Collinsville, Oklahoma
November 30, 2014
CHS Basketball Teams
Collinsville High School
Girls & Boys Teams
For 2014-15
2014-15 Girls Basketball -- (L-R) Front Row: Taylor McGranahan, Mia Bowers (FR), Kerri Smith (FR), Kylie Enloe (FR), Rilee Lucas (FR), Kenady Charles (FR), Loren Falling (FR), and Ravyn Murphy. Middle Row: Shelby West, Taylor O'Dell (12), Sawyer Salisbury (11), Dakota Jefferson (21), Caroline Sallee (10), Madie Vaughn (33), Alayana Calloway, and Kaden Haddock. Top Row: Coach Rhonda Rogers, Coach Phoebe Robertson, Darci Chester (5), Makayla Bowman (22), Rylee DeLozier (15), Mallory Vaughn (42), Brittany Kickapoo (13), Sophie Sallee (35), Madison O'Dell (FR/3), Kylie Alberty (25), and Head Coach Susie Vaughn
2014-15 Varsity Boys Basketball -- (L-R) Front Row: Tanner Curtis (15), Brandon Lowe (10), Lindsay O'Rourke, Lashien Her, Courtney Tairent, Dillon Tredway (13) and Cooper Fenderson (22). Back Row: Head Coach Todd Anderson, Shawn Koscheski (11), Brady Rule (25), Seth Boomer (21), Alex Majike (44), Cole Walden (24), Bailey Stamper (20), Keagan Hodges (30), Austin Archer (14), Riley Willt (12), Noah Salazar (33), Ethan Davis (23), Coach Ryan Hinckley, and Coach Ryan Christian.

2014-15 JV Boys -- (L-R)

Front Row:
Donovon Wilson (10), Tanner Curtis (15), Ethan Davis (23), Logan Willt (11), and Brandon Mathes (20).

Back Row: Noah Salazar (14), Brady Rule (25), Cole Walden (24), Cooper Fenderson (22), Riley Willt (12), Dillon Tredway (13), and Coach Ryan Hinckley.

2015 Senior Boys (L-R): Shawn Koscheski, Austin Archer, and Alex Majike 2015 Senior Girls (L-R): Shelby West, Madie Vaughn, Dakota Jefferson, Caroline Sallee, Sawyer Salisbury, and Taylor O'Dell.

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2014-15 Varsity
Girls Basketball
3 Madison O'Dell
5 Darci Chester
11 Sawyer Salisbury
10 Caroline Sallee
12 Taylor O'Dell
13 Brittany Kickapoo
15 Rylee DeLozier
21 Dakota Jefferson
22 Maykala Bowman
25 Kylie Alberty
33 Madie Vaughn
35 Sophie Sallee
42 Mallory Vaughn
Managers: Shelby West, Ravyn Murphy, Taylor McGranahan, Alayana Calloway, and Kaden Haddock.
Head Coach Susie Vaughn, Asst. Coaches Rhonda Rogers and Phoebe Robertson
2014-15 Varsity
Boys Basketball
10 Brandon Lowe
11 Shawn Koscheski
12 Riley Willt
13 Dakota Tredway
14 Austin Archer
15 Tanner Curtis
20 Bailey Stamper
21 Seth Boomer
22 Cooper Fenderson
23 Ethan Davis
24 Cole Waldon
25 Brady Rule
30 Keagan Hodges
33 Noah Salazar
?? Colton Vickers
44 Alex Majike
Managers: Lindsay O'Rourke, Lashien Her, Courtney Tairent,
Head Coach Todd Anderson, Asst. Coaches Ryan Hinckley and Ryan Christian
2014-15 Ninth Grade
Girls Basketball
1 Kerri Smith
2 Kenady Charles
14 Kylie Enloe
24 Mia Bowers
31 Rilee Lucas
51 Loren Falling
Coach Hillary Moore
2014-15 Freshman
Boys Basketball
10 Ty Alexander
11 Carson Stout
13 ??
20 ??
21 Sean Dooling
30 Colin Dooling
32 Alex Austin
31 Ethan Thomas
33 Austin Marler
Coach Ryan Christian
2014-15 JV
Boys Basketball
10 Donovan Wilson
11 Logan Willt
12 RileyWillt
13 Dillon Tredway
14 Noah Salazar
15 Tanner Curtis
20 Brandon ??
22 Cooper Fenderson
23 Ethan Davis
24 Cole Walden
25 Brady Rule
Coach Ryan Hinckley
First Season For
Head Coach Vaughn
Third Season For
Head Coach Anderson
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