports and city events. Misc. News: Library Events & Holiday Hours
Dec. 3, 2009
Christmas Cookie Contest / CHS 2000
The order of the JH Basketbal games will be reversed on Monday Dec. 7 against Glenpool. The 9th grade girls and boys will play at 5:30, 8th grade girls and boys will play at 6:30, and the 7th grade girls and boys will play at 7:30. This will allow the 9th grade coaches to be available to help coach the Varsity teams in the Sperry tournament later that night. -- Jim Riley (12/3/2009)
From Thursday Dec. 3, 20009 Tulsa World: Collinsville — Floyd Clinton Sossamon, 83, retired Howard Chevrolet salesman, died Tuesday. Services pending. Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home. [Graveside service 2 p.m. Saturday, Ridgelawn Cemetery]44,995 total visits to in Nov. 2009 (average of 1499 visits per day),
CHS Basketball at Cleveland (per 12/2/209 Tulsa World): Cville Boys lost 54-72 & Girls lost 48-50.City of Collinsville Status at Thursday's Chamber of Commerce 12/3 meet was postponed to January 7th meet.CHS 2000 Reunion Planning.
Six CHS Football Cardinals Named All-District
Dec. 1, 2009
4A-3 Honors
JrHi Basketball Boys Team Photos
Nov. 30, 2009
Mannford Game Photos
Misc. News: Middle School Food Drive
Dec. 1, 2009
Boar's Heade Feaste (Twice) Dec 12 /
Needy Family Collection
Boys JrHi Basketball (from Monday 11/30 -vs- Mannford) 9th lost thriller in OT, 8th lost by 3, 7th won. Check back for photos. -- Ted 10pm Monday (I heard the 7th girls won but have no photos or details)From Tuesday Dec. 1, 2009 Tulsa World: Collinsville — Richard Dean Packett, 85, retired Collinsville fire chief, died Monday. Visitation 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home. No services planned.
Lost dog/cat/garage sale ads are $5 ($10 w/ photo) and are to be paid in advance. -- Ted Wright
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