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August 13, 2016 (Online Aug. 18th)
CHS Football Team Photos
Collinsville High School
2016 Cardinal Football
High Expectations After First Visit To State Finals In 2015
2016 Collinsville Football Cardinals -- (L-R) Front Row: Gracie Oxford, Dylan Dobbs, Andrew Pickell (28), Tyler Knauss (5), Dylan Russell (3), Jordan Pickell (27), Brett Erickson (11), Seth Weiser (6), Trent Brown(43), Jackson Wilson (61), Dalton Burton (98), Talon Coulter (7), Gunther Vonschriltz (31), Logan Sieminskie (20), Scott Sutterfield (30), Allen Tyler, Jeslyn Crowder and Delaney Cottingim.
-- 2nd Row:
Molly Sills, Bayloy Haynie (35), Logan Johnson (62), Hayden West (33), Kenlee Hall (42), Hayden Knight (52), Coach Jon Benham, Coach Sean Tesar, Coach Damon Herald, Head Coach KevinJones, Coach Ben Davis, Coach Adam Hass, Coach Tyler Chronister, Cody Coughran (63), Carter Lowe (25), Holt Ganzel (32), Zach Coday (26), Tanner Erickson (50), and Cassidy Ishmael.
-- Row 3:
Caden Weathers (74), Nic Goldsmith (40), Josh Wise (38), Walker Roberts (23), Vince Gregory (21), Marcus Reeder (88), Adam Carney (55), Bradley Smith (73), Tres Sexton (80), Jonathan Martin (44), Karson Cole (60), Malcom Tillman (24), Cooper Gorrell (86), Jacob Bigit (34), Anthony Cochrane (1), and Carson Stout (2).
-- Top Row:
Nathan Schaffner (58), Grayson Boomer (18), Chase Lorg (9), Nate Sinni (16), Tate Robards (8), Dillon Spenser (4), Tyler Ramirez (13), Levi Draper (10), Tre Robinson (75), Eli Emmitt (54), Jacob Harrison (51), Seth Boomer (12), Cameron Camp (68), Adam Carney (55), Blake Ford (85), Colin Dooling (82), and Joey Krupinski (70).
2016 Football / Cheer Seniors -- (L-R) Front Row: Allen Tyler, Shelby Braley, Cadyn Haddock, Brett Erickson, Sydney Vogel, Rhianna Hawkins, and Jeslyn Crowder. -- Middle Row: Dalton Price (98), Anthony Cochrane (1), Chase Lorg (9), Dillon Spenser (4), Joey Krupinski (70), Marcus Reeder (88), Jackson Wilson (61), and Dylan Russell (3). -- Top Row: Bradley Smith (73), Seth Boomer (12), Jacob Harrison (51), Nathan Schaffner (58), Eli Emmitt (54), Levi Draper (10), and Tyler Ramirez (13).
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I have hundreds of photos to sort thru and gather names for ... CHS football, cheer, softball, volleyball and cross country ... it will take several days. -- Ted Wright 8/17/2016 -- add band tomorrow
Weather was awesome for football/cheer media day ... check back for more photos in a few days for varsity. (9th, 8th, 7th will take much longer as I don't have rosters yet). There are 2 photos on Twitter already -- Ted 12:15pm Saturday August 13th -- Ted
Norm Van Sickle's Media Day Photo Facebook Sampler 8/13/2016
(& More On His Website)
Media Day Change The team / individual photos for CHS Cheer and Football have moved a week earlier (from August 20th) to Saturday August 13th. It is likely that Lifetouch will not be there due to a schedule conflict. Ted Wright and Norm Van Sickle would be happy to take indivdual photos for everyone. -- Ted 8/3/2016
Varsity Cheer & Football & JrHi Football -- Saturday Aug. 13th Media Day -- Rain or Shine -- check with your coach ... if weather is bad we will move to CHS practice gym instead of football field -- Ted 8/12/2016

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2016 CHS Varsity Football
# Name Class Position
1 Anthony Cochrane SR RB/OLB
2 Carson Stout JR QB/DB
3 Dylan Russell SR WR/OLB
4 Dillon Spenser SR TN/OLB
5 Tyler Knauss SO WR/DB
6 Seth Weiser SO RB/DB/K
7 Talon Coulter SO WR/DB
8 Tate Robards SO QB/OLB
9 Chase Lorg SR TE/ILB
10 Levi Draper SR TE/ILB
11 Brett Erickson SR WR/DB
12 Seth Boomer SR QB/DB
13 Tyler Ramirez SR TE/OLB
14 Trey Eberle SO H/OLB
16 Nate Sinni JR QB/DE
18 Grayson Boomer SO TE/DE
20 Logan Sieminskie JR RB/OLB
21 Vince Gregory SO WR/DB
23 Walker Roberts SO WR/DB
24 Malcom Tillman SO RB/DB
25 Carter Lowe SO RB.OLB
26 Zach Coday SO WR/DB
27 Jordan Pickell SO RB/DB
28 Andrew Pickell SO WR/DB
30 Scott Sutterfield SO WR/DB
31 Gunther Vonschriltz JR WR/DB
32 Holt Ganzel JR FB/ILB
33 Hayden West JR WR/DB
34 Jacob Bigit SO WR/DB
35 Baylor Haynie SO WR/DB
38 Josh Wise SO WR/DB
40 Nic Goldsmith SO TE/DE
42 Kenlee Hall SO H/ILB
43 Trent Brown SO FB/ILB
44 Jonathan Martin SO FB/OLB
50 Tanner Erickson SO OL/NG
51 Jacob Harrison SR OL/NG
52 Hayden Knight SO OL/OLB
54 Eli Emmitt SR OL/NG
55 Adam Carney SO OL/DE
58 Nathan Schaffner SR OL/DE
60 Karson Cole SO OL/DE
61 Jackson Wilson SR OL/NG
62 Logan Johnson SO OL/NG
63 Cody Coughran SO OL/DE
65 Spencer Oslin JR OL/DE
68 Cameron Camp JR OL/NG
70 Joey Krupinski SR OL/DE
73 Bradley Smith SR OL/NG
74 Caden Weathers JR OL/DE
75 Tre Robinson SO OL/NG
80 Tres Sexton SO TE/DE
82 Colin Dooling JR WR/ILB
85 Blake Ford JR WR/DB
86 Cooper Gorrell SO H/OLB
88 Marcus Reeder SR WR/DB
98 Dalton Burton SR OL/NG
Jeslyn Crowder
Delaney Cottingim
Molly Sills
Gracie Oxford
Cassidy Ishmael
Allen Tyler
Dylan Dobbs
Kevin Jones Head Coach / QBs
Adam Hass Offensive Coordinator / OL
Jon Benham Defensive Coordinator / OLBs
Damon Herald ILBs
Sean Tesar WRs
Ben Davis RBs
Tyler Chronister DBs
Tom Redding JrHi Head Coach
Bobby Sparks 9th Defensive Coordinator
Jarrod Shearer JrHi Defensive Line
Film Crew: John Hall & Mike Henry
Athletic Director: Jim Riley
Assistant AD: Tony Reeder
MS Asstistant AD: Ben Davis
Superintendent: Lance West
HS Principal: Scott Kiker
HS Asst. Principal: Kurt Boomer
MS Principal: Dale Harp
HS Cheer Coach: Mitzy Vogel
HS Cheer Asst. Coach: Stacy Jackson
MS Cheer Coach: Jeannie Smalygo
Jackson Wilson chilling after Media Day (Instagram)

If you see any error, let me know ( ...miss spelled, miss-IDd, someone changes numbers later ... etc.

Otherwise I will use this page to repeat that error elsewhere for the next year. -- Ted Wright

Check back later for 9th, 8th, 7th grade on their own pages. -- Ted 8/18