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Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 19, 2006
CHS Football & Cheerleaders
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Aug. 24: Home Scrimmage
Sept. 1: First Home Game
(L-R) Front Row: Kyle Lee Smith (2), Jared Billips (4), Tyler Chronister (5), Lane Coulter (7), Anthony Courtney (9), Cody Kite (10), Kevin Phillips (11), Beau Spicer (13), Brandon McCoy (20), Alex Goosen (21), Michael Pitts (23), Dalton Salisbury (24) and Aaron Ramsey (28).
Row 2:
Kyle Rush (32), Garrett Thurman (34), Aaron Watts (35), Tyelor Dunn (37), Trey Blisset (38), Bryce Fulton (43), Tyler Nair (46), Steven Pitts (47), Josh Williams (51), Justin Hedlund (52), Rob Loftin (53) and Nick Green (55). Row 3 (Cheerleaders): Larissa Newland, Chelsea Reed, Maci Sink, Cassie Smith, Shelbi Phelps, Tristan Warren, Nicole Graham, Jordan Harding, Shanna Coulter, Jordan Shelly. Kaitlin Milford. Cassandra Moore, Jessica Dyer, Katie Cruger and Shelby Charles.
Row 4: Jared Crowder (57), Jonathan Woods (59), Tyler Tolleson (61), Jarrod Shearer (63), Marlon Craft (64), Jim McMullen (65), Trey Rogers (67), Kaleb Hamilton (70), Jeremy Young (76), Anthony Graham (77), Josh Borthick (78) and Taylor Evans (trainer).
Row 5:
Mollie Colpitt (trainer), Addie Upky (trainer), Chance Riley (80). Steven Gerber (81), David Chester (82), Andrew Mickuls (84), Dalton Rasmussen (85), David Prock (86), Thomas Isam (88), Kayla Warnock (trainer), and Bethany Aguillard (trainer).
Row 6 (Coaches):
Ronald McHenry, Jim Riley, Bob Craig (Head Coach), Bobby Sparks, Lexie Dipley (Cardinal), Neil Morton, Damon Herald, Kelly Anderson and Dale Harp.
2006-2007 Seniors
(L-R) Front Row:
Andrew Mickuls (84), Tyler Chronister (5), Tyler Nair (46), Justin Hedlund (52), and Kyle Smith (2). Back Row: Addie Upky (trainer), Jonathan Woods (59), Chance Riley (80), David Chester (82), Josh Borthick (78) and Nick Green (55).
2006 Freshman
(L-R) Front Row:
Dylan Weabe (1), Jace Crowder (2), Josh Loftin (4), Stephen Majike (6), Merin Oakley (8), Nathan Jesse (10) and Zane Powers (15). Row 2: Christian Callahan (16), Josh Staff (20), Ethan Miller (26), Jamaro Oakley (3?), Mitch Bowessa (52), Justin Caruthers (55), Eric Curren (5?) and Dillon Harwood (trainer). Back Row: Aaron Martinez (63), Phillip Kalasha (64), Michael Leland (73), R.J. Masterson (74), Larry Thompson (76), Tyler Swindell (78) and Thomas Salisbury (79).
2006 Football Cheerleaders
(L-R) Front Row:
Jordan Harding, Shanna Coulter, Jordan Shelley, Kaitlin Millford and Nicole Graham.
Middle Row: Maci Sink, Cassandra Moore. Shelbi Phelps, Cassie Smith and Tristan Warren.
Back Row: Katie Cruger, Jessica Dyer, Jenny Dyer, Lexie Dipley (Carson the Cardinal), Larissa Newland, Chelsey Reed, and Shelby Charles.

Not Shown:
Kyle Crutcher (3)

Mike McClure,
Rusty Poindexter,
Ryan Powell

Film Crew:
Mike Henry,
John Hall