2020 Collinsville High School Graduate
Justus Getz
Collinsville, OK

Jan. 2017 Baseball Freshman (not all shown and not in photo order): Hayden Brunson, Jacob Brown, Hunter Claxton, Justus Getz, Cobey Gorrell, Jack Hammond, Caden Ivey, Riley Jackson, Dylan Rollston, Garrett Russell, Ty Smith, and Isaac Webb.
Wilson Elementary "Respect"
Students at Wilson Elementary are learning about the character trait of
Respect during the month of November. The first set of 2nd graders were chosen for the week of November 2nd who display respect throughout their school day...

Front Row (l-r): Troy Smith, Dalton Gramblin, Jimmy Brown, and Emma Pasco
Back row (l-r): Aaron Michael Renfro, Nate Thompson, Matthew Lee, and Justus Getz

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Band Solo & Ensemble Results
Herald Elementary Character Kids Named
Third Grade Compassion Character Kids
Nathan Newstrom – Ms. Riggs
Cayley DelMonte – Ms. Riggs
Riley Hedges – Mrs. Meyer
Emma Schnell – Mrs. Meyer
Jasper Tyler – Ms. Brusto
Jessica Byers – Ms. Brusto
Allie McDonald – Mrs. MsShane
Calvin Ledford – Mrs. McShane
Katie Ellis – Mrs. Coburn
Trevin Hodges – Mrs. Coburn
Georgia Hadley – Mrs. Vogel
Jacob Brown – Mrs. Vogel
Elizabeth Aman – Mrs. Jennings
Nathan Treptow – Mrs. Jennings
Addison Kallam – Mrs. Pahukoa
Justus Getz – Mrs. Pahukoa
-- Names submitted by Debbie Kite (12/14/2010)
-- Photos submitted by Teresa Fine (12/15/2010)
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