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Collinsville Chamber of Commerce
May 7, 2009
Oklahoma State Univ-Tulsa Speaker
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Susan Tolbart gave the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce a brief history of OSU-Tulsa. A consortium of several local colleges started in Tulsa in 1980. By 1999 the name on the campus (just north of Downtown Tulsa) was OSU-Tulsa and most of the other Universities had moved to their own local campuses (OU to 41st & Yale & NSU to Broken Arrow for example). The Tulsa campus of OSU has junior & senior level and graduate courses for a subset of the programs that are based at the main Stillwater campus. OSU-Tulsa partners with Tulsa Community College (TCC) for a smooth transition of students as they advance past their initial studies. There are currently ~2700 OSU-Tulsa students. A new president and an OETA TV studio are a few of the changes anticipated soon.

Next Chamber
meet is June 4

Susan Tolbart
(Director of Recruitment and Student Development for OSU Tulsa)

2009 Chamber Officers

Pres: Cory Slagle*
VP: Jin Dolton
Sec/Tres: Billie Francis
Pres. Elect: Ernie Davis

Directors (2009-2011):
Nichole Landrum
Ted Wright
Bill Johnston

Directors (2008-2010):
Christine Wilson
Kelly Hamlin

1-Year Directors:

Rusty Poindexter
Kelvin Limbocker
Robin Lansaw
Daniel Boggs
Mickie Dessiatova
Don Hutchinson
Stacy Brown

Chamber President Announced Move to Houston at Conclusion of "Last Chamber Meet"
Cory Slagle (2009 Collinsville Chamber President and Principal of Collinsville High School) made a surprise announcement Thursday May 7th, 2009 that he and his wife would be moving to Houston, Texas, soon.
CHS Principal Cory Slagle announced at the Chamber of Commerce meeting today (5/7/2009) that he and his wife would be moving to Houston at the end of this school year. Cory said he has been blessed to have been in Collinsville the past ten year and blessed to have been supported by so many good people. Kristi Slagle has been transferred to Houston by BP and Cory said he will be hunting for a job. Cory will be greatly missed here by the schools, chamber and community for all he has done in his years with us. -- Ted Wright 5/7/2009 1:25pm Thursday