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Changes in "Functional Fitness Bootcamp" for School season -

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays - 5am, 4pm, 6pm (more times may be added)

Workouts will include more weights and indoor workouts! Also, we are getting a new Pullup Station - band, ring and TRX suspension training!

August Specials:

1. Current members bring in 3 new members that sign up for 3 months (paid in full up front or auto draft monthly) and receive FREE month of gym membership. NO LIMIT ON HOW MANY FREE MONTHS YOU CAN EARN!

2. New members can join for $20 per month for up to 3 months!

Upcoming Events:

September will be the "30 Days to Fit" Challenge! CASH PRIZES! Anyone can participate (open to non-members). Entry fee of $30 (goes toward cash pot!). Complete nutrition and workout plans provided! Get FREE personal training or group fitness classes for the entire month of the challenge with purchase of Advocare's 24 Day Nutrition Kit! We will take measurements, body fat percentage (needed for nutrition plan), before and after pictures (if wanted)...ALL WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL! Winners are based on body fat percentage loss NOT weight loss! (I will have a sign up and meeting in August with more details)

October - Thursday evenings will begin "Meet, Greet and GO!". A chance for people to make new friends or get together with old ones! Everyone is welcome - runners, walkers, bikers...whomever wants to join! Meet at the gym at 6pm and we will travel 2-4 miles all around Collinsville and end at a local establishment to finish off the evening with food and drink (buy your own of course). This is a FREE activity and will last as long as everyone continues to come.


Jennifer Adair
The Rock Gym
(with online registration available)

24/7 Fittness & Tanning

CHS cheerleaders Paige Prather and Victoria Jackson give new meaning to "competitive cheerleader" with a lift of Newt Salisbury at media day. -- Ted 7:15pm Sat. 8/11/2012
2012 CHS Varsity Football -- Top Row L-R Coaches: Mike McClure, Jon Benham, Brian Phillips, Dale Harp, Sean Tesar, Ben Davis, Damon Herald, Adam Hass, Robert Sparks, Matt Davison, and Tommy Redding.
4th Row: Zach Hubbard (Manager), Colby Cole (61), T.J. Johnson (6), Keenan Hamilton (20), Trevor Gray (78), Newt Salisbury (66), Matthew Richardson (9), Tyler Smith (73), Matt Rogers (64), Athen Shambrook (90), Hayden Beeson (14), Zane McElroy (4), Clay Beagles (55), and Megan Royall (Manager).
3rd Row: Head Coach Kevin Jones, Shawn Koscheski (1), Michael McAtee (70), Hunter Rush (5), Derek Iannapollo (10), Aaron Kelly (47/65), Cole Keim (67), Gary Olivier (32), Justin Kothe (45), Nathan Johnson (77), Chace Wilkins (7), Dakota Tredway (52), Jordan Caruthers (22), Breyden Varner (51), and Evie Bryan (Manager).
2nd Row: Keenan Priddy (21), Stephen Wilson (75), Garrett Hamilton (15), Carter Rasmussen (85), Levi Brown (8), Dakota Boggs (88), Ryan Haymaker (26), David Roensch (63), J.B. amm (36), Jake Douglass (56), Kutler Cole (60), Conner Crutchfield (11), and Hunter West (33).
1st (Front) Row: Nick Salazar (25), Kenny Smith (16), Will Proctor (35), Joey Lisowiski (30), Jackson Due (57), Spencer Ashlock (24), Conner Fry (12), Trevor Townsend (37), Patrick O'Neal (27), Marcus Redwine (3), and Dylan Cook (18).
Missed Photo: Grant Schultz (26) and Brandon Barnhart (34).
Varsity Season Opens At Skiatook August 31st
2012 CHS Freshman Football -- Top Row L-R Coaches: Mike McClure, Brian Phillips, Dale Harp, Jon Benham, Kevin Jones, Sean Tesar, Matt Davison, and Tommy Redding.
4th Row: Sam West (82), Corey Cash (68), Marcus Tillman (46), Roc Robbins (44), Ethan Davis (80), Spencer Braswell (83), Braden Harris (74), and Corbin Ogden (84).
3rd Row: Coach Adam Hass, Coach Damon Herald, Brandon Lowe (2), Conner Kitch (71), Ethan Davis (40), Dylan Bayouth (50), Hayden Wickham (98), Tyson Garrison (54), Shafer Smith (49), Conner Cross (79), Bryan Robinson (76), Coach Ben Davis and Robert Sparks,
2nd Row: Diana Kolosha, Austin Baldwin (58), Michael Mooney (77), Joshua Arnold (43), Ryan LeCrone (13), Braden York (59), Raymond Smith (53), Kelton Ramsey (48), Colin Ford (62), and Lindsey O'Rouke.
1st (Front) Row: Ellen Thomas, Zac Sellers (86), Austin Roberts (23), Tyler Forrest (81), Ethan Davis (80), Lane Reed (89), Pete Flippo (42), Triston Castillo (87), Spencer Beeson (38), Brayden Medlock (41), Teel Thysson (95), and Mallory Burd.
Missed Photo:
Tyler Phillips (37) and Austin Baldwin (58).
2012-13 CHS Varsity Cheerleaders --
Top Row L-R:
Courtney Tairent, Mallory Burd, Kristen Elmore, Lindsay O'Rourke, Ellen Pfeffer, Laci Crabb, and Paige Thomason.
3rd Row: Mariah Hawkins, Haden Brown, Carlie Crutchfield, Baylee Eigenheer, Tiffany Trimble, and Chelsey Barton.
2nd Row: Sydney Smith, Christian Sink, Kaitlyn Jerome, Montana Trost (Carson the Cardinal), Taylor Glenn, Madison West, and Taylor Townsend.
1st (Front) Row: Victoria Jackson, Sara House, Elizabeth Blissit, Paige Prather, Tayler Haddock, and Sarah Swanner.
2012 CHS Football Seniors -- Back Row (L-R): Nate Johnson, Matt Rogers, Colby Cole, Hayden Beeson, Athen Shambrook, Newt Salisbury, and Evie Bryan. Front Row: Derek Iannapollo, Aaron Kelly, Carter Rasmussen, Spencer Ashlock, David Roensch, and Hunter West.

2012 CHS Cheerleader Seniors -- (L-R):

Victoria Jackson,
Sarah Swanner,
Elizabeth Blissit,
Sara House,
Tayler Haddock,
Paige Prather.

2012 Collinsville Cardinal Football Varsity Roster
1 Shawn Koscheski Soph QB/DB
3 Marcus Redwine Soph RB/DB
4 Zane McElroy Junior QB/OLB
5 Hunter Rush Soph WR/OLB
6 TJ Johnson Junior WR/DB
7 Chace Wilkins Soph WR/DB
8 Levi Brown Soph WR/DB
9 Mathew Richardson Junior WR/DB
10 Derek Iannapollo Senior QB/DB
11 Connor Crutchfield Junior RB/OLB
12 Connor Fry Soph WR/DB
14 Hayden Beeson Senior Kicker
15 Garrett Hamilton Junior WR/DB
16 Kenny Smith Junior RB/DB
18 Dylan Cook Junior WR/DB
20 Keenan Hamilton Junior TE/DL
21 Keenan Priddy Junior RB/ILB
22 Jordan Caruthers Soph WR/DB
24 Spencer Ashlock Senior WR/OLB
25 Nick Salazar Junior WR/DB
27 Patrick O'Neal Junior WR/DB
28* Ryan Haymaker Soph WR/DB
32 Gary Olivier Junior WR/OLB
33 Hunter West Senior RB/ILB
34 Brandon Barnhart Soph RB/ILB
35 Will Proctor Junior RB/ILB
36 JB Hamm Junior RB/DL
37 Trevor Townsend Junior RB/DB
45 Justin Kothe Soph RB/ILB
47 Aaron Kelly Senior OL/DL
51 Breyden Varner Soph OL/DL
52 Dakota Tredway Soph OL/DL
55 Clay Beagles Soph OL/DL
56 Jake Douglass Soph OL/DL
57 Jackson Due Junior OL/DL
60 Kutler Cole Soph OL/DL
61 Colby Cole Senior OL/DL
63 David Ronsch Senior OL/DL
64 Matt Rodgers Senior OL/DL
65 Aaron Kelly Senior OL/DL
66 Newt Salisbury Senior OL/DL
67 Cole Keim Junior OL/DL
70 Michael McAtee Soph OL/DL
73 Tyler Smith Junior OL/DL
75 Stephen Wilson Soph OL/DL
77 Nathan Johnson Senior OL/DL
78 Trevor Gray Soph OL/DL
85 Carter Rasmussen Senior WR/OLB
88 Dakota Boggs Soph WR/DL
90 Athen Shambrook Senior K/P



Kevin Jones Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator / ILBs
Mike McClure Offensive Coordinator / QBs
Matt Davison Special Teams Coordinator / RBs
Sean Tesar WRs / JrHi Off. Coord.
Dale Harp DBs
Jon Benham Co-Defensive Coordinator / OLBs
Brian Phillips Technology Coordinator
Damon Herald DL
Adam Hass OL
Tom Redding JrHi Head Coach
Ben Davis 9th Offensive Coord.
Robert Sparks 9th Defensive Coord.
Kurt Boomer JrHi Defensive Coord.
Managers / Trainers:
Zach Hubbard, Evie Bryan, Brody McKay, Megan Royal, and Paige Foret
Film Crew: John Hall and Mike Henry
HS Cheer Coaches: Carmen West, Mandy Burd
MS Cheer Coach: Kendra Salisbury
Athletic Director:
Jim Riley
Asst. Athletic Director:
Tony Reeder
Terry Due
Asst. Superintendent:
Lance West
HS Principal:
Jon Coleman
HS Asst. Principal:
Kurt Boomer & Ken Chronister
MS Principal:
Kelly Hamlin
MS Asst. Principal:
Dale Harp

If you see any names mis-identified or spelled incorrectly on this page, let me know -- as I use this as a reference page and the error will be used over and over. . -- Ted 11am 8/23

*Note: Ryan Haymaker is now #25 9/2/2012