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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
April 2, 2009
Collinsville Ministerial Alliance
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Pastor Helmer Johnson Spoke
Alliance of Community Churches & Ministers Offer Support To Those In Need

You are invited to join the
Collinsville Chamber of Commerce.
Contact Wanda.

Membership Info

Pastor Helmer Johnson wanted to give the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce members the Who-What-Why of the Collinsville Ministerial Alliance. Johnson is the current president of the Ministerial Alliance and is the pastor for the Collinsville Community Church. The alliance of several Collinsville Church works to support community needs, pastor's needs and promotes greater cooperation between the independent churches. Vouchers for food and gas for those in need are handled in cooperation with the Collinsville Police Department. Food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas were provided to 75-80 families this past year. The alliance operates on a "shoestring" budget with member churches paying dues as they are able. Other local churches are invited to participate. The alliance is holding a community-wide Palm Sunday Service this Sunday at the First Baptist Church with Bob Haywood of the Christian Curch speaking.

Next Chamber
meet is May 7

Helmer Johnson
(President of Ministerial Alliance and Pastor of Collinsville Community Church)

2009 Chamber Officers

Pres: Cory Slagle
VP: Jin Dolton
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis
Pres. Elect: Ernie Davis

Directors (2009-2011):
Nichole Landrum
Ted Wright
Bill Johnston

Directors (2008-2010):
Christine Wilson
Kelly Hamlin

1-Year Directors:

Rusty Poindexter
Kelvin Limbocker
Robin Lansaw
Daniel Boggs
Mickie Dessiatova
Don Hutchinson
Stacy Brown

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