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The purpose of Collinsville Public Schools is to equip each graduating student to become successful adults after completion of high school - be that in the area of vocational, technical, or collegiate training, and to make years spent at Collinsville Schools a most rewarding experience. We invite you to visit our district, talk with principals and counselors, and find out how academic excellence and small town attitudes make this district number one in the area. -- Terry Due (Superintendent)

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More events on either the cvilleok event calendar or traditional school event calendar. -- Ted
Misc. News: William Reynolds Tennis Improvement
July 31, 2012
Drought Status Change / Youth Soccer Contact Info
3-Day Speed Camp Was First
July 24-26-27, 2012
Techniques To Increase Speed For Any Sport
Elementary Cheer Camp
July 23-26, 2012
4 Evenings of Instruction By Varsity Cheer
S-Curve / Wider Main St. Project Nearing Completion
July 26, 2012
But Sidewalks Come Up Short (Editorial)
Middle School Schedule Pick up -- August 8th, 2012 (in Cafeteria)
6th grade 9-10am
7th grade 10-11am
8th grade 11-12am
-- Kelly Hamlin (7/24/2012)
All incoming 7th graders must have proof of Tdap immunization in order to pick up their schedule. They will not be allowed to pick up their schedule without proof of immunization. -- Thank you. Amy Nugent, RN. -- Collinsville Public Schools -- (7/30/2012)
Elementary Football Camp Photos
July 16-17 & 19-20, 2012
Skills & Pad Camps
Summer Band Schedule / Paige DeLozier RSU Golf / Wrestler's Rings
July 26, 2012
Chester & DeLozier Softball In Nebraska / Tax Free
Under-Swing Material To Stay In Place / Veterans Issues
July 23, 2012
Band Boosters Hope To Cool Band Necks
Isaac Dyer Signing / Texas Drum Corps Practice Here
July 20, 2012
HHH Golf / Alumni Volleyball / Depot Memories / JrHi Football Report
Judy Howard Quilts & Book / Child-Only Insurance Enrollment
July 19 2012
Patchworkers Meet / School Supply Fund Drive
Logan Robertson Eagle Scout Ceremony / Baptist Supply Kindergarten
July 18, 2012
Library (Smithsonian) Events July 22 & 28
Sports Medicine Bootcamp July 24-25
July 16, 2012
Crown Re-Opened / Library Events / Chamber Director / City Appreciation
ECC Parents-
The Collinsville First Baptist Church Women's Ministry will be buying school supplies for the entire Kindergarten class!! The only item parents will still need to purchase is a BACKPACK. The school supplies will be distributed to the Kindergarten teachers before the start of school.

This is such a generous gift to the ECC and our community. Thank you First Baptist Church for choosing our school to bless!! We are so THANKFUL!!

-- Ashley Boomer (ECC Principal) 7/16/2012
July 9th School Board
July 6, 2012
Resignations / Hires / Bids / HS & MS Bell Schedule Changes
Collinsville 6th Graders Had Virtual Tour Of Florida Air Force Facility
July 5, 2012
Skyped Into Operations Center From CMS
Independence Day Celebration
July 3, 2012
Family Fun & Fireworks At City Park
Cherokee Clothing Vouchers / CHS 62-63 Reunion / Move To Oregon
July 3, 2012
All Thumbs Knitters / Humming Bird Photo
New 3-Day Speed Camp Scheduled
July 1, 2012
Photos For Cattle Grading Contest / Highway Patrol DUI Emphasis
2012-13 School Calendar (text) approved by 3/5/2012 School Board (& graphic calendar)
School Is Out For Summer!! -- -- Have a Safe & Wonderful Summer!
3-Day July 2012 COLLINSVILLE
Registration Form
First day of classes is August 16, 2012
Future School Administration Offices
Immunization Guidelines
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See July 9th School Board Meet Results for more Middle School & High School Bell schedule changes
Herald Elementary School Supply List for 2012-2013 -- 7/18/2012
Collinsville High School 2012-2013
Schedule Pick Up Dates
August 8th: Seniors – 9:00am – 11:00am

August 8th: Juniors – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

August 9th: Sophomores – 9:00am – 11:00am

August 9th: Freshmen – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

2012-2013 Wilson Elementary Supply List
Collinsville Middle School "BASIC" Supply list
Many parents would like to take advantage of the tax free weekend so we have put together a basic middle school supply list. Remember after your child meets with his/her teachers there may be additional items needed for specific classes.

The basics
No. 2 pencils

Mechanical pencils

Pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)

Ballpoint pens (Get a few red ink ones too, because some teachers have students do peer editing.)

Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

Loose-leaf notebook paper

Organizational helpers
Several three-ring binders (Some teachers require that a binder be used exclusively for their class.)

Binder dividers (The kinds with pockets are good for loose papers.)

Pocket folders that fit in binder

A calendar for scheduling assignments

Two combination locks (One for the hallway and one for the gym if your child is in 7th/8th athletics.)

-- Kelly Hamlin (7/22/2012)

Archived July 2012