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Collinsville, Oklahoma, High School 2020 Graduates
2020 CHS Graduation
July 10, 2020
Delayed From May by COVID-19 Pandemic
Owasso Reporter Photo Gallery for CHS Graduation  
Graduation is still scheduled July 10th with each graduate receiving only 8 tickets to limit attendance during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. -- Ted Wright -- 6/30/2020
Congratulations to the CHS Class of 2020. Building these pages for you has been my primary task since COVID-19 changed our "normal" lives. I have had the opportunity to "re-live" the past 12+ years (for some of you) in photos. I stopped doing senior pages after 2018 and had no plans to do so this year until the world changed. I am sad I have no photos for some students ... and didn't have names for faces until recently for many others. I will be retired starting July 1st, but if you see an error on your page or wish to add a "favorite" photo, you can email me at wrightted@aol.com

-- Ted Wright 6/30/2020

-- Cardinal Connection Tweet & Kurt Boomer Tweet
Cardinal Connection
Celebration Slideshows
Day 1 -- 5/11/2020
Day 2 -- 5/12/2020
Day 3 -- 5/13/2020
Day 4 -- 5/14/2020
Day 5 -- 5/15/2020
Day 6 -- 5/18/2020
Day 7 -- 5/19/2020
Day 8 -- 5/20/2020
Day 9 -- 5/21/2020
Day 10 -- 5/25/2020
Day 11 -- 5/28/2020

More on 2020 Senior Pages. I had stopped building them after 2017; did a modified version for 2018; none for 2019; and only started work on 2020 a week ago at a point in the year when they would traditionally be about half done. Check back for status and possibly partial releases. -- Ted Wright April 13, 2020

http://www.cvilleok.com/2020Grads/Grad2020Intro.html (intro only to cvilleok 4/22) ... after 4/13 Twitter announcement
Enjoy the pages ... let me know if you see any errors or have questions ... email: wrightted@aol.com -- Thanks, Ted Wright By clicking some photos on individual graduate pages you are linked to the original story on www.cvilleok.com.

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2018-19 Juniors
2019-20 Seniors <-- Graduation

1st Row: Nikki Sullivan, Angel McAnally, Emily Reyes, Piper Fulton, Stevi Smith, Alex Stewart, Emma Pasco, Allie Glaus, and Jacob Tompkins

2nd Row: Sean Thomas, Justus Getz, Clayton Florea, Lucien Morris, Brenden Marler, Dylan Bowlin, Cale Rasmussen, Jordan Stealer, and Wyatt Fulton.

Seniors marked with an *.
Back row: Evan Goforth, Alyson Barrett, Joey Ellis, *Alex Olmos, Hunter Sunday, Jocelyn Ditsch, Paige Downey, Payton Stacy, Levi Ashlock, Presley Weathers
Middle Row: Katelyn Kidney, Hayley Monkress, Dalton Luedke, Ian Moore, Madalyn Aunko, Hailey Logsdon, Aiden Moody, Makayla Meadows, London Gerlach, Jeff Taylor, Noah Barrett
Front Row: Emma Humphries, Emma Nolte, Ian Enyart, Katie Baker, Luke Dean, *Sarah Enyart, *Jacob Yang, Jasmine Ramos, Autumn Mabe

The only other senior we have not pictured because he is in another group is Beaudree Walts! Just so you know!

2019-2020 Collinsville
HS Girls Basketball
1 Makayla Meadows
2 Segan Henley
3 Addison Wickman
5 Madi Carlile
10 Abbey Stamper
11 Cristina Victoria
12 Jolie Cole
15 Korynn Tindel
20 Kelly Ellis
22 Kelsie Baker
25 Riley White
31 Carley White
33 Brooklynn Farley
35 Lexi Gregory
42 Bailee Campbell
51 Grace Gift
Head Coach - Brad Cantrell
2019-2020 Collinsville
HS Boys Basketball
1 Jacob Scyrkels
10 Caden Buoy
11 Corey Dees
12 Chayse Schlomann
13 Blake Mathes
14 Gage Tacker
15 Cooper McDowell
20 Riley Jackson
21 Ethan Cole
22 Gaige Longshore
24 Christian Walden
25 Oscar Hammond
30 Andrew Wilson
33 Cody Blair
44 Brandon Morgan
Head Coach - Todd Anderson
2020 Soccer Girls
Jersey# Player Year
1/Keeper Lilly Thomas 9th
3 Allie McDonald 12th
4/Keeper Baleigh Murfin 11th
5 Jacy Rupe 11th
6 Paige Myers 11th
8 Lana Smith 10th
9 Natalie Belanger 10th
10 Lexi Green 10th
11 Makiah Bays 10th
12 Courtney Priest 9th
14 Kiera Abshire 9th
15 Segen Henley 10th
16 Christine Pitts 11th
19 Lauren Shoulders 11th
20 Audrhea Warnock 11th
22 Alexis Gregory 9th
24 Taylor Rhoton 9th
25 Hailey Wilson 12th
26 Savannah Oestreich 12th
  Manager/Trainers: Georgia Hadley, Eliana Halverson, Kyleigh Collins, Armondo Gonzales
  Head Coach - Justin Schubert
Assistant Coach - Jennifer Christian
2020 Soccer Boys
Jersey# Player Year
0 Joey Rigby 10th
1 Fernando Gonzales 10th
2 Rhett Parnell 12th
3 Brady Mitchell 12th
5 Dallas Ford 11th
6 Josh Bigit 12th
7/Keeper Jasper Tyler 12th
8 Hunter Herriman 12th
9 Duncan Fisher 11th
10 Alex Guthrie 12th
11 Adam Roberts 12th
13 Chuck Beazer 12th
14 Julio Espinoza 12th
15/33 Grant Casebeer 12th
Keeper Cody Root 11th
20 Kiowa Johnson 11th
24 Ashton Jones 12th
25 Nathaniel Serna 12th
26/Keeper Jonah Sagi 11th
30 Lane Hutchens 11th
40 Colton Mcsperritt 10th
99 Jacob Biggs 11th
Keeper Chris Garcia 9th
  Manager/Trainers: Georgia Hadley, Lana Smith, Armondo Gonzales
  Head Coach - Justin Schubert
Assistant Coaches - Jarrod Shearer, Mark Hansen, Gage Powers

2016 Football Freshman
-- (L-R) Front Row
: Alex Knight, Delaney Cottingim, Trenton Tillery (16), Caleb Tanner (3), Quinton Watson (76), Cody Francis (15), Coach Tom Redding, Coach Bobby Sparks, Coach Jarred Shearer, Justis Getz (7), Gaberial Stevens (63), Caleb Mitchell (4), Joshua Bigit (21) and Baylor Enyart. -- Middle Row: Rhett Parnell (11), Cole Kukendall (11), Brady Mitchell (52), Ashton Jones (85), Cole Dugger (8), Tanner Jones (68), Zach Kitch (71), Daniel Malon (77), Payton Russell (20), Taylor Olinghouse (6), Brayden Burd (22), and Dominic Ruff (23). -- Top Row: Colby Shafer (88), Garrett Russell (61), Ethan Cole (25), Gage Tacker (82), Isaac House (75), Garrett Mouser (78), Zac Robbins (67), Trevin Hodges (44), Colby Davis (55), Dalton Porter (73) and Jason Benner (65).
May 2008 ECC
May 2008 ECC

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