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October 26, 2017
Center Street Improvements
Multiple Government Grants Stockpiled Over Years
Cost Drove Asphalt Option
Center St. 11th to 13th
Progress is being made on the street improvements on 3 blocks Center Street from 11th to 13th ... with asphalt applied Oct. 24 and new bricks for the intersection at 13th and Center started today. The gray "bricks" are fake ... and the crosswalk on the east side of the intersection deadends into grass. And I'm still waiting to see if there will ever be a sidewalk to the post office? -- Ted Wright 10/25/2017
Without photos, I will add that the project area is much larger as drainage from Center Street to the south for storm drainage to reach the creek involves extensive culvert work to the south (especially) on 11th Street. And anyone that lives or works in the neighborhood knows detours have been the norm for weeks and will continue a bit more until completion. -- Ted
Asphalt was applied October 24 instead of replacing the historic brick street surface. (Reference City Commission meetings July 2009 & Oct 21, 2013 & July 18, 2016 & June 17, 2017)
The gray crosswalk "bricks" are poured and scored to look like brick in the ornamental intersections at 13th and 11th Streets.
I hate to complain with so many positive improvements but am perplexed that the crosswalk sidewalk connections on the east side of the 13th and Center intersection were removed by this project. I assume the drainage inlets on the north side made it difficult to keep a full-sized ramp, but to eliminate it completely just drives me crazy. The Baptist Church construction in 2012 (5 years ago) had already placed a ramp there. I am also pretty sure a real sidewalk connection to the Post Office from this direction will not be a part of the improvements based on what I've seen so far. I understand a 3-sided "prople" intersection is still functional but foolish so close to the Library, Middle School and Health Center. As far as I know there was no public opportunity to review the plans before construction began. -- Ted Wright 10/26/2017
(Reference previous sidewalk "foolishness" editorial July 2012 on S-Curve project)
New curbs, gutters and sidewalks for most of the 3 block project.
Just a sample of some of the old pipes under the circa ~1915-16 brick streets ... this at 13th and Center. I hope they were replaced and some provision made to repair/upgrade without destroying the street again in the future? -- Ted
There were tons of bricks removed from Center Street that will apparently not be replaced. Asphalt is the new surface for the majority of the 3 block roadway with the end intersections at 11th and 13th to be re-bricked but obviously with newly purchased bricks? based on what I'm seeing this week. -- Ted 10/26/2017
Might want to avoid Center Street (from 13th to the east) on your way to the Middle School tomorrow. Utility and construction work is now under way on about 3 blocks of Center Street (especially the Post office corner). -- Ted ~8am 8/16/2017
Utility work including electrical, water, sewer, and who knows what all else runs near or under our city streets? was an early part of the city project started in mid-August 2017 just as school began after summer break.
One of the reasons for the 2017 project was the historically poor drainage on Center Street (especially 12th & Center shown after an August 2009 heavy rain looking towards the Post Office).
Another reason for the 2017 project is to repair the roadway torn up by multiple city repairs for utilities under the historic brick pavement that was never properly restored. This 2011 example was for water lines just south of the Post Office near 10th and Center.
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