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CHS Sports: Winter/Spring 2010
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2009-2010 CHS Varsity
Basketball Schedule
Nov 24Skiatook6:30There
Dec 1Cleveland6:30There
Dec 8GlenpoolTBAThere
Dec 7-12Sperry TournamentTBAThere
Jan 4-9Locust Grove Tourn.TBAThere
Jan 12Bristow6:30Home
Jan 15Berryhill6:30Home
Jan 16Mannford6:30There
Jan 18-23Pryor TournamentTBAThere
Jan 26Glenpool6:30Home
Jan 29Cleveland (to Feb 13)6:30Home
Jan. 30 Oologah (to Feb. 6)2pmThere
Feb 5Mannford /Coronation6:30Home
Feb. 9Bristow6:30There
Feb 12Berryhill6:30There
Feb 16Oologah6:30Home
Feb. 19Skiatook (SR Night)6:30Home
Feb 25-27Regional TournamentTBATBA
Mar ??Area TournamentTBATBA
Mar ??State Tournamant TBAOKC
................Varsity girls play at 6:30pm & boys at ~8pm (JV games before some varsity games)
2009-2010 CHS
Wrestling Schedule
Dec 11-12Bristow Tourn. TBAThere/ HS
Dec 15Bixby Dual6pmThere/ HS+JH
Dec 18-19Claremore Tourn. TBAThere/ HS
Dec 22Bristow Dual (Cancelled 12/8)6pmHere / HS+JH
Jan 5Sperry (& Bristow Tri)5pmHere / HS+JH
Jan 8-9Cushing Tourn. TBAThere / HS
Jan 12 District Quad* 4pmGrove / HS
Jan 15-16Sapulpa Tourn. TBAThere / HS
Jan 21Cascia Hall Dual 6pmThere / HS+JH
Jan 26Skiatook Dual 6pmThere / HS+JH
Jan 28Cleveland Dual 6pmThere / HS+JH
Feb 2 Catoosa Dual / Cornation6pmHere / HS+JH
Feb 4Claremore Dual 6pmHere / HS
Feb. 5-6Bishop Kelley Tourn. TBATBA / HS
Feb 12-13Dual State Tourn. TBA.
Feb 19-20Regional Tourn. TBA.
Feb 26-27 State Tourn. (Brackets)TBAOKC
................* District Matches to qualify for the Dual State Tournament
JrHi Basketball Schedule
Nov 9-14Collinsville Girls JrHi Festival.Here
Nov 16-20Collinsville Boys JrHi Festival.Here
Nov 23Berryhill5:30There
Nov 30Mannford5:30Here
Dec 3Bristow 5:30Here
Dec 7Glenpool (9th first,8th,7th)5:30Here
Dec 10Oologah5:30Here
Jan 11Bristow5:30There
Jan 14 Berryhill5:30Here
Jan 18 Dewey5:30Here
Jan 25Glenpool5:30There
Jan. 28Cleveland5:30There
Feb 1Dewey5:30There
Feb. 4Mannford5:30There
Feb 11-15Conference Tourn. TBATBA
Feb 15Oologah (Canceled) 5:30There
................JrHi girls play at CHS. JrHi boys play CMS.
7th play at 5:30
8th play at 6:30
9th play at 7:30
2010 CHS
Baseball Schedule
Feb 16Sand Springs Here3:30V scrim
Feb 16Sand Springs JVThere3:30JV scrim
Feb 18JenksThere3pmV scrim
Feb 20UnionTherenoonV scrim
Feb 20Union JVHerenoonJV scrim
Feb 22Ponca CityHere4pmV scrim
Feb 23MemorialThere4pmV scrim
Feb 23Memorial JVHere4pmJV scrim
Feb 25TBA
Feb 26BartlesvilleHome3pmV scrim
Mar 2 *Skiatook (win) There4pmV+JV
Mar 4Ponca City (loss) There4:30V+JV
Mar 5Owasso (loss) Here3pmV
Mar 5Owasso JV There4pmJV
Mar 8Jenks JV Here4pmJV -2'5s
Mar 9 *CatoosaHere4pmV+JV
Mar 11*Bishop Kelley (win)Here4:30V
Mar 11Bishop Kelley JVThere4pmJV
Mar 12Grove Festival (cancel)
Played Miami instead
Mar 17-20C'ville Tournament
Hilldale - Bixby - Byng
Mar 22Broken Arrow JV There5pmJV
Mar 24-27Bixby Tournament ThereTBAV
Mar 26-27C'ville JV FestivalHereTBAJV
Mar 29East CentralHere4:30V
Mar 29East Central JV There4:30JV
Mar 30*CowetaThere4pmV+JV
Apr 1 *BixbyHere4pmV
Apr 2UnionHere5pmV
Apr 1-3Bixby JV Tourn. ThereTBAJV
Apr 5*ClaremoreHere4pmV+JV
Apr 6Independence KS (at Bartlesville)Bville4pmV
Apr 8*PryorHere5pmV
Apr 8*TahlequahHere5pmV+JV
Apr 10Broken Arrow JVHerenoonJV
Apr 12*SkiatookHere4pmV+JV
Apr 13Booker T. WashingtonHere5pmV
Apr 13Booker T. Washington JVThere4pmJV
Apr 15Sperry at Drillers OneOK StadiumThereTBAV
Apr 16*PryorThere5pmV
Apr 16Pryor JV Here5pmJV 2'5s
Apr 19MannfordThere4pmV+JV
Apr 21-24McAlester Shootout ThereTBA.
Apr 26BerryhillHere6pmV
Apr 27MemorialHere6pmV
Apr 27Memorial JV There4:30JV
Apr 29*ClaremoreThere4pmV+JV
May 1 Duncan (canceled)Here5pmV
May 4-5-6RegionalsHere  
May 12-15State Tournament: Duncan + BTW FinalsTBA  
*Metro Lakes Conference Games 2010 Winter/Spring Sports Sponsor 2010 Winter/Spring Sports Sponsor
The Collinsville vs Bristow JH & HS wrestling dual that was scheduled for Dec. 22 has been cancelled. Bristow will join Sperry and the Cardinals on Jan. 5th for a Tri-dual. First match will start at 5:00 pm. This will be JH & HS.
Schedule Jan 5th
5:00 Collinsville vs Bristow
6:30 Sperry vs Bristow
8:00 Collinsville vs Sperry

JR (12/8/2009)
CHS Student Gavin Rose has created a Facebook Group for CHS Sports and invites your participation. -- Ted 12/11/2009
Wrestling Reports
Youth was the theme for the Cardinal Wrestling team at the 57th Annual Chuck West Bristow tournament last weekend. The Cardinals sent 4 freshmen, 2 sophomores, 3 jrs, an 1 sr to Bristow which included teams from all classes and was won by class 6A Sand Springs. The youngsters fared well and gained vaulable experience and mat time that will help them later in the year when they go to the Regional tournament. Freshman Zack Abkemeirer placed 3rd at 125 lbs. Jr Josh Pennington and Cory Snow finished 4th at 152 lbs, and 160 lbs respectivley. The Cardinals will travel to Bixby on Tues for a dual with the Spartans. The starting time for the JH match is 6:30. -- JR (12/15/2009)
Collinsville Wrestlers lost at Bixby Dual per 12/16/2009 Tulsa World
Helm, Abkemeier Win Claremore Wrestling Championships
Collinsville freshmen Dylan Helm and Zach Abkemeier won championships at the Zebra Classic in Claremore this past weekend. Helm defeated Tim Wrestler (thats right Wrestler) from Chanute, Ks in the 119 lbs finals 6-3. Wrestler was Kansas State Champion last year. Abkemeier pounded Kyle Kilgore of Claremore in the 125 lbs final. Zach was beating Kilgore 14-2 when he got the fall to end the match. Also placing for the Cardinals were Cory Snow who finished 2nd at 160 lbs and Josh Pennington who finished 4th at 152 lbs. The Wreslting Cards will take a short break and come back after Christmas to resume preparation for the run through Jan and Feb to the State tournament at the end of Feb. They will resume competition on Jan. 5 of the new year by hosting a Tri Duel Match with Bristow and Sperry at the High School Gym. First match will start at 5:00 pm.
-- JR (12/20/2009)
Other Stories
Webster Scrim.
Baseball Roster
& Olazagasti Signing
CHS Track 2010
Fri. Feb. 12at Enid (indoor)10:30
Fri. March 5at Catoosa11:00
Thurs. Mar. 11 at Skiatook 8:30
Fri. Mar. 26at Owasso10:00
Fri. April 2at Tahlequah9:00
Thurs. April 8 at Skiatook (relays only)4:00
Fri. April 16at Coweta 11:00
Tues. April 20at Collinsville12:00
Tues. April 27Metro Lakes Conference at Claremore11:00
Sat. May 8Regional at TBA8:00
Fri-Sat May 14-15State at TBA10:00
2010 Collinsville Junior High Track
Tues. Mar. 97-8 Boys/Girlsat Skiatook 9:00
Mon. Mar. 297-8 Boys/Girlsat Bixby1:00
Mon. April 57-8-9 Boys/Girlsat Claremore11:00
Thurs. April 157-8 Boys/Girlsat Coweta11:00
Mon. April 197-8 Boys/Girlsat Collinsville12:00
Thurs. April 227-8 Boys/GirlsMetro Lakes Conference at Pryor9:00
2010 CHS
Soccer Schedule
Feb. 16Scrimmage: Glenpool Var/JVHome5/6:45pm
Feb 18Scrimmage: Catoosa JVHome5:30/6:30
Feb. 20Skiatook Girls Preseason TourneyAwayTBA
Feb. 23 Scrimmage: East CentralAway5/6:30pm
Feb. 25....Scrimmage: Muskogee Away5/7pm
Feb. 27Skiatook Boys Preseason TourneyAwayTBA
March 2Miami Girls & BoysHome6/8pm
March 5CowetaAway6/8pm
March 9CatoosaAway6/8pm
Mar. 11-12Stilwell Tournament AwayTBA
March 23*Bishop Kelley Home6/8pm
March 25HaleAway5/7pm
April 6*SkiatookAway6/8pm
April 9*ClaremoreAway6/8pm
April 13*PryorAway6/8pm
April 15*Tulsa Central Home6/8pm
April 20*GroveHome5/7pm
April 23*East Central Home6/8pm
* District Games .............. Awards
2010 CHS
JV Soccer Schedule
Feb. 16Scrimmage: Glenpool Var/JVHome5/6:45pm
Feb 18Scrimmage: Catoosa JVHome5:30/6:30
Feb. 20Skiatook Girls Preseason TourneyAwayTBA
Feb. 23 Scrimmage: East CentralAway5/6:30pm
Feb. 25....Scrimmage: Muskogee Away5/7pm
Feb. 27Skiatook Boys Preseason TourneyAwayTBA
Mar. 1Mingo Valley Christian (Girls)Away5pm
Mar. 8Keys (Girls) Home5:30pm
Mar.22East Central Away5/6:30pm
Mar. 29StillwaterAway5:30/7pm
April 1PryorHome5:30/7pm
April 9ClaremoreAway3:30/4:30
April 12SkiatookHome5:30/7pm
April 26OologahAway5:30/7pm
2010 CHS
Tennis Schedule
Thurs. Mar. 11Victory Christian Tournament Both10am
Tues. Mar. 23Claremore Tournament Girls8am
Wed. Mar. 24Claremore Tournament Boys8am
Thurs. Mar. 25 Skiatook Dual (rainout)Both2:30pm
Sat. Mar. 27..Tahlequah Quad Both8am
Tues. Mar. 30..Miami Tournament (at Lafortune)Girls8am
Wed. Mar. 31Miami Tournament (at Lafortune)Boys8am
Thurs. April 1Sapulpa Dual Both2:30pm
Tues. April 6Tahlequah Tournament Boys8am
Tues April 13Oologah Duel (Here)Both2pm
Tues. April 20Metro Lakes Tournament (at Tahlequah)Both8am
Thurs. April 22Grove Tournament (at Lafortune)Both8am
Tues. Apr. 27 Skiatook Dual (Here) Both2:30pm
Wed. April 28Tulsa 7 Tournament (at Lafortune)Boys8am
Fri. April 30 Tulsa Edison DuelBoth3:20pm
Mon. May 3Regional Tournament (at TBA)Girls8am
Fri.-Sat. May 7 & 8State Tournament (at OKC)GirlsTBA
Mon. May 10Regional Tournament (at TBA)Boys8am
Fri.-Sat. May 14 & 15State Tournament (at OKC)BoysTBA
2010 CHS
CHS Boys Golf Schedule
Mar 8 -vs- Cowetaat Emerald Falls 9am
Mar 10at TahlequahCherry Springs 9am
Mar 23at ClaremoreHeritage Hills8:30am
Mar 29-vs- Sperryat Owasso Golf & Athletic9am
Apr 7 at Ft. GibsonEagle Crest 8:30am
Apr 12 -vs- Bishop Kelley at Emerald Falls 8:30am
Apr 13Metro Lakesat Mohawk 9am
Apr 22Tulsa 7 Confat Coton Creek8am
Apr 26Pryor (36 holes) Pryor Creek 8am
May 3 Regionalsat Cherry Springs8am
May 10-11State Tournament at Emerald Falls8am
2010 CHS (tentative 2/25/2010)
CHS Girls Golf Schedule
Mar 9McClain TournForest Ridge - BA8am
Mar 11Tahlequah Tourn Cherry Springs 8:30am
Mar 23Glenpool Tourn. Cotton Creek 8:30am
Mar 30Claremore Tourn. Heritage Hills9:30am
Mar 31 Vinita Tourn.Grand Cherokee at Langley8:30am
Apr 8Pryor Tourn.Pryor Course 8:30am
Apr 9Oklulgee ClassicOkmulgee Course 9am
Apr 12Metro Conf. Tourn Mohawk-Tulsa8am
Apr 15Miami Tourn.Peoria Ridge - Miami8:30am
Apr 22 Tulsa 7 Conf. Tourn.Cotton Creek - GlenpoolTBA
Apr 27 Regional Tourn. McAlester Country ClubTBA
May 5-6State Tournament Silverhorn Golf Club - OKCTBA
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Dyer Sisters Track Signing
Ellis, Harwood & Kolosha Signings
Musto Signing & 500th Reeder Win
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Bell & Loftin To NEO Rodeo
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