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All Games Begin At 7:30pm
CHS Varsity Football (2010 - 5A)
  August 20 Scrimmage at Bartlesville (with Claremore also)   Map
  August 27 Scrimmage at Tulsa Lincoln Christian   Map
Sept. 3 Mannford (Here)    
Sept. 10 at Catoosa   Map
Sept. 17 Oologah (Here)    
Sept. 24 Tulsa Hale (Here) Homecoming    
Oct. 1 at Tulsa Rogers   Map (at Webster)
Oct. 8 Tulsa Booker T. Washington (Here)    
Oct. 15 at McAlester   Map
Oct. 21 at Skiatook (Thursday)   Map
Oct. 29 Tulsa Memorial (Here) Senior Night    
Nov. 5 at Tulsa Bishop Kelley   Map
More Football Schedules on School Site: 2010 CHS Football Schedules
August sports are already on the events calendar & I hope to start on the September calendar in a few weeks. -- Ted 8/7/2010 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football)
8/10/2010 All-State Summary
7/12/2010 All-State Golf
8/9-10/2010 CHS Combine & 1st Practice
July 2010 OSU Cheer Camp
7/29/2010 Elementary Cheer Camp
7/13/2010 Youth Volleyball Camp
8/4/2010 Owasso 9th Scrimmage 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football) 2010 Fall All-Sports Sponsor
2010 Varsity Softball (5A)
Aug 10 Barnsdall (here) 3pm V/JV
Aug 13-14 at Bixby JV Tourney TBA JV
Aug 16 Catoosa (Here) 6:30pm V
Aug 19 at Tahlequah 5pm Vx2
2 No-Hitters For Shannon Aman Aug 20-21 Collinsville Festival TBA V
Aug 23 Oologah (Here) 5:30pm V/JV
Aug 24 Pryor (Here) 5pm V/JV
Aug 26 Claremore (Here) 5pm V/JV
Aug 27-28 at Prague Tournament TBA V
Aug 30 at Bishop Kelley 5pm V
Aug 31 at Skiatook 5pm V/JV
Sept 2 Coweta (Here) 5pm V/JV
Sept 7 at Barnsdall/Dewey Tri 4pm V
Sept 11 Collinsville Classic 9am V
Sept 14 at Pryor (relocated to Collinsville) 5pm V/JV
Moved To Wed 3:30 Sept 15 Sept 16 Bishop Kelley (Here) 5pm V
Sept 20 at Coweta 5pm V/JV
Sept 21 at Catoosa 5pm V
Sept 23 Skiatook (Here) 5pm V/JV
Sept 27 at Bixby 5pm V
Sept 30 at Claremore 5pm V/JV
Oct 1-2 at Bixby Festival TBA V
Oct 5-9 Regional Tournament (at Grove) TBA V
n/a Oct 14-16 State Tournament at OKC TBA V
2010 Volleyball (5A)
  Aug 3 at Coweta (Scrim) 1pm V
Aug 4 Owasso Scrimmage (Here) 11am 9th
  Aug 5 at Catoosa (Scrim) 10am V/JV
Aug 10 Victory Christian (Here) 2pm 9/JV/V
  Aug 12 at Verdigris 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Aug 13 at Claremore Tourney TBA JV
  Aug 14 at Claremore Tourney TBA 9th
Aug 17 Bishop Kelley (Here) 4pm 9/JV/V
Aug 20-21 at Glenpool Tourney TBA V
Aug 21 at Catoosa Tourney 9am 9th/JV
  Aug 23 at Glenpool 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Aug 24 at Coweta 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Aug 26 Berryhill (Here)
(Relocated to Berryhill)
4pm 9/JV/V
  Aug 31 at Tahlequah 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
Sept 7 Skiatook (Here) 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
Sept 9 Oologah (Here) 4pm JV/V
  Sept 10-11 at Catoosa Tourney TBA V
  Sept 14 at Catoosa 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Sept 16 at Skiatook 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Sept 17-18 at Coweta Tourney TBA V
  Sept 20 Glenpool (Here) 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Sept 23 at Oologah 4pm JV/V
  Sept 27 at Catoosa Tourney 9am 7th & 8th
  Sept 27 at Victory Christian (moved from 9/30) 4pm 9/JV/V
Sept 28 Claremore (Here) - Sr Nite 4pm 7/8/9/JV/V
  Oct 1 Conference Tourney TBA 7th & 8th
Oct 5 Regionals (at Catoosa) TBA V
2010 Cross Country (5A)
(Revised 9/3/2010)
  Aug 28 10am East Central Invitational J.D. Met Calfe Rec. Areaa
Sept 2 4:30pm Owasso Invitational Sports Park (Changed to Elm Creek Park)
  Sept 10 4pm Tulsa Edison Chandler Park
  Sept 11 C'ville XC Car Wash Fundraiser at American Bank 9am-2pm (Sat.)
  Sept 18
Bishop Kelly O.R.U. (Tulsa)
  Sept 25 10am OSU Jamboree Stillwater
  Oct. 2
Holland Hall Holland Hall (Tulsa)
  Oct 8
Pre-State Mitch Park (Edmond)
Oct 12
Metro Lakes Collinsville (Hearald/Sportsplex)
  Oct 23
Regionals O'Brien Park Tulsa
Girls Finished 2nd in 5A Oct 30
State Mitch Park (Edmond)
2010 JrHi Softball
Aug 16 5pm Catoosa (Here)  
  Aug 23 9am Collinsville Festival 3 games
  Aug 24 5pm at Pryor 2 - 5 inning games
  Aug 26 5pm at Claremore 2 - 5's
  Aug 27-28 at Bixby JrHi Tournament .
Aug 31 5pm Skiatook (Here) 2 - 5's
  Sept 2 4:30pm at Coweta 2 - 5's
  Sept 14 5pm Pryor (Here) 2 - 5's
  Sept 20 4:30pm Coweta (Here) 2 - 5's
  Sept 23 5pm at Skiatook 2 -5's
  Sept 30 5pm Claremore (Here) 2 - 5's
2010 JV Football
  Sept 2 (7pm) at Adair
  Sept 7 (6:30pm) at Mannford
Sept 13 (6:30pm) Catoosa (Here)
  Sept 20 (6:30pm) at Oologah
  Sept 27 (6:30pm) at Hale
  Oct 11 (6:30pm) at BTW
Oct 18 (6:30pm) Claremore (Here)
Oct 25 (6:30pm) Skiatook (Here)
2010 JrHi Football
  Sept 9 (5pm) at Claremore
  Sept 16 (5pm) Bishop Kelley (Here)
7th - 8th - 9th
  Sept 23 (5pm) at Tahlequah
  Sep 20 (5:30pm) -- added 8/23 7th "B" at Oologah
  Sept 30 (5pm) Coweta (Here)
  Oct 7 (5pm) Pryor (Here)
  Oct 12 (5pm) at Skiatook
  Oct 19 (5pm) Catoosa (Here)
  Oct 25 (5pm) from Aug 31 above at Oologah
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I also can't cover events I am not aware of ... if you don't see your team's event on this page or my monthly calendar please provide information. I'm happy to get updates from coaches, parents, students on schedule changes or team photo ops, etc. And if you see a name mis-spelled or mis-identified please email me
and I will attempt to correct.

Collinsville Round Up Club Annual Rodeo
(ACRA Sanctioned + Locals Welcome) 8pm August 20-21 at Collinsville Round Up Club Arena 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (All) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (All) 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football)

8/10/2010 Cross Country Teams Rosters
8/10/2010 Volleyball Teams Rosters
8/10/2010 Softball Team Roster / Barnsdall Game
8/14/2010 CHS Football Teams & Cheerleaders
Jay Crutchfield provided me the following Youth Football Home Schedule today.
-- Ted Wright 8/23/2010 2010 Fall Sports Sponsor (Football)
June info for July Camp
7/22/2010 Youth Football Camp
8/26/2010 Meet The Cardinals
2nd Grade Red -vs- Pryor 8/28/2010
4th Grade White -vs- Skiatook 8/28
4th Red -vs- TYAA 9/18/2010
5th Grade -vs- Sapulpa Blue 9/18
3rd Grade -vs- Claremore Black 10/9
6th Grade White -vs- Union 10/9
6th Grade Red -vs- Owasso 10/9
2nd Grade White -vs- Bixby 10/23
3rd Grade Playoff Eastside 11/2
4th Grade Red Playoff Owasso 11/2
5th Grade Playoff Glenpool 11/3
6th Grade Playoff BA 11/3 2010 Fall - 2011 Spring Sports Sponsor (Al))
7th Grade Volleyball Team
8th Grade Volleyball Team
7th Grade -vs- BK 8th Grade -vs- BK 9th Grade -vs- BK
7th -vs- Coweta 8th -vs- Coweta 9th -vs- Coweta
Received 9/16/2010 from Jim Riley via Kelli Schultheiss ... will be copied to Winter/Spring Index when created later -- Ted 9/23/2010
JR High & High School Wrestling

December 2010
3-4 Sand Springs Tourn. A TBA SS JH

10-11 Union Tourn. TBA Union HS

14 Neosho, Mo. Dual 6:00 There HS/JH

17-18 Claremore Tourn. TBA Claremore HS

January 2011

4 Sperry -Bristow Tri 5:00 Sperry HS/JH

6 JR High Quad 4:00 Pryor JH

7-8 Cushing Tourn. TBA Cushing HS

11 District Quad* 4:00 Home HS

13 Coweta 6:00 Home HS/JH

14-15 Sapulpa Tourn. TBA Sapulpa HS

18 Cascia Hall Dual 6:00 Home HS/JH

21-22 OCU Dual Tourn TBA OCU HS

25 Skiatook Dual 6:00 Home HS/JH


1 Catoosa Dual 6:00 HC There HS/JH

4-5 Jr. High State Tourn. TBA OKC JH

4-5 Bishop Kelley Tourn. TBA Kelley HS

11-12 Dual State Tourn. TBA TBA HS

18-19 Regional Tourn. TBA TBA HS

25-26 State Tourn. TBA OKC HS

* District Matches to qualify for the Dual State Tournament.

Oct. 2 Sampler
2010-2011 CHS Basketball Schedule (10/14/2010)
Nov 30 Skiatook Home 6:30
Dec 3 Claremore Home 6:30
Dec 6-11 Sperry Tourn. Away
Dec. 14 Bishop Kelley Away 6:30
Dec 17 Coweta Away 6:30
Jan 3-8 Locust Grove Tourn. Away
Jan 14 Pryor Home 6:30
Jan 17-22 Pryor Tourn. Away
Jan 25 Skiatook Away 6:30
Jan29 Oologah Home 6:30
Feb 1 Claremore Away 6:30
Feb 4 Bishop Kelley Home 6:30
Feb 8 Coweta Home 6:30
Feb 11 Tahlequah Home 6:30
Feb 15 Oologah Away 6:30
Feb 18 Pryor Away 6:30
Feb 24-26 Regionals TBA
Mar 3-5 Area Tourn. TBA
Mar 10-12 State Tourn. TBA
2010-2011 Junior High Basketball
5pm 7th Grade
6pm 8th Grade
7pm 9th Grade
Boys & Girls at different gyms
Nov 8-11 Girls Festival Home
Nov 15-18 Boys Festival Home
Nov 22 Tahlequah Away
Nov 29 Claremore Home
Dec 2 Pryor Away
Dec 6 Coweta Away
Dev 9 Oologah Home
Dec 13 Skiatook Home
Dec 16 Bishop Kelley Away
Jan 10 Tahlequah Home
Jan 13 Claremore Away
Jan 17 Oologah Away
Jan 20 Pryor Home
Jan 24 Coweta Home
Jan 31 Skiatook Away
Feb 3 Bishop Kelley Home
Feb 7-12 Claremore Tourn Away
Nov. 2010 Randi GilmartinSoftball All-State
JrHi Football Wrap-Up -- Dec 2010