Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 28, 2017
Baseball Diamond Dinner
Chip Brim Told 2017 CHS Baseball Cardinals About "Defining Moment"
Chip Brim is a former Collinsville HS Baseball Cardinal and teammate of Coach Tony Reeder and Jay Crutchfield. He was also a high school baseball coach for several years and told the Diamond Dinner crowd of a "defining moment" his players faced and embraced many years ago.
Head Coach Tony Reeder begins his 21st year coaching the baseball Cardinals and says they have one of the most enjoyable group of seniors he has every coached and they are smart also (3.89 GPA). They can start scrimmages in about 2 weeks if the weather cooperates. There are 52 players out this season playing on 3 teams (varsity & 2 JVs).
2017 Baseball Seniors (not all shown and not in photo order): Zach Bess, Blake Burd, Bryce Coons, Cale Crutchfield, Tanner Curtis, Brett Erickson, Trent Flanagan, Brannon Jordan, Chase Lorg, Addison Lutz, Jacob Martin, Nick Sunday, and Wyatt Thetford.
2017 Juniors (not all shown and not in photo order): Hayden Acklin, Ty Alexander, Alex Austin, Holden Brown, Kyle Burch, Tony Connor, Kevin Cooper, Travis Hardison, James Hodge, Kyle Jackson, and Tytus Watson.
2017 Sophomores (not all shown and not in photo order): Cody Coughran, Colby Davis, Bryer Fitts. Cooper Gorrell, Kenlee Hall, Dakota Huff, Ethan Keller, Triton Klemme, Hayden Minton, Jordan Pickell, Colton Rabbitt, Brett Trimble, Ethan Wickman, Jordan Wilkins, and Josh Wise.
2017 Freshman (not all shown and not in photo order): Hayden Brunson, Jacob Brown, Hunter Claxton, Justus Getz, Cobey Gorrell, Jack Hammond, Caden Ivey, Riley Jackson, Dylan Rollston, Garrett Russell, Ty Smith, and Isaac Webb.
Trainers -- Seniors (Shelby Braley & Destiny Heath), Juniors (Brooke Eigenheer & Monica Rubio), Sophomores (Gracie Oxford & Kenzie Poper), and Freshman (Kenadi Phillips)
2017 Coaches (not all shown and not in photo order): Tony Reeder, Jay Crutchfield, Josh Moore, Paul Underwood, Hamilton Hernandez, Rusty Wood, Bobby Shoate, David Chester, Brandon Schmauss, and Perry Prather.
2016 CHS Grad Austin Roberts was the auctioneer for the successful fundraiser for the Home Run (booster) Club.
I didn't stay long enough for a complete senior group photo (in their western attire) ...but did find this one later on Facebook (posted by the Nick Sunday family) -- Ted

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