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Art Oneal
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Ted, I hope you will accept my payment for the reunion. If not, that is OK. I just was not sure if I will be able to attend, but I would like to if I can. I will make every effort to come to the reunion.

The only recent photo that I have is from a recent trip to Gabon, Africa with Gideons International (above).

Short Version of Past 40 Years:
I graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1974, after taking a year to recover from a motorcycle accident in the fall of 1969. (In 1993, I received an MBA, also from TU.) Currently, I work as a Petroleum Engineer in Oklahoma City for Devon Energy. I have two sons who live in Tulsa. My wife's name is Rumi. She also has two children. During my career in the oil and gas industry, I have lived in West Texas (near Lubbock), Houston, Broken Arrow, and Edmond. Besides spending time with family, my other activities include my church, the Gideons International, and the Oklahoma Mustang Club (auto enthusiast). As indicated above, I recently went to Gabon, Africa with the Gideons to distribute New Testaments to students. I coordinate Gideon efforts in the Oklahoma City area. In our Oklahoma Mustang Club, we have a national show for the Mustang Club of America coming up the first week end of June, and I am chairing one of the committees.

I hope to see everyone June 26.

Art Oneal
(May 29, 2010)

Just to avoid any further confusion ...
I am a competitor to the current day "Collinsville News" . After 88 years in my family my Dad sold the newspaper in 1987.
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