COLLINSVILLE, OKLAHOMA -- Chamber of Commerce

2020 Chamber of Commerce

Breann Audet

Collinsville Chamber hosts former Okla. Sen. Rick Brinkley, awards locals at annual banquet -- By Art Haddaway, Owasso Reporter News Editor -- Feb 2, 2020 -- (Photos)

March 5, 2020 Meeting -- Tri-County Fair Board (75th Fair Plans)

Ashley Snyder accepted the position of Chamber Manager on 3/16/2020 --


Chamber Web Site
(starting July 2013):
Old Chamber Web Site (prior to Aug. 2012):
2018 Chamber Officers

Ron Evans

Pres: Ron Evans
Pres. Elect:
David Smith

Sec/Tres: Shelley Nachtigall

Collinsville Chamber kicks off new year with focus on regional legislative advocacy -- By Art Haddaway News -- Owasso Reporter 1/4/2018

.Feb .1 Meet Tulsa Co. Sheriff --
Ron Evans is 2018 president

Collinsville Chamber hosts Cherokee National Tribal Council at Thursday luncheon -- By Art Haddaway News Editor (Owasso Reporter) -- Mar 1, 2018  

April 5, 2018 -- Non-Profits Report & FFA Speech

July 12, 2018 Meeting
(City-County Worker Appreciation Luncheon)

August 2, 2018 Meeting
(School Superintendent Lance West's Report)

September 6, 2018 Breakfast Gathering At Chamber Office

October 4, 2018 Meeting
(State Representative Earl Sears' Farewell Report)

December 6, 2018 Meeting
(Breann Audet - Nutrition Nook)

Check back for 2019 updates
-- Shelley Nachtigall was 2019 President ... now Breann Audet (May 2019)
-- Megan Edwards was Chamber Manager .. now Carri Yount (June 2019)

Feb. 2, 2019 Chamber Banquet & Awards

April 4, 2019 Meeting -- Chip Shephard -- Technology Security

June 6, 2019 Meeting -- State Rep. Derrel Fincher

July 19, 2019 Appreciation Lunch -- For City & County Workers

August 1, 2019 Meeting -- John A. Wright, Tulsa County Assessor

October 3, 2019 Meeting -- Business Coaching by Margo Bush

December 5, 2019 Meeting -- Stan Sallee, Tulsa County Commissioner

2016 Chamber Officers

Scott Reeves

Pres: Scott Reeves
Robert Miller
Sec/Tres: Shelley Nachtigall

Link to Jan. 7, 2016 Meeting
Brandon Bartee -- Health Insurance)

Link to Jan. 30, 2016 Installation / Awards Banquet
Arthur Greeno -- Doing Remarkable Things)

Link to Feb. 4, 2016 Meeting
(sorry -- no coverage available
) Maggie Hoey, Director of Development, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity, update on the home they plan for build for a Collinsville family.

Link to March 3, 2016 Meeting
Ashlie Casey -- Hospice of Green Country)

No Coverage for April 7th, 2016 Chamber Meet: Jennifer Lyness, Founder of Burbs.Life, will visit with us about marketing and branding.

No Coverage for May 5th, 2016 Chamber Meet -- (Owasso Reporter Coverage)

Link to June 2, 2016 Meeting
Rep. Earl Sears -- Oklahoma State Budget Issues)

Link to July 9, 2016
(No Speaker:
City/County Employee Appreviation Lunch)

Link to August 4th Chamber of Commerce Coverage -- in Owasso Reporter -- Tiffany Bell with Neighbors In Need

Collinsville Chamber of Commerce Hears State Of City -- Owasso Reporter -- Nov. 6th

2017 Chamber Officers

Robert Miller

Pres: Robert Miller
VP (Jan.):
Sherrie Anderson

VP (June): David Smith
Sec/Tres: Shelley Nachtigall

Link to Jan. 5, 2017 Meeting
Ted Wright -- Collinsville Historical Photo Presentation)

Link to Jan. 28, 2017 Chamber Banquet

Link to Tulsa Comm. John Smaligo talks critical road projects at Feb. 2 Collinsville Chamber -- per Owasso Reporter

Link to March 2, 2017 Meeting
Northeast Technology Center - Liberty Shere & Sarah Stephens)

Link to April 6, 2017 Meeting
Brian O'Hara, Deputy District Director for Congressman Bridenstine )

May 4th Chamber of Commerce Meet (Small Business Administration Speaker)- Owasso Reporter Coverage

Link to June 1, 2017 Meeting
Collinsville Police Chief (Potential Workplace Violence)

Link to July 19, 2017 Appreciation Luncheon
(Appreciation for City & County Workers at Veterans Building

Link to August 3, 2017 Meeting
Speaker: State Representative Earl Sears

Sept.2017 -- no Coverage -- Northeast Technology Center - Joy Justice will be speaking about creating customer loyalty and brand recognition.

Link to October 5, 2017 Meeting
Speaker: Collinsville Fire Chief Harold Call

Link to November 2, 2017 Meeting
Speaker: Vietnam Veteran's Video (Al Sena)

Link to December 7, 2017 Meeting
Speaker: School Bond Issue (Lance West) + Kids Academy entertainment

2015 Chamber Officers

Teresa Brown

Pres: Teresa Brown
Scott Reeves
Sec/Tres: Cynthia Reed

Link to Jan. 8, 2015 Meeting
Police Chief Jimmie Richey -- Business Safety)

Link to Jan. 31, 2015 Installation Banquet & Awards
(Desert Auction & Speaker:
Jill Donovan of "Rustic Cuff")

Link to Feb. 5, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Nick Doctor -- Tulsa Regional Chamber

Link to March 5, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Josh Kelley -- Redbus Physical Therapy

Link to April 2, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Gary Nunley -- Arubah Community Clinic)

Link to May 7, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Rhonda Weldon, Manager of the Collinsville Library)

Link to June 4, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Earl Sears, State Representative)

Link to July 2, 2015 Meeting
(City/County Employee Appreciation Picnic at Park)

Link to August 6, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Nicole Landrum on Home Schooling + Habitat For Humanity speakers)

Link to September 3, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Clay Staires -- Time Management)

Link to October 1, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Chris Abbott - Marketing and Advertising)

Link to November 5, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: ?? -- did not attend)

Link to December 3, 2015 Meeting
(Speaker: Lance West -- School Superintendent)

2013 Chamber Officers

Susan Babbitt

Pres: Dr. Susan Babbitt
Teresa Brown
Pres. Elect: Wilbur Lee Tucker
Sec/Tres: Cynthia Reed

Link to Jan. 3, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Dr. Susan Babbitt)

Link to Jan. 19, 2013 Installation & Awards Banquet
(Speaker: Mike Thornbrugh of QuickTrip Corp.)

Link to Feb. 7, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Clay Staires: Hiring The Right Person)

Link to Mar. 7, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Clay Staires: Effective Interviewing)

Link to April 4, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: ??) -- sorry I missed the meeting -- Ted

Link to May 2, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Charles Hines: Small Business Taxes)

Link to June 6, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: State Representative Earl Sears)

Link to July 11, 2013 Meeting
(City & County Worker Appreciation Picnic at City Park)

Link to August 1, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Police Chiey Jimmie Richey)

Link to Sept. 5, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Superintendent Terry Due on School Bond Issue)

Link to Oct. 3, 2013 Meeting
(Speaker: Chris Barton & Ashley Bryant on Social Media For Small Business)

Nov. 7, 2013 Meeting (no coverage)

Dec. 5, 2013 Meeting Cancelled Due To Bad Weather

2011 Chamber Officers
Traci Conley
President: Traci Conley (Tulsa County Assessor's Office)
President-Elect: Bill Johnston (Collinsville News)
Vice-President: Jim Dolton (Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home)
Secretary/Treasurer: Billie Francis (Cimarron Engineering)

Link to Jan. 6, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Pam Polk, City Manager)

Link to Jan. 22, 2011 Installation Banquet
(Speaker: State Senator Rick Brinkley)

Link to Feb 2011 Meeting -- Cancelled By Record Snows

Link to Mar. 3, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Charles Hines, Tax Topics)

Link to April 7, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Insure Oklahoma representative)

Link to May 5, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Barry Clark, Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce)

Link to June 2, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Rep. Earl Sears & Life Saving Honored)

Link to July 7, 2011 Picnic
(No Speaker: City Appreciation Picnic at City Plaza)

Link to Aug. 4, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Cara Cowan Watts: Doing Business With Cherokee Nation)

Link to Sept. 1, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Bob Roberts: Disaster Business Disaster Planning)

Founders' Day Returns Sept. 24, 2011

Link to Oct. 6, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: Mark Rathe: Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce)

Link to Nov. 3, 2011 Meeting
(Speaker: John Smaligo, Tulsa County Commissioner)

Link to Dec. 1, 2011 Meeting
(No Speaker: Election of 2012 Officers)


2009 Chamber Officers

Ernie Davis

Pres: Ernie Davis* (Jun-Dec)
Cory Slagle* (Jan-May)

VP: Jim Dolton
Pres. Elect: n/a
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis

Link to Jan. 8, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Ricky Hayes: Economic Development)

Link to Jan. 17, 2009 Installation Banquet
(Speaker: Dr. Kara Gae Neal, Tulsa Tech)

Link to Feb. 5, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Pam Webb, Three Sisters Kitches To Go)

Link to Mar. 5, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Justin Alberty, GRDA)

Link to April 2, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Rev. Helmer Johnson, Ministerial Alliance)

Link to May 7, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Susan Tolbart, OSU-Tulsa)
* Cory Slagle Announced Pending Move To Houston

Link to June 4, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: District 11 State Representative Earl Sears)
* Ernie Davis Steped Up to Chamber Presidency

Link to July 2, 2009 Picnic
(City Employee Appreciation at City Park)

Link to Aug. 6, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Lynn Wilson, RSU Business Innovation)

Link to Aug. 22, 2009 Family Fun Day

Link to Sept. 3, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Phil Ostrander: Business Involvement in City Government)

Link to Oct. 1, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Joshua Kahoe with OKECS: Oklahoma Employer Services Center)

Link to Nov. 5, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: Tulsa Co. Commissioner John Smaligo)

Link to Dec. 3, 2009 Meeting
(Speaker: none)

Cory Slagle

Chamber Office:
1126 W. Main
Collinsville, OK 74021

Phone: 918-371-4703

Secretary: Wanda Nyberg

2007 Chamber Officers
Terry Due President
Bill Roten President Elect
Stacy Brown Vice President
Billie Francis Sec./Treasurer

Terry Due

2007 Chamber Meetings

Link to Jan. 4, 2007 Meeting
(Owasso Economic Development -- Ricky Hayes)

Link to Jan. 27, 2007 Installation Banquet
(Keynote Speaker: Cherokee Chief Chad Smith)

Link to Feb. 1, 2007 Meeting
(Identity Theft Information -- Herman Luette)

Mar. 1, 2007 Meeting
(Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce -- Michael Neal)

Link to April 5, 2007 Meeting
(CHS Chorus & Lou Wilcoxson from Social Security Admin.)

Link to May 3, 2007 Meeting
(Home Care Options - Visiting Nurse Association - Huffman)

Link to June 7, 2007 Meeting
(District 11 State Representative Earl Sears)

Link to July 5, 2007 Meeting
(City Worker Appreciation Picnic at City Park)

Link to Aug. 2, 2007 Meeting
(Crime Commission - Carol Bush & Officer Scott Walton)

Link to Sept. 6, 2007 Meeting
(ODOT Director - Gary Ridley & S-Curve Pre-Meeting)

Link to Oct. 4, 2007 Meeting
(John Smaligo - Tulsa County Commissioner)

Link to Nov, 1, 2007 Meeting
(Ken Yanzel - Tulsa County Treasurer)

Link to Dec. 6, 2007 Meeting
(CHS Chorus & Mayor Sallee City Status Report)


Chamber of Commerce

2014 Chamber Officers

Teresa Brown

Pres: Teresa Brown
Scott Reeves
Pres. Elect:
Christa Lambert
Sec/Tres: Cynthia Reed

Link to Jan. 9, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: Darla Heller -- Okla. Dept. of Commerce)

Link to Jan. 25, 2014 Installation & Awards Banquet
(No Speaker: Desert Auction Fundraiser)

Link to Feb. 6, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: John Smaligo -- Tulsa County Commissioner)

Link to March 6, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: Pam Polk -- Collinsville City Manager)

Link to April 3, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: Linda Barnett -- Oklahoma Main Street Program)

May 2014
(No Meeting -- Held After Hours Meet & Greet May 5th Instead)

Link to June 5, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: Rep. Earl Sears -- Oklahoma Legislative Report)

Link to July 3, 2014 Picnic
(City-County Worker Appreciation at City Park)

Link to August 7, 2014 Meeting
(Members Introduced their businesses)

No September 2014 Meeting

Link to Oct. 2, 2014 Meeting
(Speaker: School Superintendent Lance West)

Link to Nov. 6, 2014 Meeting
Jennifer Lyness -- Social Media Tools For Business)

Link to Dec. 4, 2014 Meeting
Fire Chief Russell Young -- Holiday Fire Safety)
(Speaker: Sidney Worrell -- New Spin 360 - Virtual Tours)

2012 Chamber Officers

Bill Johnston

Pres: Bill Johnston
Maureen Wright
Pres. Elect: Susan Babbitt
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis

Link to Jan. 5, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Pam Polk, City Manager)

Link to Jan. 28, 2012 Installation / Awards Banquet
(Speaker: Rep. Earl Sears)

Link to Feb. 2, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker:Carol Bush, Crime Commission)

Link to March 1, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Ron Moore, Dale Carnegie Training Organization)

Link to April 5, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Matt Ledbetter, KRMG Radio)
& Wanda Nyberg Retirement

Link to May 3, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Sales Representatives from NewsOn6 TV)

Link to June 7, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Rep. Earl Sears)

Link to July 5, 2012 Meeting
(City Worker Appreciation Luncheon)

Roger Dunham named Chamber Executive Director

Link to Aug. 2, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: John Blue -- Oklahoma Small Business Development Center)

Link to Aug. 14, 2012 Meeting
(Teacher Appreciation Luncheon)

Link to Sept. 6, 2012 Meeting
(Speaker: Jamie Hunnicutt -- The Collinsville News)

Link to Oct. 4, 2012 Meeting (Discrimination)
(Speaker: Dan Weitman - Asst. Okla. Attorney General)

Link to Nov. 1, 2012 Meeting (Fraud & Scams)
(Speaker: Don Bates- Asst. Okla. Attorney General)

Link to Dec. 6, 2012 Meeting (Worker's Comp Reform)
(Speaker: Mark Costello - State Labor Commissioner)

2010 Chamber Officers

Ernie Davis

Pres: Ernie Davis
Jim Dolton
Pres. Elect: Traci Conley
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis

Link to Jan. 7, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Pam Polk, City Manager)

Link to Jan. 16, 2010 Installation Banquet
(Speaker: Dr. Heng Lim)

Link to Feb. 4, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Selected Merchants)

Link to Mar. 4, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Morgan Powell on Estate Planning)

Link to April 1, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Tulsa Shock President Steve Swetoha - WNBA)

Link to May 6, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Mayor Stan Sallee - City of Collinsville)

Link to June 3, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: State Representative Earl Sears)

Link to July 1, 2010 Meeting
(Picnic: City Employee Appreciation)

Link to August 5, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Dr. Justin Ashlock)

Link to Sept. 2, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Nadia Guevara of Owasso Community Resources)

Link to Oct. 7, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: Susan Harris (Tulsa Chamber Against SQ744)

Link to Nov. 4, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: JohnSmaligo (Tulsa County, Commissioner)

Link to Dec. 2, 2010 Meeting
(Speaker: None [Officer/Director Election])

2008 Chamber Officers
Dr. Susan Babitt President
Cory Slagle President Elect
Don Hutchison Vice President
Billie Francis Sec./Treasurer

Dr. Susan Babbitt

2008 Chamber Meetings

Link to Jan. 3, 2008 Meeting
(Rogers County Commissioner Mike Helm)

Link to Jan. 26, 2008 Installation Banquet
(Keynote Speaker: State Rep. Earl Sears)

Link to Feb. 7, 2008 School Bond Presentation
(Speaker: Pat Herald)

Link to Mar. 6, 2008 Chamber Improvement
(Speakers: all members & non-members)

Link to April 3, 2008 Chamber Improvement
(Speakers: all members at American Bank)

Link to May 1, 2008 Downtown Inc. (Main Street)
(Speaker: Maureen Wright)

Link to June 5, 2008 State Representative
(Speaker: Rep. Earl Sears)

Link to July 3, 2008 City Appreciation Picnic
(Held at City Park)

Link to Aug. 7, 2008 Better Business Bureau
(Speaker: Rick Brinkley)

Link to Aug. 12, 2008 Teacher Appreciation

Link to Sept. 4, 2008 St. John Hospital (Owasso)
(Speaker: David Phillips, CEO)

Link to Oct. 2, 2008 Code Red Football
(Speaker: Coach Lance West)

Link to Nov. 6, 2008 Tulsa County
(Speaker: Commissioner John Smaligo)

Link to Dec.4, 2008 City Status
(Speaker: Pam Polk, City Manager)

Link to Dec.13, 2008 Christmas Parade
& Merchant Giveaway

2006 Chamber Officers
Steve Howe President
Terry Due President Elect
Larry Shafer Vice President
Billie Francis Sec./Treasurer

2006 President Steve Howe

Link to Jan. 5, 2006 Meeting
(Rogers County Commissioner Helm)

Link to Jan. 28, 2006 Banquet
(Howe Installed / Tony Casillas Spoke)

Link to Feb. 2 , 2006 Meeting
(School Bond Information: ECC/Track)

Link to Mar. 2 , 2006 Meeting
(City Manager's State of the City Report)

Link to Apr. 6, 2006 Meeting
(Community Publishers, Inc. Report)

Link to May 4, 2006 Meeting
(Oklahoma Insurance Department)

Link to June 1, 2006 Meeting
(Owasso St. John Hospital)

Link to July 6, 2006 Meeting
(City Employee Appreciation)

Link to Aug. 3, 2006 Meeting
(Tulsa Economic Development Corp.)

Link to Aug. 15, 2006 Event
(Teacher Appreciation Breakfast)

Link to Sept. 7, 2006 Meeting
(RSU Bit-By-Bit Program and
Equestrian Center)

Link to Oct. 5, 2006 Meeting
(State Chamber Voter Info & 2 Ribbon Cuttings)

Link to Oct. 14, 2006 Event
(Fall Festival & Merchant Sidesale Sale)

Link to Nov. 2, 2006 Meeting
(Owasso Bailey Medical Center)

Link to Dec 7, 2006 Meeting
(City of Collinsville Status / Chamber Election)


Noon Meetings first Thursday Monthly

2003 Chamber Officers:

  • Marrilyn Hardacre (President)
  • Dr. Susan Babbitt (President Elect)
  • Don Hutchison (Vice-President)
  • Robyn Bell (Secretary / Treasurer)

Link to April 3, 2003 Chamber Meeting
(Jim Giles)

Link to June 5, 2003 Chamber Meeting
(Randy Brogdon)

Link to July 3, 2003 Chamber Meet
(City Employee Appreciation)

Link to August 7, 2003 Chamber Meet
(Vision 2025 Info: County & Tulsa Leaders)

Link to August 12, 2003 Chamber Meet
(Teacher Appreciation Breakfast)

Link to Sept. 4, 2003 Chamber Meet
(Police Chief Report)

Link to Sept. 13, 2003 Chamber Event
(15th Annual Founders Day)

Link to Oct. 2, 2003 Chamber Meet
(City Manager Reports)

Link to Nov. 6, 2003 Chamber Meet
(ODOT Status of Roads & Bridges)

Link to Dec. 4 , 2003 Chamber Meet
(CHS Chorus Christmas Songs)

2003 Founders's Day ... lined up for free hamburgers

2005 Chamber Officers
James Dugger President
Sherri Clark President Elect
Joetta Cox Vice President
Billie Francis Treasurer

Link to Jan. 6, 2005 Meeting
(Credit Counselor Mary Thomas spoke)

Link to Jan. 15, 2005 Installation Banquet
(Internationally known Clifton Taulbert spoke)

Link to Feb. 3, 2005 Meeting
(City Manager Whitlock spoke + 3 Ribbon Cuttings)

Link to Mar. 3, 2005 Meeting
(Bob Bonebrake's new Civil War Book)

Link to April 7, 2005 Meeting
(Ted Wright's Collinsville History Sample)

Link to May 5, 2005 Meeting
(Willis Allen provided Customer Service pointers)

Link to June 2, 2005 Meeting
(Bill Deatherage Fire Safety Tips)

Link to July 7, 2005 Meeting
(City-County Worker Appreciation)

Link to Aug. 4, 2005 Meeting
(Iraq Report: Major Kevin Bierig)

Link to Aug. 20, 2005 Founder's Day
(Combined with 60th Annual Tri-County Fair)

Link to Sept. 1, 2005 Meeting
(Baptist Retirement Village: Brette Long)

Coverage Unavailable for Oct. 6, 2005
(Sen. Randy Brogdon)

Link to Nov. 3, 2005 Meeting
(Centennial Botanical Garden - Tulsa Plans)

Link to Dec. 1, 2005 Meeting
(Tulsa County Commissioner Collins)

Link to Dec. 8, 2005 Open House

Larry Shafer (2004 President)

2004 Chamber Meeting Index

Link to Jan. 17, 2004 Installation Banquet
(Lori Fullbright Speaker / Shafer President)

Link to Feb. 5, 2004 Chamber Meet
(Pat Herald & Kelly Hamlin School Bond Info)

Link to Mar. 4, 2004 Chamber Meet
(City Manager Mike Tinker Report)

Link to April 1, 2004 Chamber Meet
(Motivation Speaker Randy Clay)

Link to May 6, 2004 Chamber Meet
(S.C.O.R.E. Presentation)

Link to June 3, 2004 Chamber Meet
(Economic Development -- Roy Cartwright)

Link to July 1, 2004 Chamber Meet
(City Worker Appreciation Picnic)

Link to July 4th, 2004 City Park Celebration

Link to Aug. 5, 2004 Football Coach Bob Craig

Link to Sept. 3, 2004 Victory Energy Introduction

Link to Oct. 7, 2004 Tulsa Co. D.A. Tim Harris

Link to Nov. 4, 2004 Collinsville Downtown, Inc.

Link to Dec. 2, 2004 Collinsville Library's Future

Link to Dec. 11, 2004 Christmas Parade


typical Main Street scene
Founders Day 2000

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