Sharon (Floyd) Shaw passed away July 14, 2022 -- Brown Funeral Home in Broken Arrow
Charles H. Tedder passed away April 8, 2021 ... apparently from lung cancer. -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
Brenda Blunt passed away March 8, 2021 from Lung Cancer. I'll add a link to obit later if I find one. -- Ted 3/8/2021
Eliza Rabbit Hamilton [May 5, 1950 ~ May 21, 2020 (age 70)] -- Funeral Services May 27th in Claremore -- Reynolds Funeral Home
Terrie Elaine Farris (August 07, 1951 - March 20, 2020) -- CHS 1969 Grad -- Services Pending -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
July 27th Update: There will be gathering of Terrie's family and friends August 7th, 2020 (10am) at the Collinsville Community Church -- according to Travis Darland
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there was not a formal funeral service for Terrie. One of her sons (Travis Darland) said there would be a "party" at his house July 11th with a slideshow and celebration of her life. Mostly family, but if you would like to attend contact Travis. -- Ted Wright, June 19, 2020
Cherokee Nation awards Collinsville veteran with Medal of Patriotism (Danny Stanley) -- Feb. 14, 2020 -- (Video)
Class of 1969 - 50th Reunion
September 26-27-28, 2019
Graduated From New CHS 50 Years Ago
Stephen Douglas Fulton (August 26, 1951 - October 03, 2019) -- CHS 1969 Grad -- Graveside Servives 11am Friday Oct. 11th at Fulton Family Cemetery -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home Tana Kim Hudson (October 26, 1951 - October 02, 2019) -- Tulsa World newspaper carrier for over 55 years -- A memorial service will be held 2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 216 S. 8th St. Collinsville, OK.-- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
Collinsville, OK Class of 1969 -- 50th Year Reunion

Beginning Thursday, Sept. 26, meet in front of First Baptist Church to watch (6:30 homecoming) parade, afterwards meet at Silver Dollar for refreshments.

Friday, Sept. 27, Tail Gate Party Football Field, attend game afterwards

Saturday, Sept. 28, 4:00 – 6:00 P.M. Veterans Bldg Main St. Collinsville – Meet and Greet – for all classmates of Collinsville Schools

Saturday, Sept. 28, 6:00 - ? Veterans Bldg Main St. Collinsville – Reunion for 1969 Classmates

Questions or more information contact Coleen (Troglin) Breshears, or 918-857-1202 -- posted 8/27/2019

Collinsville HS Class of 1969 -- "Time to fish or cut bait" ... the reunion planning group will meet only one more time (August 17th) with time to make food purchase decisions. It is hard to make those plans (for the September 28th reunion) if we don't know if you are coming or not. -- Email Coleen ASAP ( and/or return your letter (& payment). At the July 27th meeting we only had about 15 classmates with confirmed plans. There is a short list of folks we don't know how to contact. There is a long list that letters have been mailed to but not yet returned. I'll try to get those lists added here in the next day or so. -- Ted Wright 7/29/2019

We hope many will attend ... but if you can't (or don't want to) let us know. We also don't mind if you still show up at the last minute, if you change your mind ... but don't count on any food.
As of July 27th, 2019 -- we did NOT have contact info for:
Lois Carter
Joyce Jackson (Kreisvelt)
Sandra Myers
Gregory Owens
Malcom Pavey
Bobby Peterson
Kathy Reed
Earlene Sappington
Ruby Sappington
Morris Shook
Jimmy Vickers
One of my assignments for the September 2019 reunion is a memorial for our deceased 69 classmates -- The following is my first cut list of those (known) that have passed and includes any classmate at any grade level -- not just those that graduated in May 69. If you know of anyone I'm missed (or anyone on the list that is still kicking) please let me know. If you know when they died and/or an obituary please send me a copy or link. -- Thank you, Ted Wright 6/26/2019
Don Austin (2017)
Billy Barrett (2015)
Terri Black
Tom Blunt (2018)
Tabitha (Combs) Phillips (2008)
Verda Crocker
Benny Donahou (1997)
Terry Dotson
Tony Dotson (1969)
Mike Heaton (2019)

Ray Heckencamp
Dean Horn
Gary Howard (1969)
Phil Howland (2017)
Ike Jackson (2008)
Wayne Jones
Earl King
Joyce (Loewen) Cribbet (2017)
Jill (Loveless) Carpenter (2012)

Joyce McCollough (1994)
John McDoulet (2015)
Derrell Peay (1969)

Bobby Tanner
Donna Thomason
Eddie Wilson (2011)
Eddie Wimbish

I count 153 on the "classmates" list and 87 on the graduation photo panel -- Ted -- (26 of 153 is 17% gone) (19 of 87 is 22%)
The next planning meeting for the CHS Class of 1969 reunion is July 27th (2pm) at the Church of Christ. The 50 Year Reunion will be September 27-28, 2019 -- More info -- Please send RSVPs and money to Coleen.
May 2019 Update (for 50th Reunion in Sept.)
-- If you haven't already received the following letter --
please email (or mail) Coleen (Troglin) Brashears with the info for the return form.

( 1323 W. Spring, Collinsville, Ok 74021
The planning group meets again June 22 (2pm at Church of Christ) - all are welcome.

CHS 1969 reunion planning group (anyone is welcome to participate) will neet again Saturday May 18, 2019 at the Church of Christ. Still plenty of details to work out, but the focus is shifting to getting the word out to all former classmates. The list of postal and email addresses we have is at least 9 years old. If you have moved or changed email (or even if everything is the same), please confirm or provide any updated info so we can mail out letters with the details well before September's 50th reunion activities. The letter will explain more ... but you can start sharing memories, accomplishments, family, oddities, photos, etc ... you would like to share. -- please send to: -- Ted Wright 5/11/2019
CHS 1969 is planning for their 50th Year Reunion Friday Sept. 27, 2019 (at Homecoming Football Game) & Saturday Sept. 28th at Veterans Building. Lots of details to be finalized. Next planning meet is Saturday April 27 (2pm at Church of Christ) -- all are welcome. -- Ted Wright 4/17/2019
Eddie Wilson's mom passed away recently. Will add obit link if if I can locate. -- Ted 4/17/2019
For my CHS 1969 classmates --
1) Found out today that Mike Heaton has passed away:
2) Next meeting for class reunion planning is Saturday March 23, 2019 at Church of Christ
3) 2019 Homecoming is scheduled for Friday Sept. 27 (parade is Thursday evening Sept 26)
4) Monday this week 50 years ago we moved from Central HS to begin classes at the new HS.
-- Ted Wright -- March 13, 2019
(CHS 1969) Hello Classmates –

50 Years – can you believe it?! – we will have our first meeting
to start planning our 50 year class reunion:

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019

Time: 2:00 – 4:00

Place: Church of Christ, Collinsville (Thanks to Don Witten)

Please feel free to pass this message on to other classmates. I did not have some of their e-mail addresses.

Ted – could you please post this notice on the class of 69 page?

Hope to see you there.

Coleen Breshears -- Feb. 12, 2019

Quick report on the Feb. 23rd meet -- we settled on CHS Homecoming weekend (which we don't know the exact date for yet ... pending release of the 2019 football schedule) ... for our 50th Year Reunion Activities. From memory three days later so excuse if I forgot someone ... but in attendance were Coleen, Sharon, Ken P, Shelby, Paul, Wendell, Don W., Ted H & Ted W. --- So will let you know as soon as possible when to plan for (typically Sept/Oct) homecoming. -- Ted Wright

Thomas Edwin Blunt (April 25, 1951 - December 12, 2018) -- CHS 1969 Graduate -- Visitation with the family will be 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Thursday, December 20, 2018 at the Collinsville Dolton Funeral home.-- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home


Donald Eugene Austin (July 13, 1951 - August 17, 2017) -- CHS 1969 Grad -- Memorial service is 10am Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at Fort Gibson's First Methodist Church
Small CHS 1969 Class Gathering
June 24, 2017
Hope To Repeat Quarterly

At 1:00 pm June 24th there will be a luncheon at Church of Christ, 11th and Broadway, for the Collinsville High School Class of 1969. Bring a covered dish. Please spread the word to other classmates. it should be a lot of fun. -- Rhonda (Wode) Paul -- 5/19/2017

Tommie Phillip (Phil) Howland [December 1, 1950 ~ June 1, 2017 (age 66)] -- CHS 1969 Graduate -- Reynolds Funeral Home
Joyce Loewen Joyce Irene Cribbet (December 10, 1950 - April 06, 2017) -- Memorial services 2:00 p.m., Saturday, April 8, 2017 at Meadowcreek United Methodist Church. -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
Cribbet's True Value - 43 years on Collinsville Main Street
Phil Sheehan's Mom and Our CHS Secretary to Mr. Wilson EvaJo Sheehan (Born: January 23, 1927 - Died: June 13, 2016) -- Former School Business Manager - Funeral services will be 10:00 a.m., June 20, 2016 at the Collinsville Community Church -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
J.H. Middleton's Dad John H. Middleton II
April 30, 2016

1923 - 2016
Veteran / Former City Engineer
Jerry L. “Coach” Seigel, 75, of Warrensburg, died Saturday, March 5, 2016, at St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City. -- Former Collinsville coach & teacher. -- 3/9/2016
Bill E. Barrett Jr. (Born: March 03, 1951 - Died: March 27, 2015) -- CHS 1969 Graduate -- Memorial Service (2pm) Friday, April 3, 2015 at Community Church -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
John McDoulet passed away last evening -- Per Pam Webb on Facebook 1/17/2015 -- (2010) CHS 1969 Reunion Info John Dale McDoulet (Born: January 19, 1951 - Died: January 16, 2015) -- Funeral Services 10am Wed. Jan. 21, 2015 at the Zion Hill Church in Oologah, OK -- Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home
I can't tell for sure but believe our former classmate Mike McKellop is deceased ... based on what I assume is his mother's Nov. 2013 obituary. -- Ted Wright 11/25/2013
9/24/2013: I have been requested by a few CHS 1969 grads (in the past few months) to help put the question to classmates if there is interest in a 45th reunion (in 2014) and motivation by someone to make it happen? I have even less time available to help now than I did in 2010. But if you would like to kickstart the effort (or kill it) let me know and I'll pass on the info. -- Ted Wright

Last updated 3/26/2012 -- TWW
Dear classmates,
As you all know by now, Jill Loveless Carpenter has passed away. Many of you have called and wanted to know what to do for her family. Terri Rogers Farris had an idea witch I liked. She told me about a company which delivers food for the family from menus of many different restaurants. An account has been set up in Jill Carpenter's name and phone # 918-838-8812. The Company is 742-DINE (98-742-3463). I called this morning and everything is set for the family. I am sure flowers would be fine too as would cards. The home address I have is 3328 E. 6th St Yulsa,Ok74112 Call me is you have any questisons. (918-638-8910).
-- Sincerely, Joyce Cribbitt (3/26/2012)

Sad News From Lynn Powell (via Facebook):
Some of the girls from my high school class have been getting to gather once a month for a girls night out. This Tues was the night, (I didn't make it as I was out of town helping care of a sick friend. I learn today one of my former classmates Jill Carpenter (Loveless) had a brain aneurysm later that night. They took her off life support today and she passed away. This is a second of my classmates to pass in just a short time. Life is short, and you never know when your time will come, tell your love ones you love them every day and treat others as you would want them to treat you. Enjoy life while you can.
-- (Thursday March 22, 2012)

Obituary -- March 24, 2012

Previous Coverage (2010)

Ted, Between eight and nine this morning Eddie Wilson passed away quietly. Services are pending. -- Jack L. Ashby, Esq. -- Saturday 12/3/2011

Services 2pm Tuesday (Dec. 6, 2011) at Collinsville Dolton Funeral Home (13th & Main Collinsville)


$616 Donated to Collinsville Education Foundation
by CHS 1969 (July 13, 2011)
We had a fun time today at our "60th Birthday" Party. Will try to fill in all names later but new this year (that missed the reunion last year) were: Karen Williams, Greg Owens, Irene Cribbitt, Debbie Bailey, Lois Carter, Steve Osborn, Shelby Berryhill. -- Ted -- Saturday July 2, 2011 10:30pm --> More complete coverage 7/4
The group present 7/2/2011 voted to donate the remaining class surplus (from last year's reunion) to the Collinsville Education Foundation. After the 2010 reunion we had $880 and $40 was collected at a post reunion meeting to bring the total to $920. Checks written Saturday for the 2011 party were $100 to the Community Church, $109 to Three Sisters Kitchen To Go (for 4 birthday cakes) and $95 to Sharon Shaw for party supplies ... leaving $616 surplus. I will write a check soon to the Education Foundation if no one has any other class debt or objection. -- Ted Wright 7/4/2011

There was no discussion of future parties or reunions (at least that I heard) .. so stay tuned for that or offer your suggestions. My suggestion would be to get on either a 5 year (2014 / 45th) or 10 year (2019 / 50th) cycle.

Banners: Larry Gannon had the banners (ordered last year) at the party and made deliveries to those present and I assume will mail soon to others that had already ordered. Larry had to leave early so I have 4 or 5 "extra" banners presently in my possession ... $10 to pickup or $15 to mail. -- Ted

One More Adjust: Now we will be at the Community Church (14th & Oak) due to a scheduling conflict ... per Rhonda (Wode) Paul noon 7/1/2011

CHS 1969 Change of Plans: the class (60th birthday) party originally scheduled this Saturday at the American Legion (i.e the old VFW) Building has been moved to the Church of Christ Fellowhip Hall (11th and Broadway) ... due to air conditioner problems at the first location. The 4pm start time July 2nd remains the same. -- per Rhonda (Wode) Paul 6:15pm 6/30/2011

Just a reminder of Saturday July 2, 2011 gathering for Class of 1969 (4pm at old VFW building on Main at 9th... now officially the American Legion bldg). Other activities in town that weekend are:
* City Fireworks/activities: Friday, July 1st starting at 6:30 in the city park.
* VFW Independence Celebration Sat July 2 noon-3 at VFW (the new one on old Hwy 169 north of town).
* CHS 1969 Party at American Legion Bldg (4pm) -- Saturday July 2nd
* Tours of Newspaper Museum In Collinsville (by appointment ... ie it's closed if I'm at one of the other activities -- Ted Wright) -- 6/24/2011
A small group met May 14th and set final plans for the July 2nd "60th Birthday" Party. No "next meet" was set but can be called if needed before the event. -- Ted Wright 5/25/2011 -- Sorry I've been swamped and have not had time to list the RSVPs we've received but may have time later.
Services are being held Friday at 10 am at St Henry’s in Owasso for Lawrence Hakel. His children all graduated from Collinsville HS. They are Mike (deceased), Rick, Diana, Sharon and Tina. Mowery is handling the arrangements. -- Brenda Emery (5/25/2011)

Got my letter from Jill this week on the 60th party ... so assume everyone got one? -- Ted 4/10/2011
(& Have updated Charlie Davis' email in the member table below ...
A small group met 3/12/2011 to discuss plans for the July 2nd party and set May 14th (4:30 at Silver Dollar Cafe) as next meeting. Those in attendance were Joyce Cribbit, Eddie Wilson, Ted Wright, Coleen Brashears, Terri Farris and Jill Carpenter. The start time for the July party was set at 4pm at the old VFW.
CHS 1969 (~60th Birthday Party) set for July 2, 2011

CHS 1969'ers:
Don't know if we ever passed the official word globally but Saturday July 2, 2011 is the date the planning group settled on for a class gathering to celebrate a group (~60th) birthday party. Nothing too fancy (and it's free) and a good excuse to get together as many as can make it to the old VFW Building (now called the American Legion Building) at 9th and Main in Collinsville.
I haven't heard a start time yet but we have building for the full day. It is possible the city could also have their fireworks in the park that same evening but that date is usually not finalized until about a month before and could be any day that weekend?

I might be corrected by the planning group but am guessing the RSVP process will be less formal (than the reunion) and just show up if you can ... but if you want to let us know you are planning to come that would be helpful. The last plan I heard was birthday cakes, snacks, games and lots of visiting. -- Ted Wright -- Feb. 25, 2011

I'm sending this to everyone I have an email address for.

Next Planning Meet: March 12, Silver Dollar Cafe 4:30pm (Collinsville)

Had an unexpected visit from Gregory Owens today at the Newspaper Museum. I now have contact info for Greg & his ex- Lois Carter (now Roach). Both live in Tulsa and I'll take them off our "missing" list. -- Ted 2/16/2011

July 2, 2011 (Saturday) is the official date for the ~60 year birthday party--- more later -- Ted 1/23/2011
Sat. Jan 15, 2011 Update/Question: I was either at the wrong Owasso Mazzios or was too late being 10 minutes late -or- the Jan 15th meet didn't occur? Was there a meeting or do we need to try and decide the party date (July 2 or 16) via an email meeting. -- Ted

Community Church 11/24/2010 Update: Please keep in your prayers: The Bryson Family in the passing of Thelma Bryson. Thelma's funeral will be on Saturday, November 27th at 10:00a.m. at Collinsville Community Church.
Results of the July 2nd (Party) email survey: 10 said July 2nd was OK, 2 said July 2nd wouldn't work for them and 3 others said July 2nd was OK but not their first choice with July 16th better. I'll wait and let the planning group make the final decision but I'd guess it look favorable for July 2nd? -- Ted 11/22/2010
A few CHS 1969 classmates met again tonight to try to refine plans for a "60th Birthday" party next summer. We had previously said 3rd week in June (2011) but the likely location (the American Legion Building ...formerly the VFW building on Main Street) is not available on that date but is available July 2nd or July 16th. We are uncertain if trying to get folks
here on an existing holiday weekend is better or worse than waiting until July 16 and wanted feedback from as many classmates as possible that had an opinion.

As we have money left over from the reunion they will be no charge for attending this party which we are trying to keep simple with visiting, birthday cakes, games (and finger foods and drinks which we ask those attending to bring). We will provide
the cakes and paper ware.

The next local planning meet with be Jan. 15th at Mazzios in Owasso at 4:30pm. -- Ted Wright --Nov. 13,2010

(Again, let me know what you think of the July 2nd party date) -->

Larry has apparently been delayed on the banner orders but they are still in the works.

Next CHS 1969 meet is Saturday Nov. 13, 2010 at Jalapeno Grill in Collinsville at 4:30pm -- Ted

Was saddened today to find obit for Mike Nash in11/3/2010 Tulsa World

I've been a bit out of the loop but will post a date here for next meet when I find out. Coleen, Paul & Ted only attendees at Jalapeno Grill back in October and I had to leave early... -- Ted 11/3/2010

Sorry for the delay ... but a condensed status from the 8/28/2010 meeting follows: 11 classmates met at Lone Star in Owasso and discussed a potential "60th Birthday" party (last Saturday in June 2011) and perhaps a scholarship. Next meeting set for Oct. 9, 2010 at Jalapeno Grill In Collinsville. -- Ted 9/10/2010
8/25/2010 Status (via Jill) says Larry has been delayed a bit on the banners but they are in progress. If you ordered a CD (that turnedout to be a DVD also) and didn't receive it yet. Contact Ted Wright
I've not been there but I found 9013 N. 121st E. Ave as the address for Lone Star Steakhouse for the August 28th meeting ... where I hope it is decided what to do with our $880 reunion surplus.

You might want to send out a reminder that the class dinner at the LoneStar in Owasso is next Saturday 8/28 at 4:30 pm. The manager called as ask if the class could be finished by 6:15 or so as they have a 6:30 party following ours. -- Thanks, Sheryl Witten (8/20/2010)

I have started mailing out some of the DVDs (slide show) and CDs (reunion photos)... but will likely be Monday before I have them all out the door. -- Ted Friday 1pm July 30. -- I have been holding the money for the banners/CDs but will get Larrry his portion soon ... but have no status on banners. -- Ted
Two final solid days have the slideshow as complete as it's going to be for this year. Still don't have a specific page for everyone yet but hope to start burning CDs in the next day or so. The slideshow along with extra reunion photos by Ted & Larry won't fit on a single CD so still have some sizing to try or will just have to do 2 CDs. I still haven't gotten the money to Larry yet for banner orders. -- Ted Wright Sunday 10:15pm July 25, 2010
In case there are any of you trying to track things via this page ... there has been little progress on CDs and I haven't heard from Larry lately on banners. I have gotten just a few suggestionson the surplus reunion money so will just hold on to it until a decision is made at the August 28th Post-Reunion Followup Meeting 4:30 (Lonestar / Owasso) -- Ted Sat 7/10/2010 (2 weeks past reunion)

Larry Gannon had a few photos from the after-reunion gathering at Paul Harrison's house last Saturday. If anyone has photos of the casino group I could add that also. -- Ted 7/3/2010

From the photos I could see Joyce, Donna, Sheryl (Witten), Janice, Rhonda, Wes Frye, Mike and Paul. From photos not used: Larry, Wendell, Don L., Terri, & Coleen.

7/3/2010 updates to Harrison, McAfee/Frye, McCaw/Powell pages.

I received a copy of Larry Gannon 's reunion photos today which I will add to the final CD eventually. If anyone else has a few photos they'd like to share with the class ... please email to I'll mostly be working on other business at least for a few days.-- Ted 7/2
Reunion Photo Page <-- added on 6:30pm Tuesday June 29, 2010 -- Ted

Reunion was wonderful! ... check back for more later -- Ted -- 12:30am Sunday 6/27
Have updated email addresses for Janice McClure and John McCormick -- Ted 6/29/2010
Financial update (Wednesday 3am 6/30/2010) ... I received $340 for the reunion the day of and wrote a check for $2500 to caterer (i.e. $25/each for an estimated 100 folks). We had asked $5 extra each (i.e. $30 total and several have generously chipped in even more) in anticipation of covering more teacher/sponsor quests and had several other potential expenses that were donated instead. So starting with a balance of $3040 the day before reunion we are at a balance of $880 now.

Rhonda had already paid $60 for use of the school so I'm not aware of any outstanding debt?

And the money collected for CDs and banners at the reunion is outside that figure above but reflected below and I hope accurate? (handling loose cash and slips of paper not recommended for next go-round). And again, sorry for not having a specific amount available before hand. Additional orders/refunds can still be done. I have not communicated with Larry yet on his mailing but my unknown is more the mail worthy packets than the actual postage which is likley less than a dollar depending on the packet. More later. Guessing there is also a potential to mail CD and banner together depending on how banners are shipped? Also don't know of orders Larry may have collected directly. -- Ted Wright
I will try to tabulate other comments from the sheets I received later.
$'s Received Name Both CD&Banner CD only Banner Only Mail To
$20 Tackett     x Texas
$15 Barnes     x Afton
$20 Dunn x     Owasso
$30 T.Blunt x     Tulsa
$25 P.Sheehan x     Georgia
$25+($2 ... 7/30) Loveless x     Tulsa
$25 Clark x     Owasso
$25 Floyd x     Owasso
$25 Lowen x     Cville
$27 Stivers x     Tulsa
$28 Holman x     Cville
$40 McCormick x     Texas
$40 Oneal x     Edmond
$26 B.Howard x     Claremore
(later) Wode x     Cville
$30 (7/13) Middleton x     Jenks
$11 McCaw   x   Tulsa
$12 Sills   x   Colo.
$15 McClure   x   Calif.
$10 Witten   x   Cville
$11 Austin   x   Chelsea
$16 Pollard   x   Cville
$15 Hardesty   x   Colo.
------------- ---------------- -----------------      
later Hanten 6/30   x   Texas
$12 (8/11) McAfee 7/3   x   Tenn.
$12 (8/9) McGlamery 7/4 x     Florida
  24 CDs 17 banners      

If you left an order/cash etc... Saturday and are not on this list let me know: (

If you would like to order now or in the future let me know also but don't send any money til we get this all squared away. One of my suggestions would be to consider using some of our class surplus to make CDs and/or banners available to all (and making refunds to those that have paid more than the eventual cost). A scholarship (to a CHS senior this year? or a CHS 69 kid/grandkid?) is another possibility but suspect there may be some paperwork and complication with school out. Could also check with Ron Evans on the funds Nifty Fifties trying to collect for a memorial with the remaining piece of the old column from the high school. Or just refund back to 1969 classmates but there were plenty of undocumented cash only donations. Any other suggestions? Brenda suggesting helping with Mr. Gougler's transportation expenses and I'd consider expanding that to students that traveled far? Or donate to Collinsville Education Foundation or save for future reunions ..... Maybe something with prints ...I have an 8x10 I need to test to see if it is any good with the reunion groups on a single image. -- Ted 6/30/2010 since 1969

By the way it didn't occur to me until today to check the photos for any unexpected hand jesters ... guess we have matured a bit as they appear OK.

I'm still doing a bunch of catch-up work that got neglected this week when reunion prep was top priority. I'm sorry for the confusion on ordering CDs and the actual cost ... will try to have that all nailed down in the next few days ... and eventually the actual CDs in a few weeks. Need suggestions on what to do with the money left over after paying the caterer and misc. expenses (more than $600? available ... but I haven't even figured the money that got handed to me last night yet). There weren't a lot of feedback sheets indicating what you would like to do next as a class. I collected a few and perhaps someone else collected some .. will collate those results and report. If you have any suggestions for what you liked/disliked or would like to do in the future send me an email. I would also still like to get bios/photos from anyone that wants to share with the class online or on the CD. If you don't want certain info online just let me know. -- Ted Wright -- 10pm Sunday June 27, 2010

Updates from Mike Heaton and Kenny Pollard added today ... see you at the reunion TODAY!
Just figured out Mike Nash should have been on our list ... based on old Washington class photos. -- Ted 6/26 (& Mike McKellop?)

Thank you to Joyce (& Gary Friske) for hosting a pre-reunion gathering Friday night with 22 classmates and 9 guests in attendance in their Tulsa backyard.

Many of the previous planning group were joined by first time attendees: Tommy Blunt, Phil Sheehan, Gerri Hanten, Diana (Tackett) Jones, and Kimalea (Hardesty) Conrad.

See the rest of you Saturday at the High School! -- Ted 11:15pm Friday.
And if you arrive before 5pm Sat. come on in.

Debbie Bailey not able to attend after all -- 6/24/2010
Happy Birthday Kenny Pollard (& myself) -- Ted 6/24/2010 Hi Ted, After the meeting on Saturday, a few of the ladies were saying they would love to have a place to go after the Reunion as an alternative to those not wanting to go to the Casino. Paul & I volunteered our place for an informal after-party meeting place. Just a place to continue the catching up, for those who aren't ready for the night to end. We are just a mile south of Highway 20 & 5 miles east of 169, so pretty convenient. Would you mind posting this as another option?
Thanks, Paul & Donna Harrison (6/24/2010)
And for anyone wanting to stay after the banquet (and help with cleanup) but perhaps too tired to go to the casino or Paul's ... some of us may just hang around the high school and visit. -- Ted

Have an email RSVP from Steve Osborn and a bio for Jill that I will try to get online soon. Hope to get out an email reminder to "ALL" sometime today. -- Ted -- noon Wednesday June 23 --
{Jill Loveless Carpenter's bio page} -- I want to thank Jill again for her efforts to contact classmates and get the incredible turnout expected Saturday! -- Ted -- 1pm 6/23 -- I am (I hope?) caught up building pages for all that have provided bio info. There are a few others who have provided photos but no bio and those will appear in the slideshow during the banquet. I will now turn my attention back to actually creating the slideshow. I have plans (eventually) to build a page for each CHS 1969 member but that will have to wait until after the reunion. There will also be a more friendly index to locate pages later ... but for now you can start with Jackie Ashby and they are chained together by clicking "Next Graduate" ... and there is a link to Mr Gougler on my page. -- Ted -- OK, I lied ... have now added pages for Don Witten and Jack Ashby ... but that's it for a few days -- Ted 8pm Wed.

Also a big thank you to those taking the time and expense to travel from out of town/state to join us this weekend. I look forward to trying to figure out who you are and then reflecting on years past.
Friday June 25 Saturday June 26 Saturday June 26 Saturday June 26 Sunday June 27 August 28
Informal Gathering at Joyce's Yard (Tulsa) 5-9pm 5-7pm CHS 1969 Reunion Reception at High School -- all welcome 7-?pm CHS 1969 Reunion Banquet / Program at High School ~100 RSVPs ?? -??am Informal gathering at Cherokee Casino (Catoosa) Informal breakfast at Cracker Barrell (Owasso) Post-Reunion Followup ... Future Planning & Fun 4:30 (Lonestar / Owasso)
Quick summary of final planning meet (June 19th): ... ...with June 26 reunion week away --
* Sat June 26th setup is moved to 11am (instead of 3pm) to allow a chance to cleanup before the official 5pm start at CHS
* If locals would like to caravan to the Friday (night before) gathering in Tulsa at Joyce's house ... meet at the 1st Baptist Church (13th & Main) at 5:15
* Detail directions and parking instructions for Joyce's house (June 25th, 5-9pm)
* Another optional gathering (morning after) will be breakfast at Cracker Barrell (in Owasso) 10am Sunday June 27th
* Post Reunion Meet -- August 28 -- 4:30pm at Lonestar (Owasso?)
-- Ted Wright -- Saturday June 19, 2010 6pm (and 1am Sunday updates)
Those attending 6/19 were Joyce x2, Beverly, Rhonda, Ken, Eddie, Don W., Sharon, Coleen, Wendell, Lynn, Terri, Paul, Larry & Ted W.
6/11/2010 RSVP from Mike Sills, 6/12 RSVP from Kim (Hardesty) Conrad, 6/15 RSVP from Judy (Rotramel) Steed, 6/15 RSVP from Ron Killingsworth, ...
FYI -- I probably have almost as many summary letters waiting to go online as are online now ... but am swamped with business this week -- Ted 6/15/2010 (Check back for updates on Roy Patton, Jack Duncan, Irene Cribbet, Steve Williams, Becky Barnes, Bill Barrett, Bobby Thompson, John McDoulet, Arthur Oneal. & Sue Eastin,
Also FYI -- Larry Gannon has created a fantastic banner for us to use. I got to see a draft picture of it yesterday but will leave it as a surprise until you arrive June 26th.
The planning group decided on 100 (including guests) as the total for the caterers. I have less than that confirmed but we counted several who Jill had contacted that said they had RSVPs and checks "in the mail". I have confirmed 52 students and about ~8 more probable that Jill had called recently. -- Ted -- June 10th 15pm (My primary computer failed today so will be trying to catch up on regular business and reunion online updates have to wait.)

I've finally decided on a format for presenting info received from classmates and have a few random samples online today: Gerri Hanton, Russell Harrold, Don Long, Malcom Pavey, Diana Tackett (Jones), Ted Wright) ... but am way behind on other "paid" work so will try to do a few more as time permits but it may be after the reunion that I finish. -- Ted 6/8/2010 -- [6/9 Added: Bruce & Susan McGlamery, Janice (McClure) Crabb, Tom Blunt, Bob Gougler, Donna (McAfee) Frye, Larry Barlow, ...] ... 6/14 added Lynn (McCaw) Powell, Paul Harrison, ...
I audited all the material I had received this year to see if I had missed anyone or anything and discoved a note from Charles Tedder that I had not reflected on this page before today which was 3 additions to the deceased list: Verda Crocker, Earl King and Bobby Tanner. -- Ted Wright June 6th
-- I'm still trying to figure out how to best display the photos and letters that I have received and have had little time to dedicate to CHS 1969 as I still haven't finish all my CHS 2010 work. Experimented today with my own summary page.

(Joyce Cribbet has suggested a quick meeting at her home Thursday at 7pm June 10th to set the meal count for the caterers)

Rhonda (Wode) Paul provided the Central 3rd Grade group photo (1959-60) above.
-- Ted 6/5/2010

Jill (Loveless) Carpenter provided this photo of the Washington 4th Graders. The date on the chalkboard says Feb. 24, 1961. -- Ted -- June 2, 2010

Thank You to the 38 students & 1 teacher (& their 26 guests) that I have received a formal RSVP for by the "soft" deadline of May 26. For the rest of you ... there is still time to mail (or email) your count and check ... and hope you will join us June 26th. I hope to get out a reminder email in the next day or so and Jill is planning another round of phone calls. -- Ted Wright -- Friday May 28, 2010
Collinsville High School Class of 1969 Reunion is June 26, 2010 in Collinsville, OK Twenty former CHS 1969 classmates met Saturday May 22nd to finalize plans for the June 26th reunion. 33 students and 1 teacher have formally RSVP'd as of that meeting. I plan a reminder email in the next few days to hopefully get more of you that have been putting it off as the reunion is only a month away and we will need a good meal count soon. -- Ted Wright -- Sunday 5/23/2010
First time attendees May 22nd were Jackie Ashby, Bobby Peterson and Mary (Fuller) Moreland. Others attending at Silver Dollar were Wilson, Wright, Patton, B. Howard, Rogers, Wode, Troglin, W. Harrold, Witten, Gannan, Stivers, Pollard, Lowen, Loveless, Floyd, Clark, and McCaw. -- (Send your RSVPs and checks to Ted Wright, 1110 W. Main, Collinsville, OK 74021 ... a photo and summary are optional but appreciated) -- The next and final planning meet is 4pm Sat. June 19th at Silver Dollar.
I've had a few more RSVPs & checks this week (see the RSVP notes in the table below) and plan a reminder email in a week or so to help remind others as we are approaching the date a month before the June 26th reunion when we need a pretty good estimate for caterer. Don't be hung up on writing your life history or sending photos now as I've gotten very few so far. Would still like to get them but getting a solid count of who is coming is most important for now. -- Ted Wright Saturday May 8, 2010 -- The "H" group appears to be leading the way so far with Hakel, Hanten, Hardie, Harrison, Harrold RSVPs filling in their part of the list so far.
Some of the others are: McGlamery, Clark, Cribbet, Long, Loveless, McClure, Murphy, Patton, Peterson, Sheehan, Stivers, & Wright. Many others have expressed interest and attended meetings but I haven't received "formal" RSVPs yet.
Added Jack Duncan 5/10/2010, Larry Gannon 5/11, Steve Williams 5/13, Rebecca (Barnes) Davis 5/17, Don Austin 5/21,
5/18/2010 Received inputs from Rhonda with the following additional RSVPs:
Rhonda (Wode) Paul, Sharon (Floyd) Shaw, and Charles Tedder.
Got a nice email letter and photos today from Bob Gougler who says he will be attending -- Ted 5/18
New RSVPs at May 22nd meet: Eddie Wilson, Terri (Rogers) Farris, Coleen (Troglin) Brashears, Lynn (McCaw) Powell, Don Witten and Ken Pollard. (and have email RSVP from Donna (McAfee) Fry 5/23)
5/24: Billy Barrett / 5/25 email Larry Barlow & wife attending reception but not dinner.
Darlene Crain Richardson 5/26, Paul Owens 5/27, Bobby Thompson 6/2, Tammy Stephens 6/2, John McDoulet 6/2, Art Oneal 6/3, Jackie Ashby 6/3 (via Eddie Wilson), John McCormick 6/4, Tommy Blunt 6/4,
Cathy (Fournier) Pattison 6/5, Diana (Tackett) Jones 6/7, ...
The April 17th planning meeting was held at Sharon Shaw's home with Hugh Hardie as a first time attendee. Assignments were made for several activities during the Saturday June 26th Reunion. The decorating group will meet April 27th (in Owasso) and the next planning group meet will be May 22 at Silver Dollar Cafe (4:30 Sat) In Collinsville at 11th & Main (all are welcome). Others attending April 17th were: Sharon, Coleen, Terri, Rhonda, Joyce & Joyce, John McDoulet and Ted. I have received very few formal RSVPs (tagged below) and checks but expect numbers to pick up to match those that have informally expressed interest. -- Ted Wright 4/17/2010Greetings 1969 Classmates,
At the March meeting, I offered to have an informal get together at my house on Friday night, June 25, for any 1969 Grads and guests that live locally and those come in to town the day before the Reunion. So, I am extending an official invitation to 1969 CHS grads to a 'come and go' BarBQ, 5-9 p.m. We (my husband and myself) have a very large deck, a pool, and a big backyard and enjoy having folks over. So please plan to come (swim if you like) and relax and visit with 'old' friends.
Our address is:
Gary and Joyce Friske
8925 S. 39th West Ave
Tulsa, OK 74132

Use to figure out directions to my house. Call my cell 918-637-1372 if you can't find it and I will help with directions.
Be sure and share the invitation with any grads that don't have email.
Looking forward to a fun weekend.
:) Joyce (Stivers) Friske -- (4/17/2010)

The 3/13/2010 reunion planning meeting was held at Joyce Cribbet's house. Joyce (Stivers) Friske was a first time attendee with repeat appearances by Terri, Darlene, Jill, Beverely, Coleen, Rhonda, Joyce. C., Kenny, Wendell, Paul H. & Ted W. We are lacking responses to previous emails and the 77 letters sent out recently. -- Ted -- (I have made several updates below with additional contacts made by Jill as she continues to find new folks.
The next meeting will be April 17th (4:30) at Sharon (Floyd) Shaw's home. She has volunteered to host the April meeting at her house. Sharon and Carey live in Owasso at 8926 N 130th E Ave, Barrington Point addition, just north or the current high school football field. Their home is the 7th house on the left after turning left at the 129th entrance to the neighborhood. Sharon's phone # is 857-0156 ... (3/22/2010 Change)

9 Missing CHS 1969 Grads (as of 3/13/2010)
Lois Carter
Linda Cartwright
John McCullough
Ronetta Moore (Fairchild)
Sandra Myers
Gregory Owens
Email Ted Wright: if you can help locate any of these former classmates.
Other Missing "Temporary" Classmates (as of 3/13/2010)
Jean BaldwinMary Monroe
Deborah BallardSharon Monroe
Cathy BarronTommy L Olsen
Raymond BealLarry Parker
Barbara BuckAllen Peterson
Annette BuntingLonnie Ramsey
Phyllis BurkeKathy Reed
Larry Carney (found? 6/26) Ralph Reed
Brad DavisBrenda Roy
Wilford DawsonErnest Rush
Donald DunnEarlene Sappington (found as of 4/17/2010)
Wauthena FiferRuby Sappington (found as of 4/17/2010)
Dorothy GernerPhillip Scott
Frankie HoffmanFrankie Searan
Eleanor HoltMorris Shook
Carol HulickSherry Spencer
Kathy JohnsonDwight Taylor
Tommy KeyShirley Taylor
Tommie KiddRichard Upky
Debra KingDeborah Williams
Jerry Mitchell 
Lloyd Mitchell 
Note: The questionaire (near bottom of this page) is extremely low-tech. There is no send or submit option ... you can just type your info in an email or copy/paste the questionaire template into an email to start. -- Ted Sunday Feb. 14, 2010
I have added several towns and 1 new email to the list below. I wanted to note a potential change ... if you have not yet made out your check. Rhonda & I hit a snag with the bank wanting a "real" organization and federal tax id ... etc ... so if you could just make your check out to Rhonda Paul or Ted Wright (instead of Class of 1969) so we can cash the checks and pay the expenses with least hassle. The next planning meet at the Library is set for March 13. -- Ted 2/10/2010 (More later) -- Terri (Rogers) Farris is working on a postal letter for those we have addresses for. The response to the email request for RSVPs and info was minimal. -- Those attending the Feb. 6th meet: Coleen, Terri, Rhonda, Joyce, Eddie, Billie and Ted.
Ten CHS classmates attended the Jan. 9th reunion planning meet with Dean Eyler and Ken Pollard first time attendees in addition to repeat appearances by Coleen, Brenda, Joyce, Rhonda, Lynn, Eddie, John D. and Ted W. The letter emailed today is the primary result & is copied at the bottom of this page). -- Ted Wright -- Sunday Jan 10, 2010
Note: This is a draft page in preparation for the June 26, 2010 reunion. Please provide updates, corrections and additions to Ted Wright for (1110 W. Main, Collinsville, Oklahoma, 74021). Note: Lynn McCaw Powell searched yearbooks for anyone ever in one of our classes for the expanded list below. Wilson is listed for 5th grade (obviously some attended Central or Washington before it opened.) This 1st cut is mainly for email addresses ... don't plan to put postal addresses online. -- Ted (11/27/2009) (several updates thru Jan. 17,, 2010 also below)

1969 Collinsville (OK) High School Alumni (& Earlier Classmates)

Missing? Classmate 69 Grad Elem. Links Email RSVP'd Reunion 2010 Location
  Kenneth Arnce Grad no Not attending 1/10 Okmulgee
  Jackie Ashby Grad no Yes (1) paid Tulsa
  Don Austin (Died 2017) Grad Central Yes (2) paid Chelsea
  Debbie Bailey (Clowe) Grad no Unable to attend 6/24 Colo. Springs, CO
  Steve Baker Grad Wash.   no email maybe? Collinsville
missing Jean Baldwin Jr+So no        
missing Deborah Ballard no Wilson        
  Larry Barlow Grad no Reception (2) Sherwood, Ark
  Becky Barnes (Davis) Grad no Yes (2) paid Afton
  Billy Barrett (Died 2015) Grad Wilson   no email Yes (1) paid Broken Arrow
missing Cathy Barron no Wilson        
missing Raymond Beal 7th          
  Shelby Berryhill Grad Central will be at bass fishing tournament? Owasso
  Terri Black [deceased] Grad no n/a n/a n/a
  Brenda Blunt (Smith) Grad no   no email   S. Coffeyville
  Tommy Blunt (Died 2018) Grad Wash. <--not valid Dec 2011 Yes (1) paid Tulsa
  Susan Bordwine (McGlamery) Grad Central Yes w/Bruce paid Winter Springs FL
  Jess Boyd Grad Central   no email   Nowata
missing Barbara Buck Jr. no        
missing Annette Bunting no Central        
  Gary Burch Grad no   no email not attending 4/17 Broken Arrow
  Terry Burch no Wash.   no email   Collinsville
missing Phyllis Burke no Wash.        
  Debra Butcher (Hadley) Grad no   Collinsville
  Larry Carney Jr. no   son's email (
  Tulsa per son 6/26
  Lois Carter (Roach) Grad Central   found 2/16/2011   Tulsa
missing Linda Cartwright Grad no        
  Nancy Catlett (Thompson) Grad Central not attending per Jill Collinsville
  Brenda Clark (Lomax) (McDoulett) Grad Central Yes (1) paid Owasso
  Tabitha Combs (Phillips) [Deceased July 2008] Grad Wilson n/a n/a n/a
  Darlene Crain (Richardson) Grad Wilson Yes (1) paid Collinsville
  Irene Cribbet (Edward) no Wilson Yes (2) paid but can't attend per Jill Sutter Creek, CA
  Verda Crocker [Deceased] 7th no n/a n/a n/a
missing Brad Davis no Wilson        
  Charlie Davis Grad Wilson
[April 2011: ]
after dinner? Claremore
missing Wilford Dawson 7th no        
  John Devercelly Grad no Parents ?   Collinsville
  Benny Donahou [Deceased] 9th no? n/a n/a n/a
  Terry Dotson [Deceased? per PS] 7th Wilson n/a n/a n/a
  Tony Dotson [Deceased 1969] 7th Wash. n/a n/a n/a
  Jack Duncan Grad no Yes (1) paid Amarillo, TX
missing Donald Dunn 7th Central     paid+ 6/26  
  Sue Eastin (Pascarella) Grad Central Mom can't attend per Jill 6/9 Katy, TX
  Dean Eyler Grad Central paid+ 6/26 Collinsville
  Wauthena Fifer no Central     not attending 4/17  
  Sharon Floyd (Shaw) Grad Wilson (8/18/2010 update) Yes (2) paid Owasso
  Cathy Fournier (Pattison) Grad no     Yes (2) Paid Hominy
  Mary Fuller (Moreland) Grad Wash. family reunion conflict will try to come Collinsville
  Stephen Fulton Grad Wash.     not attending per Jill Benton Arbor, MI
  Larry Gannan Grad Wilson Yes (2) paid Tulsa
missing Dorothy Gerner no Central        
  Rick Hakel Grad no   no email Yes (2) paid Tulsa
  Gerri Hanten
Grad Wash. Yes (1) paid Houston
  Kimalea Hardesty (Conrad)
9th-7th Yes (2) paid Tulluride, CO
  Hugh Hardie
Grad Wilson Yes (2) paid Sperry
  Paul Harrison
Grad no Yes (2) paid Claremore
  Russell Harrold
Grad no Can't Attend -- 6/7 Fort Worth, TX
  Wendell Harrold
Grad Wilson 2009 Yes (2) paid+ Oologah
  Mike Heaton (Died 2019)
Grad Wilson <-- not valid Dec 2011
paid+ 6/26 Afton
  Rudy Heaton Grad Central     maybe per Jill Collinsville
  Ray Heckenkamp [Deceased]
So-7th Wash. n/a n/a n/a
  Charles Helmick
Grad Wash. Yes (2) paid Duncanville, TX
  Drew Henwood
So-7th Wilson       San Francisco, CA
missing Frankie Hoffman
7th no        
  Ted Holman
Grad Central Yes (2) paid Collinsville
missing Eleanor Holt
7th no        
  Harla Holt (Moore)
So-7th Wilson   Broken Arrow
  Dean Horn [Deceased] Grad no n/a n/a n/a
  Beverly Howard (Garman)
Grad Central Yes (2) paid Claremore
  Gary Howard [Deceased 1969]
Grad* Wilson Gary's Mom n/a n/a n/a
  Phil Howland [Died 2017]
Grad no       Collinsville
missing Carol Hulick
9th-7th no        
  Ike Jackson [Deceased April 28, 2008]
9th no n/a n/a n/a
missing Kathy Johnson
7th no        
  Wayne Jones [Deceased]
Grad no n/a n/a n/a
missing Tommy Key
9th-7th no        
missing Tommie Kidd 9th no        
  Ron Killingsworth
Grad no Parents no email Yes (1) paid Claremore
missing Debra King
So-7th no        
Earl King [Deceased]
So-7th no n/a n/a n/a
  Joyce Kreisvelt (Jackson)
Grad no   ?
  Joyce Loewen (Cribbet) (Died 2017)
Grad no Cribbet's Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Don Long
Grad Wash. Yes (2) paid+ Industry, TX
  Jill Loveless (Carpenter) -- [deceased 2012]
Grad Wash. -- (deceased 2012) Yes (2) paid Tulsa
  Donna McAfee (Frye)
Grad Central Yes (2) paid Tenn.
  Lynn McCaw (Powell) Grad Wilson Yes (1) paid Tulsa
  Janice McClure (Crabb)
Grad Wash. Yes (1) paid S. Pasadena, CA
  John McCormick
Grad no Yes (2) paid Flower Mound, TX
missing John McCullough
Grad no   Found July 2017->[John McCullough - CHS1969 -- . Email is:, address is 1736 E 61st St Tulsa OK. 74136 and phone is 918 747-6206.]
  Joyce McCullough (deceased?)
9th-7th Wash. n/a n/a n/a
  John McDoulet
Grad Wash. Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Bruce McGlamery
Grad Wash. Yes w/Susan paid Winter Springs, FL
  J H (John) Middleton
Grad Wilson Yes (2) paid Jenks
missing Jerry Mitchell
7th Wash.        
missing Lloyd Mitchell 7th no        
missing Mary Monroe
7th no        
missing Sharon Monroe
7th no        
missing Ronetta Moore (Fairchild)
Grad no        
  Scott Murphy
Grad Wilson Mom Yes (2) paid+ Edmond
missing Sandra Myers
Grad Central        
  Art O'Neal
Grad Wash. Yes (2) paid Edmond
missing Tommy L Olsen
7th no        
  Steve Osborn
Grad Wash. Yes (2) Collinsville
  Gregory Owens
Grad no found 2/16/2011 Tulsa
  Paul Owens
Grad Yes (2) paid Vera
missing Larry Parker
no Wilson        
  Roy Patton Grad Wash. Yes (2) paid+ Owasso
  Malcom Pavey
Grad Central Can't attend - 6/6 Tucson, AZ
  Derrell Peay [Deceased 1969]
7th no n/a n/a n/a
missing Allen Peterson
7th no        
  Robert Peterson
no Wilson Yes (1) paid Collinsville
  Kenneth Pollard
Grad no Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Eliza Rabbit (Hamilton)
no Wilson   no email maybe reception per Jill Claremore
missing Lonnie Ramsey
7th no        
missing Kathy Reed
9th-7th Wash.        
missing Ralph Reed
  Terri Rogers (Farris)
Grad Wilson Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Judy Rotramel (Steed) 7th Central Yes (1) paid Tulsa
missing Brenda Roy
9th no        
missing Ernest Rush
no Wilson        
  Earlene Sappington
7th no       ask Jill?
  Ruby Sappington
So-7th no       ask Jill?
missing Phillip Scott
Soph. no        
  Sharon Seago (Dean)
no Wilson       Ada
missing Frankie Searan
no Wash.        
  Phillip Sheehan
Grad Wilson Mom Yes (2) paid Macon, GA
missing Morris Shook
  Mike Sills Grad Central Yes (2) paid Cheney, WA
missing Sherry Spencer
Jr-So no        
  Mark Spyres
no Wilson    
  Danny Stanley
7th? no   Collinsville
  Terry Stanley
7th Wilson   no email   Collinsville
  Tommye Kay Stephens (Lewis)
7th no   no email Yes (1) paid Collinsville
  Joyce Stivers (Friske)
Grad Central Yes (2) paid Tulsa
  Roger Sutton
Grad no       Collinsville
  Diana Tackett (Jones)
So-Fr / Grad no     Yes (1) paid Slaton, TX
Bobby Tanner [Deceased]
7th no n/a n/a n/a
missing Dwight Taylor
7th Central        
missing Shirley Taylor 7th no        
  Charles Tedder
9th-7th no Son Yes (1) paid+ Weatherford, TX
  Bobby Thompson
9th / Grad Yes (2) paid Nowata
  Donna Thomason [Deceased]
Grad Central n/a n/a n/a
  Coleen Troglin (Breshears)
Grad Central Yes (2) paid Collinsville
missing Richard Upky
7th no        
missing Jimmy Vickers
Grad no        
missing Debbie Warren
Grad no     not attending per Jill  
missing Deborah Williams
  Karen Williams (McMillan)
Grad Wash. not attending per Jill Collinsville
  Steven Williams Grad Wilson Dad
Yes (2) paid Tulsa
  Eddie Wilson -- [deceased 2011]
Grad Central (deceased 2011) Yes (2) paid Claremore
  Eddie Wimbish [deceased]
Grad no n/a n/a n/a
  Don Witten
Grad no Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Rhonda Wode (Paul)
Grad Central Dad Yes (2) paid Collinsville
  Ted Wright
Grad Central Museum (& Yes (1) Collinsville
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  Bob Gougler ---- teacher CHS Yes (2) as guests Coppell, TX
  Bob Martin ---- teacher/coach CHS   2006      
  Howard Ray ---- teacher/coach CHS   2005   Invited- TWW  
  Gary Ward -- teacher/coach CHS   2006 Ted contacted Gary's son Feb 2010  
  Louise Brazeal -- teacher CHS   2008 41yr   Terri contacted Feb. 2010 Collinsville
  Tom Brewster -- teacher CHS       will be out of town -per Rhonda Ramona
  Mrs. Bryson -- teacher CHS 96 yrs old     paid 6/26 despite being told she didn't have to Collinsville
  Eva Jo Sheehan -- admin/cheer sponsor CHS   HRC   RSVP'd 5/29 Collinsville
  Jerry Seigel -- teacher/coach CHS     Rhonda invited 6/19 and he will try to be there but says hi to all if he can't make it maybe?  
  -- teacher/coach CHS          
  -- teacher/coach CHS          

???---- teacher (many deceased) ???

This teacher list still obviously needs a lot of work -- Ted 1/18/2010

  Hugh Hardie (Sr) ---- FFA Instructor (deceased 2006)          
  H.H. Wilson - Supt            
  Gertrude Davis -- teacher [deceased 2007]          
Copy of email letter sent Jan. 10. 2010 to those with known email addresses as of that date. Will likely do a postal mailing later for those that don't respond to the email or as new contact info received. -- Ted Wright 1/10/2010
Classmates of 1969 (Collinsville High School)-

Forty-one years, can you believe it? Since our last class reunion was 1979, we thought it was time to have another one to see how everyone is doing and how much we have improved. Thanks to Ted Wright who got the ball started on this project, we have been meeting since August to make plans for the big event June 26, 2010, CHS Commons Area. There will be a reception (for anyone who wishes to attend) in one of the rooms at CHS beginning 5:00 P.M. The banquet (primarily for the Class of 1969 and their companion, guest or those who would have graduated) will begin at 7:00 P.M. Dress will be casual.

The dinner will be catered by Escargot (all you can eat). The cost will be $30.00 per person (non-refundable). The meal will consist of two meats, three vegetables, salad, rolls, and several choices of dessert, tea, coffee and lemonade.

We will need to know if you can attend by May 26, 2010. You can RSVP (& provide photos & information) by e-mail to Ted Wright -, Joyce (Lowen) Cribbet - or Jill (Loveless) Carpenter - Mail your payment and any other information to Rhonda (Wode) Paul 1605 W. Main St. Collinsville, OK 74021 or to Ted Wright, 1110 W. Main, Collinsville, OK 74021. Make your check payable to either Rhonda Paul or Ted Wright.

Additional reunion updates will be posted at
If you have contact info for any of our "missing" classmates please let us know so we can make them aware of the reunion also.

We have a questionnaire (below) and would like for it be completed and returned ASAP to (the same as above information). If you cannot attend we would still like to hear from you, as we will have a place to display your letter. Of course we would love for you to send pictures. Electronic photos are preferred but if you send orignals we will scan and hold them for you at the reunion or mail back if you can't attend.

Also, if you or your children, grandchildren have served in the military, let us know the information, as we would like to honor your courage and dedication to our country.

When we meet monthly we take up a collection to help fund the reunion. As there will be expenses and we will have guests (teachers, etc) at our banquet and we need to cover their meals as well. If you would like to donate, any amount will be appreciated. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

If you know of any stories (funny, serious) (remember when) on other classmates or teachers let us know, as we would like to read these at the banquet.

After the banquet, it was suggested to go to the Cherokee Casino in Catoosa. We are thinking about getting a "meeting" room for those who wish to visit further or if you feel lucky you can try your hand at the Casino and then come back and tell us about your good fortune.

Also, if you need a motel/hotel room, Owasso has several motels/hotels. You can go online and check the prices and make your reservations. If you haven't been back in a while you will be surprise at the growth in Owasso.

We are getting excited and anxious to see our classmates. We hope everyone will attend or send their information. It has been suggested we have a "Birthday Party" for everyone in the year 2011, since many of us will turn the big "60".

-- Reunion Committee

Ted Wright (unapproved) note: If for some reason your can't RSVP and mail payment by May 26th. I'd still like to see your there. The cut off date is to get an accurate number/payment to the caterer. So you likely won't have a meal and we might not have enough space set up but don't let that keep you away. It would also make it more difficult to organizee all the gathered info for display at the reunion. I will likely be tied up with reunion prep earlier that day but if you make an appointment you are also welcome to visit the "Newspaper Museum In Collinsville" just about anytime and can track current events in Collinsville via with daily updates year round.) Also, all are welcome attend the reunion planning meetings with the next one set for Saturday Feb. 6th (4:30pm) at the Library.

=========== CHS 1969 Questionaire: (Copy into an email and complete ... this is low-tech)

* Planning to attend June 26, 2010 reunion banquet?
Y/N ___ How Many ___ $'s enclosed ______ (or mailed seperately _______)

* Name __________________________________ (include your HS name if it's changed)

* Postal Address ________________________________________________

* Phone (____)____________ Email __________________________________

* Web Site __________________________________

* Brief summary paragraph on what you've been doing the past 40+ years since CHS graduation.
(You can attach a longer version also ... or point us to your auto-biography if you've already written your life story ... but at least send a condensed version for reunion use)

* Email a current photo to Ted Wright ( for slide show / book (optional)
... and any other historical/current photos the reunion group might enjoy ... and please provide names as we may recognize an old classmate but will be clueless on kids & grandkids etc.

* Military service info (& photos): Branch / Years / Location / Comments

* Stories/rememberances: _________________________________________

* Contact info for missing classmates or teachers you can provide:
see list at:

* Any meal restrictions? or other special needs?

* Any info you don't want online? at ?

* Suggestions: ___________________________________________________________


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