Collinsville, Oklahoma
February 14, 2015
5 Times 5A Dual State Wrestling Champs
Collinsville Handled Piedmont Opener and Coweta Finals
But Narrowly Escaped Altus In Semi's At Shawnee
2015 5A Dual State Champs -- (L-R) Front Row: Coach Mike Henry, Jake Douglass, Wyatt Jordan, Cody Fox, Ryan Haymaker, and Justin Kothe. Second Row: Corey Cash, Josh Arnold, Roc Robbins, and Justin Walker. Third Row: Coach Wes Harding, Ryce Haymaker, Nate Keim. Gunner Hamm, and Eli Tanner. Top Row: Xavear Cullors, Devyn Lyon, Tony Connor, and Christian Moody.
Wrestling Cards Are Dual State Champs Again ...
But it wasn't easy ... Altus was having their way to a 0-17 score after the first 5 bouts before Justin Walker finally put Collinsville on the score board. It was looking more like an early bus ride home than hoisting the state trophy for the 5th time. Altus was still ahead 10-24 with just 4 bouts left. The only pin for either team (provided by Roc Robbins) still left Collinsville trailing at 23-24 which left it up to Justin Kothe's 6-4 win to keep Collinsville in the tournament.
In the finals Coweta ran out to a 0-15 lead but Collinsville scored the next 15 to even the match ... then Collinsville extended their own lead to 36-21 before forfeiting the final two bouts as they already had the state title in their pocket and still have work to do with regionsl and the state tournament in the next two weeks.
Justin Kothe had to win the last bout of the semi-finals (at 220 pounds) against Altus or the Cardinals would be eliminated. Justin responded with a 6-4 victory to send Collinsville into the finals -vs- Coweta.
This was the reaction on the Collinsville bench in the closing moments of Justin Kothe's Altus bout.
Kothe's heroics were make possible by wins -vs Altus by Walker, Tanner, Connor. Ryan Haymaker, Arnold, and Roc Robbins. Each was critical but none more exciting than Roc Robbins' pin of his Altus opponent to pull Collinsville within a single point at 23-24. Robbins also pinned his Piedmont and Coweta opponents.
Justin Kothe started the Piedmont match with a 3-2 win in front of good sized Collinsville crowd that traveled to Shawnee Saturday.
Xavear Cullors-vs- Piedmont
Justin Walker -vs- Piedmont
Wyatt Jordan -vs- Piedmont
Josh Arnold -vs- Piedmont
Corey Cash -vs- Piedmont
Jake Douglass -vs- Altus
Ryce Haymaker -vs- Altus
Tony Connor -vs- Altus
Josh Arnold -vs- Altus
Gunner Hamm -vs- Coweta
Devyn Lyon -vs- Coweta
Nate Keim -vs- Coweta
Ryce Haymaker -vs- Coweta
Elijah Tanner -vs- Coweta
Ryan Haymaker -vs- Coweta
2 time individual state champ (& OU signee) Christian Moody is out for the season after recent knee surgery.
The 2015 Seniors
Previous Dual States:
2014: Defeated Lawton Mac 30-27 in finals
2013: Defeated Lawton Mac 31-24 in finals
2012: Defeated Lawton Mac 52-17 in finals
2011: Defeated Claremore 27-25 in finals
2005: Eliminated in Semi finals by Cushing
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Collinsville beat Piedmont 50-15 then was down 10-24 to Altus before winning the final 4 semifinal bouts by Ryan Haymaker, Josh Arnold, Roc Robbins and Justin Kothe to pull out a 26-24 win to advance at Dual State. More later. -- Ted 5:40pm Saturday
CHS Wrestlers in Dual State finals -vs- Coweta. Beat Piedmont and needed near miracle finish to eliminate Altus ... lots of heros but Robbins pin and Kothe win in final match extend Cardinal chances for 5-peat. Photos and finals resuts later -- Ted 4:15pm 2/14/2015

Good Luck to the CHS Wrestlers as they attempt the tough task of claiming their fifth straight 5A dual state title Saturday at Shawnee (Feb 14th starting at noon). -- Ted

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Collinsville Wrestling Cardinals Won 5A Dual For 5th Straight Year
Dual State 1st Match (Quarter Finals)
Collinsville (OK) High School
-vs- Piedmont -- Feb. 15, 2014 (10am at Yukon)
Individual Score Team Score
220 Justin Kothe 3-2 3-0
285 Cody Fox (forfiet) 9-0
106 Xavear Cullors Fall 15-0
113 Gunner Hamm 0-3 15-3
120 Devyn Lyonn got pinned 15-9
126 Nate Keim 10-2 19-9
132 Justin Walker 8-3 22-9
138 Ryce Haymaker 5-3 25-9
145 Eli Tanner 4-2 28-9
152 Wyatt Jordan Fall 34-9
160 Ryan Haymaker 16-0 39-9
170 Josh Arnold 16-0 44-9
182 Corey Cash got pinned 44-15
195 Roc Robbins Fall 50-15
Dual State 2nd Match (Semi Finals)
Collinsville (OK) High School
-vs- Altus -- Feb. 14, 2015 (2pm at Shawnee)
Individual Score Team Score
285 Jake Douglass 0-3 0-3
106 Xavear Cullors 1-4 0-6
113 Gunner Hamm 3-12 0-10
120 Devyn Lyonn 5-15 0-14
126 Nate Keim 3-6 0-17
132 Justin Walker 8-0 4-17
138 Ryce Haymaker 2-11 4-21
145 Eli Tanner 5-3 7-21
152 Tony Connor 5-3 10-21
160 Wyatt Jordan 0-2 10-24
170 Ryan Haymaker 9-0 14-24
182 Josh Arnold 4-3 17-24
195 Roc Robbins Fall 23-24
220 Justin Kothe 6-4 26-24
Dual State 3rd Match (Finals)
Collinsville (OK) High School
-vs- Coweta -- Feb. 14, 2015
(6:30pm at Shawnee)
Individual Score Team Score
106 Xavear Cullors 3-7 0-3
113 Gunner Hamm got pinned 0-9
120 Devyn Lyon got pinned 0-15
126 Nate Keim 4-1 3-15
132 Justin Walker 7-1 6-15
138 Ryce Haymaker Fall 12-15
145 Eli Tanner 3-2 15-15
152 Tony Connor Fall 21-15
160 Wyatt Jordan (forfeit) 27-15
170 Ryan Haymaker 6-4 30-15
182 Josh Arnold got pinned 30-21
195 Roc Robbins Fall 36-21
220 (forfeit) - 36-27
285 (forfeit) - 36-33
No other Oklahoma community's 5A wrestling team has won a state championship since Coach Weston Harding took over as Collinsville wrestling's head coach for the 2011 season. His team will be defending their other format state title Feb. 27-28, 2015, in OKC, following Feb 20-21 regionals at Tahlequah.
Cody Fox was ready but didn't make a mat appearance as he drew a forfeit against Piedmont. Collinsville didn't send out a heavyweight against Coweta as they already had the title wrapped up. Jake Douglass wrestled at 285 against Altus.
Stillwater needed an overtime win in the final bout to take the 6A title over Broken Arrow.