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August 15, 2009 (Updated 8/20 & still in progress)
CHS Football / Cheer Team Photos
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Collinsville High School 2009 Varsity & Freshman Football Teams & Rosters
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2009 Varsity Football Cardinals --
L-R Front Row: Cheerleaders: Emily Underwood, Sara House, Haley Taylor, Elizabeth Blissit, Casey Sherburn, Tristan Warren, Chancy Coulter, Mercades Jessie, Victoria Jackson, Paige Prather, Tiarra Reed, Beth Ruddle, Chelsea Scott, Jenny Dyer, and Heather Warnock. Row 2: James Norris (34), Joe Crabb (45), Jeremy Creek (67), Brandon Schmauss (2), Daniel Billups (54), Tucker George (56), Brandon Creekmore (25), Jacob Numbers (27), Cody Landers (10), Jake Graham (20), and Tyler Marcum (18).
Row 3:
Tyler Lowe (22), Jayce Crowder (16), Tyler Burney (50), Grant Patton (48), Dylan Smith (57), Tanner Robb (35), Michael Anderson (7), Antwan Colbert (40), Shane Douglas (9), Tyler Ames (1), Joe Keith (28), Shane Goossen (21), Anthony Jackson? (43), and Isaac Dyer (23),
Row 4: Tyler Tabor (42), Josh Pennington (81), Coaches: Tom Redding, Kurt Boomer, Mike McClure, Kevin Jones, Dale Harp, Kelly Anderson, Lance West, Bobby Sparks, Damon Herald, Matt Davison, Sean Tesar, John Piney (85), Deven Hawkins (26), and Merin Oakley (30).
Row 5: Carson The Cardinal (Katie North), Will Wood (44), Taylor Woodall (12), Kyle Barnes (86), Darius Gillespie (3), Manager/Trainers: Jordan Berryman, Shelby Elmore, Laci Anderson, Brittany Coombs, Heather Hill, Nicole Coombs, Colby Phillips (52), Jamero Oakley (31), and Trevor Rabbitt (32).
Row 6: ________? (63), Jon Cade (71), Dillon Gillespie (4), Kaden Perkins (88), Peter Kolosha (89), Michael Leland (79), Blake Stites (83), Bradley Peterson (74), Andrew Thompson (80), and __________?? (?2).
Row 7 (Back Row): R.J. Masterson (73), Dylan Weabe (11), A.J. Majike (76), Phillip Kolosha (77), Zack Pritchard (75), Steven Majike (36), Patrick Moss (65), Max Kolosha (58), Justin Caruthers (55), and Jacob Smith (68).

2009 Freshman Football Cardinals: L-R Front Row: Cody Schults (16), Matt Rodgers (67), _______?? (52), Darin Turner (20), Jimmy Beeler (26), Hunter West (22), Blake Manley (86), Cameron Jutras (15), and Kevin Hrdlicka (57). Row 2 (Coaches): Boomer, Redding, McClure, Jones, Harp, Anderson, West, Sparks, Herald, Davison, and Tesar. Row 3: Brodie Fifer (55), Colby Cole (68), Seth Williams (74), Tyler Ellis (61), Jake Barton (24), Lane Carter (18), Derek Iannapollo (7), Newt Salisbury (8), David Roensch??? (70), Lane Himebaugh (63), Clint Smith (12), and Justin Obanion (52). Row 4 (Back): Kendall Curtis (11), Geoffrey Ledford (59), Geric McNeil (56), Carter Rasmussen (84), Lane Carter (18), Colt Pritchard (79), Tylar Dixon (81), Nathan Johnson (72), Jacob Sutton (53), Luke McKnight (32), and ___________? (1).

2009 Football Seniors: L-R Front Row: Jamaro Oakley (31), Merin Oakley (30). Jayce Crowder (16), John Pinney (85), Tyler Burney (50), Michael Leland (79), and Antwan Colbert (40). Back Row: R.J. Masterson (73), Dylan Weabe (11), Phillip Kolosha (77), Travis Stanczak (78), Steven Majike (36), Justin Caruthers 55), and Peter Kolosha (89).
Seniors: Tristan Warren & Jenny Dyer
2009 Varsity Cheerleaders: L-R Front Row: Elizabeth Blissit, Tristan Warren, Katie North, Jenny Dyer, and Paige Prather. Middle Row: Tiarra Reed, Heather Warnock, Beth Ruddle, Chelsea Scott, Mercades Jessie and Sara House. Back Row: Chancy Coulter, Haley Taylor, Casey Sherburn, Emily Underwood, and Victoria Jackson. 2009 Fall Sports Sponsor

2009 Varsity CHS Football
1Tyler AmesSoQB/DB
2Brandon Schmauss SoWR/DB
3Darius GillespieSoTE/DE
4Dillon GillespieSoTE/DE
7Michael Anderson SoQB/DB
9Shane DouglasJrQB/DB
10Cody LandersJrRB.LB
11Dylan Weabe SrQB/WR/DB
12Taylor WoodallJrQB/DB
16Jayce CrowderSrRB/LB
18Tyler Marcum SoRB/LB
20Jake GrahamJrRB/DB
21Shane GoossenSoWR/DB
22Tyler Lowe JrRB/DB
23Issac DyerSoRB/DB
24Justin JonesJrRB/LB
25Brandon Creekmore JrRB/LB
26Deven HawkinsJrTE/DE
27Jacob NumbersJrWR/DB
28Joe Keith JrWR/DB
30Merin OakleySrRB/DB
31Jamero OakleySrWR/DB
32Trevor Rabbitt JrWR/DB
34James NorrisSoRB/LB
35Tanner RobbJrRB/DE
36Steven Majike SrRB/LB
38Clayton BellSoRB/DB
40Antwan ColbertSrRB/DB
42Tyler Tabor JrTE/DE
44Will WoodJrWR/LB
45Joe CrabbSoWR/LB
47Anthony Jackson SoWR/DB
48Grant PattonSoRB/LB
50Tyler BurneySrOL/DE
52Colby Phillips JrOL/DL
54Daniel BillupsSoOL/DL
55Justin CaruthersSrOL/DE
56Tucker George SoOL/DL
57Dylan SmithJrOL/DL
58Max KoloshaSoOL/DE
60Aaron MartinezSrOL/DL
63Jeremy CreekSoOL/DL
65Patrick MossJrOL/DE
68Jacob Smith JrOL/DL
71Jon CadeSoOL/DL
72Bryce ToleJrOL/DL
73R.J. Masterson SrOL/DL
74Bradley PetersonSoOL/DL
75Zack PritchardJrOL/DL
76A. J. MajikeJrOL/DL
77Phillip KoloshaSrOL/DL
78Travis StanczakSrOL/DL
79Michael Leland SrOL/DL
80Andrew ThompsonJrTE/LB
81Josh PenningtonJrWR/DB
82Blake Stites SoWR/DE
85John PinneySrWR/DB
86Kyle BarnesSoTE/DE
88Caden Perkins SoTE/DE
89Peter KoloshaSrWR/K
CHS Football Coaches:
 Lance West Head Coach
 Kurt Boomer Offensive Coordinator
 Kevin Jones Defensive Coordinator
 Kelly Anderson Special Teams Coord.
 Mike McClure QBs
 Dale Harp DBs
 Bobby Sparks RBs
 Damon Herald DEs
 Sean Tesar WRs
 Tom Redding JrHi Head Coach / QC
 Matt Davison JrHi Def. Coordinator
 Ben Davis JrHi Off. Coordinator
Manager / Trainers
 Nicole Coombs Dillon Harwood
 Shelby Elmore Laci Anderson
 Jordan Berryman Heather Hill
 Brittany Coombs Andrea Rabbitt
Firm Crew: John Hall & Mike Henry
Athletic Director: Lance West &
Assistant Jim Riley
2009 CHS Freshman Football
1Newt SalisburyRB/LB
7Derek Iannapollo QB/DB
11Kendall CurtisWR/DB
12Clint SmithWR/DB
15Cameron Jutras RB/DB
16Cody SchultsQB/LB
18Lane CarterQB/LB
20Darin Turner RB/DB
22Hunter WestRB/DB
24Jake BartonRB/LB
26Jimmy Beeler RB/DB
32Luke McKnightWR/DE
33Spencer AshlockRB/DB
37John Pitts WR/DE
45Aaron KellyWR/DE
52Justin ObanionOL/DL
53Jacob Sutton OL/DL
55Brodie FiferOL/DL
56Geric McNeilOL/DL
57Kevin Hrdlicka OL/DL
59Geoffrey LedfordOL/DL
60Ryan YoungOL/DL
61Taylor Ellis OL/DL
63Lane HimebaughOL/DL
67Matt RodgersOL/DL
70David Roench OL/DL
68Colby ColeOL/DL
72Nathan JohnsonOL/DL
74Seth Williams OL/DL
78Caleb WoodOL/DL
79Colt PritchardOL/DL
80Trett Charles WR/DB
81Tylar DixonWR/DE
84Carter RasmussenWR/DB
86Blake Manly E/DE
--Justin WindschitlOL/DL
9th Grade Coaches
Bobby Sparks - Head Coach
Damon Herald - Def. Coordinator
Sean Tesar - Special Teams Coord
Managers / Trainers
Brittany Coombs & Andrea Rabbitt

I want to thank the coaches and kids that made the CHS All-Sport photo possible this morning
... check back much later for more on that.

-- Ted Wright --Thursday Aug. 20, 2009

Note: I'm still needing help on names. If you see anyone mis-identified or mis-spelled please email . -- Ted (8/21)