Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 21, 2014
CHS Football -vs- Lawton Mac
2nd Round Playoff Loss
Ends Collinsville's Excellent Season With 8-3 Record
The CCC Band color guard members ran out for the spirit line as a unit. The band "retired" their 2014 marching performance last week and entertained from the stands for this 2nd round playoff game.
The game was less than 30 seconds old before Lawton MacArthur had reached the endzone after covering 62 yards in just 3 plays after taking the opening kickoff.
Blake Burd (#22) returned Lawton Mac's kickoff out to the Cardinal 40 yard line.
Collinsville couldn't pick up a first down on their first possession but Lawton Mac muffed Shawn Koscheski's punt and the Cards recovered at Lawton's 20 with 10:03 left in the first quarter.
After the punt fumble recovery, Blake Burd picked up 19 yards down to the one yard line where Shawn Koscheski (#1) put the ball in the end zone but the play was erased by a holding call. That backed the Cards to the 13 yard line.
Shawn Koscheski connected on a 13 yard TD pass to Tyler Forrest (#81) with 9 minutes left in the first quarter. Cole Hadley kicked the extra point to tie the score at 7-7.
Lawton Mac had scored on another quick 3 play drive covering 65 yards for a 7-14 score and Collinsville punted again before Roc Robbins intercepted (above) and returned down to the 15 yard line.
The offensive line prepares to block for a 3 yard Blake Burd carry to the 12 yard line following the Robbins interception.
This Koscheski pass from the 12 yard line was intended for Jordan Caruthers (below) in the end zone.
Jordan Caruthers (#35) was unable to come down with this 3rd down pass in the endzone with the Card's trailing by a touchdown.
The officials had an easy interference call to make on this 4th and 5 play which Brett Erickson (#11) had no opportunity to catch in the endzone. The play gave the Cards a first down at the 6 yard line.
Two Blake Burd runs (from the 6) got Collinsville within a yard of tying the score at 14 in the first quarter. Two Shawn Koscheski tries from there ended up with Lawton Mac taking over on downs with 3:03 left in the first quarter.
This cheerleader photo marks the end of the first quarter with the score still 7-14.
Justin Kothe (#45) stopped Lawton Mac with a 4 yard loss on this early 2nd quarter play at the Mac 32 as they had moved out from near their own goal.
Austin Roberts (#23) and a few other Cardinal tacklers combined on this 2nd quarter stop.
Collinsville nearly stopped Lawton Mac on this 4th and 9 play from the Mac 37 but they completed the pass play for a first down at Collinsville's 17. The Card's defense stiffened there and forced a field goal try which was wide at the 5:59 mark in the 2nd quarter.
Blake Burd (#22) with an early 3rd quarter carry.
Collinsville stopped Lawton Mac on this 4th and 3 play at the Cards 22 yard line at 8:53 in the 3rd quarter.
Jacob Hardison (#51) and several of his teammates stopped Lawton Mac on this play near Collinsville's 10 yard line by Lawton scored a few plays later to reach a 7-28 score at 4:46 in the 3rd quarter.
Ryan Haymaker (#25) set up Collinsville's only 2nd half score with this 49 yard gain down to the 16 in the 4th quarter (2 plays after Lawton Mac had moved the score to 7-35).
Shawn Koscheski (#1) stretched the ball into the endzone from about 2 yard out at 7:40 in the 4th quarter. Cole Hadley's kick make the score 14-35.
A fine group of Collinsville seniors completed their Sallee Field careers Friday.
Good luck to Lawton Mac and Skiatook both in the final four 5A teams still playing ... who have 2 of the 3 wins over Collinsville this year. -- Ted
Previous Coverage
I can't find any Previous CHS Football games -vs- Lawton MacArthur on cvilleok since it started in 2003. There were plenty of dual state wresling matchups ... and one for girls basketball. -- And unknown before 2003. Ted Wright -- 11/21/2014


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Football Season Ends with 14-35 loss to Lawton Mac -- more later -- Ted 9:45pm Fri

Jim Riley Post-Game/Season Comments -- 11/23

Friday night's playoff football game between Collinsville and Lawton Mac will start at 7:00 at Sallee Field. OSSAA playoff passes are the only pass that will be accepted. Everyone will have to purchase a ticket for $5. Season ticket holders will be able to park inside the fence and their seats will be honored. They will still have to purchase a ticket. Tickets will be available at the gate or you can buy one at the attendence offince at Collinsville HS. -- Jim Riley 11/18/2014

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Nov. 21, 2014 at Collinsville 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Lawton MacArthur
Collinsville's new local newspaper the Times Star had a booth at the game Friday.
Shawn Koscheski (#1) got off a nifty running punt for good yardage in the 3rd quarter after having trouble with the snap.