Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 25, 2013
Project Status 2013
"Significant" Collinsville Projects

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Ted's Working Notes:

new sign at American Bank for sports state champs? -- unfinished 6/18 photo

opera house facade

VFW roof

Cherokee Food Dist

shop save win promo


ESC move 12/21 / historic church photo / article

& building down by PD (DR Meeker, Chiropractor 20Nov2010) & + police facade

Jalapeno improvements

Completed S-Curve lookback comparison

Soil removal/bricks
+ park
+ Cherokee construction page
+ ME Church addition
+ 11/9 new ESC conversion at church (1957) + ticket booth + cheer room

Note: This will just be a placeholder page only until I have more time to update the status of these few projects that have been on the cvilleok intro page for the past few years. And I have plenty of other projects I'd like to add to the list. -- Ted Wright 6/25/2013

Quik-Trip Commit To Build At Hwy 20/75
(& Sewer To West Commit by City) Nov. 23, 2009
QT Final Plat Approved Sept. 20, 2010
West Sewer Line construction in progress Mar. 2011
QT Opened April 7, 2011

Streetscape Phase One Completed in May 2009
(Phase Two Initial State Approval June 2009)
Phase II Bids Due By Aug. 31, 2010
Phase II Construction Prep Oct. 2010
Phase II ... Completed April 2011

S-Curve Right of Way Clearing Began Jan. 9th, 2008
Utility Relocation completed in May 2011

Construction Start June 2011
Portions of the new (Lazy) S-Curve opened to traffic Dec. 29, 2011
Deadline to complete new S-Curve project passed Jan. 2nd, 2012
(May 2012 is new target date)

July 20, 2012 -- 19th Street Reopened At New Curve After Months Closed

July 26, 2012 -- 4 Lanes striped & open and 15th-17th retaining wall complete.
Sept. 10, 2012 -- Pedestrian Controls For Signal Light at 19th & S-Curve
Sept. 17, 2012 -- "Project Complete" reported to City Commission

Veterans Building Roof Collapsed July 7, 2012
...still roofless
City Commission Approved Contract For New Roof 12/3/2012
Trusses have arrived 2/18/2013
Shingles in place 3/9/2013

Park Board Aproved application for Oklahoma Recreational Trails Grant for City Park - 1/20/2011
Bid approved for construction of 8 foot concrete multi-use trail in city park -- 10/15/2012

Contractor on-site and initial dirt moving -- 11/12/2012
Project nearing completion -- 1/5/2013
Complete - Feb 2013 (& next phase of trail in design)
Next Phase Construction under way 2nd week in May 2013.