Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 26-27, 2016
CHS Wrestlers Win 6th 5A State Title
Cardinals Needed Every Point From Every Wrestlers For Saturday Comeback
Individual State Championship wins by Justin Walker and Eli Tanner were enough to put Collinsville over the top with 127 points and their 6th straight 5A State Wrestling Team Championship. Sat. Feb 27, 2016
-- Coweta was 2nd (122.5), Lawton Mac 3rd (113), Altus 4th --
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56 team points behind - nothing but a thang for these Cardinal wrestlers! Started the day in 5th place ended the night as you 6x State Champions!!! CARDINAL -- Danielle Robbins 2/27/2016
Saturday Afternoon 5A Wrestling Update from Jim Riley: Cards back on top of 5A wrestling after scoring 58 points in consolations. Connnor Henson and Ryce Haymaker placed 4th. Xavear Cullors, Gunner Hamm, Nate Keim, Tony Connor and Roc Robbins finished 3rd. The Cards are in first place at 119 points and Coweta is in second with 104.5. Justin Walker and Elijah Tanner are in the finals at 145 and 152. -- 5pm Sat.
Well Roc (Robbins) ended his Cardinal career with a pin! He took 3rd at state after losing in OT in the semis. SUPER PROUD of this kid and while my blood pressure may not miss Cardinal wrestling my heart will forever be a part. Forever a CARDINAL -- Danielle Robbins Sat. 3pm 2/27/2016 Lack of Facebook chatter indicates less than hoped for success at state wrestling Friday. I did confirm only 2 wrestlers made the finals tonight. More later. -- Ted 3pm Sat Cardinals wrestlers advance 8 to the semis and 3 to consolation side. Action starts back at 5 (semis at 7) -- Danielle Robbins -- Friday 2/26/2016
The 2016 CHS Wrestling Senior Group and Norman Van Sickle (center, who provided the photo) celebrate the State Wrestling Championship Saturday at the OKC Fairgrounds. L-R: Pete Flippo, Justin Walker, Paige Thomason, Tiffany Trimble, Chelsea Barton, Payton Benham, Norm Van Sickle, Ellen Pfeffer, Courtney Tairent, Mallory Burd, Roc Robbins, and Josh Arnold.
Connor Henson (106) 4th
Xavaer Cullors (113) 3rd
Gunner Hamm (120) 3rd
Nate Keim (132) 3rd
Ryce Haymaker (138) 4th
Justin Walker (145) 1st
Elijah Tanner (152) 1st
Tony Connor (160) 3rd
Josh Arnold (170)
Connor Henson (106) & Trace Dougherty (182)
Roc Robbins (195) 3rd
Supt. Lance West, Coach Wes Harding, & A.D. Jim Riley
Justin Walker 1-0 win in the finals for State Championship
Elijah Tanner 2-1 win in finals for State Championship
Justin Walker -vs- Lamar Neff (Chickasha) in the 145 State Finals
Individual State Champs: Eli Tanner & Justin Walker
Elijah Tanner -vs- Gavin Millhouse (Del City) in the 152 State Finals -- Photo By Norman Van Sickle
Athletic Director Jim Riley's Summary on February 29, 2016 - After a dismal semi final round that saw the Cardinals win only 2 of 8 matches and finish the day in 5th place with just 56 points. The Cards stormed back on Sat and won 14 of 17 matches, scored 71 points, (2 Champions, 5 3rd place finishers and 2 4th place finishers, 9 total medals to win their 6th consecutive Class 5A Team State Championship. When Justin Walker won gold at 145 lbs and Elijah Tanner won his second crown at 152 lbs, no one could catch Collinsville and the boys were back in a familier spot. At the top of the awards stand accepting the Gold trophy. This win might be a testiment to the strength of the Collinsville Wrestling Program. Congratulation Coach Harding and the Boys.
5A state wrestle live stream link 2/27/2016 Fox Sports

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2016 OSSAA 5A State Tournament Bracket
Weight Collinsville Record Opponent - First State Match Fri. Feb. 26, 2016 Last Year
106 FR Connor Henson
Chickasha's Montana Moon (34-3)
113 So Xavear Cullors
Piedmont's Logan Chappell (34-9)
120 JR Gunner Hamm
Piedmont's Mitchell Lance (28-9)
126 -open-
132 JR Nate Keim
Altus' Jamie Craig (34-13)
1st @126
138 JR Ryce Haymaker
Lawton Mac's Hunter Jump (28-5)
145 SR Justin Walker
Piedmont's Alex Cardenas (30-13)
2nd @132
152 JR Elijah Tanner
Piedmont's Wyatt Lewis (26-14)
1st @145
160 So Tony Connor
Del City's Taylor Wright (3-2)
170 SR Josh Arnold
Altus' Shannon Ybarra (32-7)
4th @170
182 FR Trace Dougherty
Shawnee's Caleb McClaurin (19-2)
195 SR Roc Robbins
Noble's Trevor Long (33-6)
2nd @195
220 -open-
285 -open-

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NewsOK Results -- Class 5A At State Fair Arena

1. Collinsville 127.0; 2. Coweta 122.5; 3. Lawton MacArthur 113.0; 4. Altus 96.5; 5. Del City 65.0; 6. Chickasha 44.0; 7. Noble 43.0; 8. Shawnee 29.0; 9. Piedmont 27.0; 10. Tulsa Edison 21.0; 11. Skiatook 20; 12. Pryor 19; 13. Carl Albert 17; 14. (tie) Tulsa Kelley, McAlester 16; 16. Western Heights 14; 17. Durant 11; 18. Glenpool 10; 19. (tie) Duncan, Tahlequah 6; 21. McGuinness 3; 22. (tie) Claremore, Tulsa Memorial 2; 24. (tie) Guthrie, Woodward 0


106: Wyatt Adams, LM, dec. Montana Moon, Chickasha, 6-5
113: Bennett Moudy, Coweta, dec. Magdaleno Gomez, Altus, 7-3
120: Dillon Prutch, Coweta, dec. Hunter Smith, McAlester, 5-4
126: Montorie Bridges, Altus, maj. dec. Tre Wright, Del City, 15-4
132: Dillan Rowland, LM, dec. Dakota Resendez, Chickasha, 2-1
138: Ray Merriman, Del City, dec. Hunter Jump, LM, 10-9
145: Justin Walker, Collinsville, dec. Lamar Neff, Chickasha, 1-0
152: Elijah Tanner, Collinsville, dec. Gavin Millhouse, Del City, 2-1
160: Nick Mahan, LM, dec. Kalin Winkler, Noble, 10-3
170: Jerome Townsell, Edison, dec. Donovan Washington, LM, 6-1
182: Bear Hughes, Coweta, pinned Matt Lamb, Del City, 0;22
195: Beau Wooden, Skiatook, dec. Matt Smith, T. Kelley, 4-3
220: Taven Birdow, Altus, dec. Twain Sauvageau, Noble, 8-1
Hwt: Griffin Qualls, Coweta, def. Creed Humphrey, Shawnee, 2-1 (tb-1)

106: Corbyn Edwards, Coweta, def. Connor Henson, Collinsville, 6-4 (sv-1)
113: Xavear Cullors, Collinsville, dec. Logan Chappell, Piedmont, 7-6
120: Gunner Hamm, Collinsville, dec. Garrett Wild, Glenpool, 9-5
126: Dylan Wright, Pryor, dec. Reece Witcraft, Coweta, 9-7
132: Nate Keim, Collinsville, maj. dec. Fletcher Edwards, Coweta, 9-1
138: DJ Hendrickson, Piedmont, maj. dec. Ryce Haymaker, Collinsville, 9-1
145: Dakota Phillips, LM, dec. Garrett Chappell, CA, 3-2
152: John Woods, Durant, dec. Micheal Abuan, Altus, 10-8
160: Tony Connor, Collinsville, pinned Talon Borror, Coweta, 1:49
170: RT Sherman, CA, dec. Shannon Ybarra, Altus, 5-1
182: Caleb McClaurin, Shawnee, dec. Kamron Canchala, Altus, 3-2
195: Roc Robbins, Collinsville, pinned Trevor Long, Noble, 1:03
220: Cesar Castanon, WH, dec. Stevon Crogan, Pryor, 7-2
Hwt: Keegan Pride, Altus, dec. Montana Phillips, LM, 1-0

106: Corbyn Edwards, Coweta, dec. Aria Mazroy, Piedmont, 12-5; Connor Henson, Collinsville, dec. Von Gray, Pryor, 13-8
113: Xavear Cullors, Collinsville, dec. Ty Nohelty, McAlester, 9-5; Logan Chappell, Piedmont, dec. Logan Shelton, CA, 2-1
120: Garrett Wild, Glenpool, dec. Mitchell Lance, Piedmont, 6-4; Gunner Hamm, Collinsville, pinned Omar Pollard, Altus, 3:24
126: Reece Witcraft, Coweta, dec. Gage Hight, Glenpool, 11-4; Dylan Wright, Pryor, dec. Quinten Grass, Shawnee, 9-7
132: Nate Keim, Collinsville, pinned Kade Sparks, Piedmont, 0:59; Fletcher Edwards, Coweta, tech. fall Tate Medlin, Tahlequah, 2:28, 17-0
138: Ryce Haymaker, Collinsville, pinned Adrian Macias, WH, 4:22; DJ Hendrickson, Piedmont, pinned Bryan Ford, Coweta, 5:55
145: Garrett Chappell, CA, dec. Caleb Fenley, T. Memorial, 3-0; Dakota Phillips, LM, dec. Zach Straughn, McGuinness, 7-2
152: Micheal Abuan, Altus, dec. Teddrick Thomas, LM, 1-0; John Woods, Durant, maj. dec. Wyatt Lewis, Piedmont, 12-0
160: Talon Borror, Coweta, dec. Austin Short, Claremore, 7-5; Tony Connor, Collinsville, pinned Michael Brown, Piedmont, 2:46
170: RT Sherman, CA, dec. Josh Arnold, Collinsville, 8-1; Shannon Ybarra, Altus, dec. Danny Arebalo, Noble, 10-7
182: Caleb McClaurin, Shawnee, dec. Hunter Kelly, Duncan, 12-5; Kamron Canchala, Altus, pinned Chase Kellogg, Noble, 3:49
195: Trevor Long, Noble, dec. Austin Baldwin, Altus, 4-3; Roc Robbins, Collinsville, dec. Kole Rollins, McAlester, 5-0
220: Stevon Crogan, Pryor, dec. Dustin Hicks, Tahlequah, 7-2; Cesar Castanon, WH, dec. Jimmy Mejia, Duncan, 3-2
Hwt: Keegan Pride, Altus, dec. Jon Gomez, Duncan, 2-0; Montana Phillips, LM, pinned Nate Connelly, McGuinness, 3:29

106: Wyatt Adams, LM, dec. Von Gray, Pryor, 15-8; Montana Moon, Chickasha, dec. Corbyn Edwards, Coweta, 7-5
113: Magdaleno Gomez, Altus, dec. Logan Shelton, Carl Albert, 4-0; Bennett Moudy, Coweta, dec. Xavear Cullors, Collinsville, 9-4
120: Hunter Smith, McAlester, dec. Gunner Hamm, Collinsville, 3-0; Dillon Prutch, Coweta, dec. Garrett Wild, Glenpool, 7-4
126: Montorie Bridges, Altus, pinned Quinten Grass, Shawnee, 1:07; Tre Wright, Del City, tech. fall Reece Witcraft, Coweta, 5:36, 18-3
132: Dakota Resendez, Chickasha, dec. Fletcher Edwards, Coweta, 6-1; Dillan Rowland, LM, def. Nate Keim, Collinsville, 3-1 (UTB)
138: Hunter Jump, LM, dec. DJ Hendrickson, Piedmont, 3-2; Ray Merriman, Del City, dec. Adrian Macias, WH, 11-4
145: lamar Neff, Chickasha, dec. Dakota Phillips, LM, 9-2; Justin Walker, Collinsville, dec. Caleb Fenley, T. Memorial, 2-1
152: Gavin Millhouse, Del City, dec. John Woods, Durant, 6-3; Elijah Tanner, Collinsville, dec. Micheal Abuan, Altus, 5-3
160: Nick Mahan, LM, dec. Tony Connor, Collinsville, 4-1; Kalin Winkler, Noble, pinned Austin Short, Claremore, 4:34
170: Donovan Washington, LM, maj. dec. Danny Arebalo, Noble, 15-6; Jerome Townsell, Edison, maj. dec. Josh Arnold, Collinsville, 17-3
182: Matt Lamb, Del City, dec. Kamron Canchala, Altus, 14-7; Bear Hughes, Coweta, pinned Caleb McClaurin, Shawnee, 3:43
195: Beau Wooden, Skiatook, def. Roc Robbins, Collinsville, 6-4 (sv-1); Matt Smith, T. Kelley, dec. Austin Baldwin, Altus, 3-1
220: Taven Birdow, Altus, pinned Cesar Castanon, WH, 1:20; Twain Sauvageau, Noble, pinned Stevon Crogan, Pryor, 3:35
Hwt: Creed Humphrey, Shawnee, dec. Montana Phillips, LM, 2-1; Griffin Qualls, Coweta, dec. Keegan Pride, Altus, 3-2

Most Photos On This Page Were Provided By Norman Van Sickle