Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 11, 2014
CHS Boys Soccer -vs- Oologah
1st Home Game
Tied 1-1 At End Of Regulation
Collinsville Boys Won Tie Breaker
Collinsville goalie J.B. Hamm came far enough out of goal to take this free kick to set up the Cards' only regulation goal which was scored by Tyler Rairdon at 35:56 in the second half. Oologah had scored their regulation goal in the first half.
Tyler Rairdon (#33)
Salazar, Cleveland, Spencer & Matt Khalil (#11)
Ryan Heiden (#25), Salazar, Dilling, & Cleveland
J.B. Hamm was not able to stop this Oologah PK (which matched the make by McColley) ... but JB followed with a kick of his own past his opposing oologah goalie.
Matt Khalil (#11) kicked the winning penalty kick as Oologah missed on their turn.

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2014 Collinsville HS
Varsity Soccer Boys
Number Player Year
0 Jordan Cate SR
1/K J.B. Hamm SR
2 Jhi Flores JR
3 Bryson Pahukoa SO
4 Sergio Perez SO
7 Zach Bunch SR
8 Tony Xiong JR
9 Nick Salazar SR
10 Matt Hicks SR
11 Matt Khalil SR
12 Tyler Cleveland SR
13 Ryan Dilling JR
15 Richard Moua SR
16 Paul Lor JR
17 David Muoa JR
19 Justin Spencer JR
20 Chase McColley SO
21 Xavier Zelis JR
24 Ryan Heiden SR
26 Jon Ray SO
27 Cesar Leandro SO
28 Blade Nelson JR
30 Lai Lo SR
33 Tyler Rairdon SO
Boys Head Coach -- Marcus Martinez
Assistant Coach -- Justin Schubert
Manager/Trainer -- Zach Hubbard, Meghan Royall, Jake Shaw
. . .
Rylan Dilling (#13)
Tyler Cleveland (#12)
Blade Nelson (#28) & Chase McColley (#20)
Nick Salazar (#9)
Justin Spencer (#19)
Chase McCollety (#20) made the first penalty kick during the tie-breaker but Oologah matched with a goal.
The Collinsville boys celebrated their win over Oologah after 5 exchanges of penalty kicks finally gave the Cardinals the advantage at 4-3. Regulation time had ended at 1-1.