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Archived March 2014 School News
Collinsville (& State) Educators Serve Notice At The State Capitol
March 31, 2014

More Funding & Few Testing Mandates Needed For Public Education
JV Baseball -vs- Claremore
March 29, 2014

Here Saturday At End Of Festival
Band's Winterguard Previewed State Performance
March 28, 2014

JV 4th & CHS 3rd At State The Next Day
FFA Banquet
March 28, 2014

2013-14 Awards and 2014-15 Officers Announced
Busy "Farm Day" At ECC
March 28, 2014

FFA Animals + Veggie Character + Reading Farmer
Dirt Moving For New Upper Elementary
Steltzlen & Harding Are All-State Wrestlers
March 28, 2014

Weston Harding To Coach Large East All-State
Few Attended Bike-Walk Plan Meet / Baseball No-Hitter / CHS Tennis
March 28, 2014

Academic Team Thanks Merchants ... Needs More
Chorus Spring Events / Baseball Events / Winterguard Here Friday
March 27, 2014

State Senate Land Run Painting / 8th Grade Prep For HS
College Prep Cherokee Application / Pancake & Sausage Breakfast / CHS Blood Drive
March 25, 2014

Rogers County Voter Renewals / JrHi Wagoner Track Results
JV Soccer Split With East Central
March 24, 2014

Girls Won - Boys Lost
CHS Baseball -vs- Byng & Noah
March 21, 2014

Here Friday During Spring Break
Metro Lakes Basketball Conference Honors
March 21, 2014

Mallory Vaughn Selected As Player Of The Year
Misc. News: Wilson Elementary "Self-Discipline"
March 20, 2014

Police Chief To HRC / Patchworkers Civil War Lesson
CHS Boys Soccer -vs- Cascia Hall
March 13, 2014

Game Played Here Thursday
Steltzlen-Findley Wrestle In PA. / Baseball / CHS Track At Glenpool
March 17, 2014

Longer School Days / Pink Soccer
CHS Girls Soccer -vs- Cascia Hall
March 13, 2014

Here Thursday
CHS Boys Soccer -vs- Oologah
March 11, 2014

Collinsville Won 1st Home Game Tuesday
CHS Girls Soccer -vs- Oologah
March 11, 2014

1st Home Game Tuesday
7th & 8th Bands Superior At OSSAA / Pitching Clinic Wed. March 19th
March 15, 2014

Brinkley Half Century / FFA Thank You's / Lost Dogs / Arubah Immunizations Rescheduled
City Commission Meets March 17th Along With Economic Development Authority
March 14, 2014

City Economic Development Authority To Assist School With Financing Arrangement For New Upper Elementary & HS Improvements
CHS Track Pie Auction
March 11, 2014

Raised Funds For Track Activities
CHS Girls Basketball Season Ends With Loss To Carl Albert
March 13, 2014

In Top 8 Teams at 2014 State Tournament
CHS Golf - McLain / CHS Baseball - Skiatook
March 13, 2014

Cherokee Dentures & Hearing Aids / Community Garden
Grass Fire Threatened Homes / ECC Early Enrollment Set
March 12, 2014

County Jail Vote / CHS Boys Golf / Hydrant Replacement March 18th
Parent-Led Legislative Action Committee Formed Here
March 11, 2014

To Improve Kid's Education In Oklahoma
State Basketball -- 2pm March 13 at Sapulpa March 31, 2014 is now a non-attendance day (to support the education funding rally at the state capitol) -- 3/10
Sarah Shiever and Bailey Eberle Sign For Volleyball
March 10, 2014

At Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Misc. News: CHS Winter Guard 2nd At Regionals
March 10, 2014

Library Teen Tech Month / Brinkley Senate Report
CHS Basketball Ladies Headed To State Tournament
March 8, 2014

With Area Win Over Skiatook Saturday
School Superintendent Transition
March 7, 2014

Non-Attendance Mar. 31 (OKC Rally)
CHS Basketball Ladies Delayed By Deer Creek
March 6, 2014

Loss At Area Tournament Leaves Just One More Chance
CHS Baseball Win At Drillers Showcase
March 6, 2014

Defeated Edison 3-1 at OneOK Field In Tulsa
Chamber of Commerce Heard Report From City Manager
March 6, 2014

Pam Polk In 9th Year As City Manager
Jenifer Dyer Accepted Into OSU Veterinary Program
March 6, 2014

Wilson Elementary "Dependability" Students
ECC Character Kids
March 5, 2014

School Snow Removal Crew Thank You
Pro-Education Group / JV Baseball Win At Owasso
March 3, 2014

State Income Tax / Basketball Support / Sam Smith Honor
Dependable 1st & 2nd Graders
March 3, 2014

Snow Day Tally / CHS Boys Basketball Ends
No School Tuesday March 4, 2014 -- Weather/Roads
No School Monday March 3, 2014 -- Weather/Roads
CHS Wrestlers' State Title Completes 4 Year Sweep Of 5A
March 1, 2014

Also Crown 3 Individual State Champs
CHS Lady Cards Are Basketball Regional Champs
March 1, 2014

Beat McAlester 66-30 Here Saturday
(Will Play Deer Creek At Owasso Thursday)
School Days 15 Minutes Longer Thru May 2nd
3 new attendance days have been added to the school calendar due to recent bad weather days used:
Monday Feb. 17th
(President's Day),
Friday March 14th
(moves teacher's professional day after Memorial Day), and
Friday May 23rd
(1 day later than original student last day May 22nd)
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