Collinsville, Oklahoma
March 3, 2014
Miscellaneous News
CHS Boys Basketball Season Has Ended /
Snow & Snow Day Tally /
Wilson Character Kids

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"Dependable" First & Second Graders

Wilson students are continuing to learn about and be "dependable" in the classroom and hopefully at home, too! First and second grade classes have chosen the students who represent them in being dependable for the week:

First Grade Dependable Students (2-21-14) --
(Back row) Cheyenne Warnock, Brindy Tijerin, Kaylee Arnold, and Mackenzie Wolfe
(Front row) Corey Davis, Drew Finney, Liam Sloma, Talan Bolt, Alex Escobedo, and Cameron Baker
Second Grade Dependable Students (2-21-14) --
Greta Robinson, Eressea Cooper, Alex Scott, Kaylee Wagner, Jack Bastida, Ethan Stealer, Lukas Jarvis, and Hayden Bennett
-- Lee Ann Due (2/28/2014)
CHS Boys Basketball Season
Ended Friday Feb. 28th
Tough final season loss in Del City in a VERY defensive game. Final score Cards 24 Coweta 32. So proud of these Cardinals! Thanks to our Seniors Kanyen Cole & Jade Brewer for a great season!! It's GOOD to be a Cardinal!! -- Collinsville Cardinal Three Point Club (Facebook 2/28/2014)
Collinsville Snow
Collinsville schools were closed Monday March 3, 2014 and will also be closed Tuesday March 4th following about 3 inches of snow overnight Sunday and early Monday morning. A bright sunny day Monday and city/state crews had Main Street cleared but most of the side streets (& sidewalks) will take longer to clear. Please drive carefully. This snow covered a lesser snow/sleet mix that started late Saturday evening.
Collinsville Schools have needed the following 9 unscheduled "snow" days so far this school year:
Friday Dec. 6, 2013
Monday Dec. 9, 2013
Tuesday Dec. 10, 2013
Monday Jan. 6, 2014
Tuesday Jan. 7, 2014
Monday Feb. 3, 2014
Tuesday Feb. 4, 2014
Monday Mar. 3, 2014
Tuesday Mar. 4, 2014
The following days were recently added (in February) as academic attendance days (after the first 7 missed days):
Monday Feb. 17th (President's Day),
Friday March 14th
(moves teacher's professional day after Memorial Day), and
Friday May 23rd
(1 day later than original student last day May 22nd)