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March 2004 -- 4th Graders & Scouts Tour Newspaper Museum
To schedule a tour of the Newspaper Museum In Collinsville for your class (or any other organization or individual) contact Ted Wright There is no charge. It is not a fancy place, but a unique and authentic slice of Collinsville history. I receive no outside funding, thus there is no air conditioning and minimal heating, so schedule accordingly. "The Collinsville News" (which my family owned for it's first 88 years) was printed in the museum building (at 1110 W. Main in Historic Downtown Collinsville) before my Dad sold the business in 1987. I am now a business competitor of the current newspaper with this (cvilleok) web site.
The web site strives to provide up-to-date daily news coverage of all things in and about Collinsville. This is a one-person business that relies on teachers, parents and students to email with information and photos of academics, fun, sports, fundraisers, or anything else interesting to share with the community.
Frequently Asked Questions

I have an extensive archive of photos and news stories relating to many subjects from Collinsville past (& present). I can bring a slide show to your classroom. Email for potential subjects. There is no fee (unless extensive research required for a requested topic).

Sample slide show subjects:
* Downtown
* Statehood
* Schools
* Sports
* Bands
* Newspapers
* Collinsville History
* Brick Plant
* Hospital
* City Hall
* City Park
* Indian Heritage
* Oil, Gas, Coal
* Smelters

I have newspaper files back to 1902 but rarely have time for new research, but let me know if you have a topic of interest. -- Ted
I still have many extra original 1980's newspapers that I could donate for classroom use. -- Ted Wright
<-- August 2013 update: interesting to see that a few of these (then JrHi) kids have recently graduated and most others will graduate in 2014. -- Ted
August 2013 Update:
I now also update the school web site and teacher pages:

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Office at ESC: 1902 W. Maple

August 2016 Update: Larry Meece now does the school site.
I update cvilleok + the school Twitter & Instagram. -- Ted