Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 9 , 2010
3rd Grade -vs- Claremore Black

Indian Nations Football Conference (INFC)
Collinsville Won 35-0 Here Saturday

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2010 Collinsville
3rd Grade Cheer
Elizabeth Aman
Jessica Bottger
Haylee Fox
Paityn Gibson
Georgia Hadley
Addison Kallam
Riley Renfroe
Marcie Ruge
Jacy Rule
Emma Schnell
Fallin Sexton
Taelor Wamego
Maranda Ware
Coaches: Ginger Sexton & Tracy Schnell
2010 Collinsville
3rd Grade Red
1 Zach Wright
2 Dalton Gramblin
4 Jacob Tompkins
9 Caleb Mitchell
10 Jasper Tyler
12 Corey Harrison
14 Riley Jackson
15 Cobey Gorrell
17 Nathan Watkins
20 Avery Morrison
22 Brayden Burd
23 Jesston Bruner
24 Ethan Cole
28 Cole Dugger
33 Grant Casebeer
36 Coby Wamego
38 Zach Kitch
44 Sean Thomas
45 Isaac House
64 Spencer Braley
80 Aiden Calloway
86 Cage Tacker
87 Nick Johnson
88 Trevor Hodges
Coaches: John Gramblin, James Dugger, Brian Jackson 2010 Fall - 2011 Spring Sports Sponsor (Al))
Brayden Burd (#22) scored on this 50 yard TD run on the first possession of the game.
Cole Dugger (#28) scored for the Collinsville 3rd grade on their 2nd possession from 33 yards out against Claremore.
Brayden Burd (#22) added another 50 yard TD run in the 2nd quarter for a 26-0 score. Ethan Cole (#24) had scored on a 1 yard run earlier to reach 19-0.
Jesston Bruner (#23) was ready to assist if Grant Casebeer (#33) needed help on this Claremore loss just before halftime.
Grant Casebeer (#33) scored from about 15 yard in the 3rd quarter for a 32-0 advantage.
Caleb Mitchell (#9) intercepted this Claremore pass and returned it to the 1 yard line in the 4th quarter.
Jesston Bruner (#23) scored from the 1 yard line and then ran in the conversion (above) putting Collinsville more than 35 points up (capped by INFC mercy rule).