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Tom Blunt
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To: Class of 1969

From: Thomas Blunt

Re: Last 41 years

Who would have thought I would live this long? Whew, seems like only yesterday we were the last seniors to go to the old High School, and the first to go to graduate out of the new High School. Really had some good, not so good, and sad times at C'ville High.

Well we all graduated in May of 69, went our separate ways, and eventually lost touch with a lot of classmates. That's what I've missed the most. Always did think about everyone and often wonder what everyone was doing, who died, whom everyone married, where you lived, how many kids, and now grandkids, and where everyone was living throughout the years.

After I graduated, I went pipelining in North Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, and Kentucky. Made some good money back then. Enrolled in college over at OMA and eventually withdrew in November. I missed the good money making, had to go back to pipelining. Well needless to say I took a couple old buddies with me to Louisiana, (New Orleans) and did the things we shouldn't have and ended up in Santa Monica, California. I got a ticket in New Mexico (never have paid it this day) and we lost the dipstick to the engine somewhere between Texas and California. We pawned everything we could to get by in California. I be that pawn shop still has that diamond ring I hocked. Stayed with my cousin out there and worked remodeling houses. That wasn't our cup of tea. None of us were into that. So, I called my good ole dad and he wired me $60.00 to get home on. That bought the gas and eats. Couldn't go very far on that today. Hey we were only gone for about a month and I had everyone back home. I don't think their girlfriends ever forgave me for taking them away like that. Do the names Ken Pollard and Steve Baker ring a bell? I still Love those guys. We really bonded on that whim.

Well, it's 1970, I ended up in the Army, did my basic training in Missouri, went to Georgia specializing in Secret Code. Next orders were to Norway. I had those for about a week; they cancelled those, new orders, Vietnam. I made it to the Oakland transfer base, Army cancelled those; (can't have two brothers in a war zone at the same time) new order to Texas. I spent the remainder of my time there. Got out in 1972. Good experience.

1972 got a job with the Tulsa Airport Authority, got married to Rita Webb, with a black eye (never could whip my brother) and divorced 13 years later. We have three wonderful children, Justin, Chris, and Monica. I was involved in all the sports and of course band with the kids in Collinsville. I got remarried in 1976 to Vonceil McMaster from Claremore, (still got this one) 9 years younger than me also, no kids with her, but we do have 9 (nine) grandchildren, 7 boys and 2 girls. Boy is Thanksgiving and Christmas a real hoot when we all get together. I only work for Christmas present's now. It's a real juggle trying to schedule the baseball, soccer, and football games all in now. But we manage.

I am presently working on 39th year with the Tulsa Airport Authority. During my tenure with the Airport I have received my Master Electrical license. I'm licensed in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas. I have attended numerous seminars on all aspects of Airfield Lighting and Computer Control. I have an ACE (airfield certified employee) in Airfield Lighting and Computer control. I was promoted to Airfield Maintenance and Electrical Manager nine years ago. I am also a Certified Member of the AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives). I have been eligible for retirement since 1999. When the going gets tough, that's when I'll get going or if 62 comes first.

For excitement outside of family and work, my wife and I were actively into country dancing before her auto wreck in 1998. We danced every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night's at the local clubs. That was something we immensely enjoyed.

We were both season ticket holders with the Tulsa Ice Oiler's for 19 years. We were members of the booster club and housed several Hockey players before the season and after. I even got involved in playing a little roller hockey for about six years with the Tulsa men's league. All the games were with local teams and we played at the rink on Sheridan. It finally got a little rough for me and I stepped out. (who would have thought that, a little rough)

Now it's house work, yard work, watching grandkids play sports, and running my parents to the doctors, etc in Tulsa.

Life's Been Great,



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