Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 9, 2010
6th Grade Red -vs- Owasso Red

Indian Nations Football Conference
Collinsville Lost Double OT Thriller
6-6 After 3rd Quarter & Regulation

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2010 Collinsville
6th Grade Cheer
Jenna Altom
Tatum Andres
Bailey Bowman
Shelby Brown
Avery Carey
Ivy Carey
Abigail Glenn
Dayton Kirkpatrick
Kourtnee Ledbetter
Ariel Robbins-Metzger
Heaven Scott
Emily Tate
Summer Taylor
Sydney Vogel
Katlynn Wheeler
Gail Young
Coaches: Lisa Glenn & Lori Andres
2010 Collinsville
6th Grade Red
2 Seth Boomer
3 Nate Keim
4 Timothy Aman
8 Casey Base
9 Chase Lorg
11 Cale Crutchfield
12 Chandler Cole
15 Colton Vickers
20 Trevor Johnson
21 Brannon Jordan
22 Blake Burd
23 Ross Rigdon
24 Nick Sunday
42 Colton Cates
50 Joey Krupinski
56 Jackson Wilson
87 Bryce Coons
88 Tyler Choate
Coaches: Chris Himebaugh, Brian Burd, Andy Jordan, Danny Sunday 2010 Fall - 2011 Spring Sports Sponsor (Al))
Owasso's only regulation points came on this 46 yard pass play early in the 3rd quarter.
Collinsville appeared to take an early lead with with 50 yard run by Blake Burd (#22) with 1:46 left in the first quarter but it was brought back on a holding call.
Collinsville's only points for the game came on this 14 yard run by Cale Crutchfield (#11) on Collinsville's first possession after Owasso's score. The drive started with Bryce Coons covering the Owasso kickoff at Owasso's 46. A Seth Boomer pass to Brannon Jordan reached the 25, followed by a Blake Burd run to the 14. The score was 6-6 at 5:46 in the 3rd quarter after both team's conversion attempts failed.
The only other points in the game came in the 2nd overtime with Owasso just reaching the endzone on their final down (above). They kicked a 2-point conversion and had a 6-14 lead which Collinsville couldn't match in their final overtime attempt.

Brannon Jordan (#21) intercepted this Owasso pass to end the scoreless first half.
Seth Boomer (#2) completed this pass from mid-field to Brannon Jordan to the 25 yard line in the Collinsville 3rd quarter scoring drive.
Brannon Jordan (#21) intercepted another Owasso pass and returned it to Owasso's 39 yard line near the end of the 3rd quarter.
I don't recall if Brannon Jordan (#21) was on offense or defense in this play during the first overtime .... but a hand in the face (not called) likely contributed to the pass being incomplete. -- Ted
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