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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Dec. 26, 2006
City Project Status Update
City Manager
Pam Polk's Email Received
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==== City: TEA-21 Main Street Beautification Phase I

Final design plans have been reviewed and approved. Project behind schedule by approximately 1.5 months; construction may begin in February 2007.

==== City: Broadway Bridge

Presently under construction; completion March 2007.

==== City: Blackjack Creek (Main St.) and East Gateway

ROW & easement approval presently under way; construction will begin in early 2007. Must wait for Broadway Bridge project to be completed as this provides for the detour of traffic off of Main.

==== City: S-Curve Replacement

Preliminary design received; ODOT making preliminary contact with property owners for ROW purchases.

==== City: 12th Street Plaza

Preliminary design received; work to begin in the next couple months; dedication scheduled for September 2007.

==== City: Animal Shelter

Materials presently coming in; construction under way.

==== City: Recycling Center

Pad poured; plans are to have site open for business April 2007 in conjunction with Earth Day.

==== City: Swimming Pool Replacement

Under review.

====City: Other City Park Proposals ... replacement building, like lake, skate park, ...

Kiwanis Park Building design being certified by architect; building to be erected in the next few months.

Other park amenities will be included with the overall park improvements as soon as funding is available. City staff is working on a grant to cover partial improvements.

==== City: 2nd Ambulance

City is compliant with ambulance coverage with two in operation; one new one and one on loan. Presently taking bids for a second new ambulance.

==== City: Utility Service to West

Electric lines to the west have been energized. This was done with the help of mutual aid agreements with sister cities at a cost of approximately $107,000. Plans underway to take line out to Hwy 75.

==== City: Utility Service to South

DOC grant/loan package finalized; ROW & easements under way; construction within next 6 months.

==== City: City Hall Restoration == Completed!!!!

==== City: Railroad Crossings and Right-of-way Cleanup

Completed except for the buildings and tall weeds. Tanks have been moved. Emailed Brad Snow of SK&O today and requested this be finalized ASAP.

==== City: Gas Franchise

ONG currently operating without official agreement since last agreement expired in 2005 (4% fee in city charter issue?) Currently working with Jim Stout of ONG on franchise agreement.

==== City: Cable TV Franchise

Community Cablevision currently operating without official agreement since last agreement expired in 2005 (4% issue?) Franchise agreement has been reviewed; currently in negotiation; should be finalized within next two months.

===== Library / City Hall / Funeral Home / Pharmacy Cooperative Parking Improvements

Proposals for lots between Library & Pharmacy and between Fire/EMS building and Funeral Home are still pending joint agreements. Agreement has been reached and reviewed; final negotiations pending.

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