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The CHS Lady Cards practice free throws Nov. 17th with the new American Bank scoreboard in the background

Collinsville, Oklahoma
Nov. 17, 2006
CHS Boys Basketball Teams
Collinsville High School Basketball Cardinals Varsity - JV - Freshman - Seniors
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CHS Varsity Basketball Team (L-R) Front Row: Kevin Phillips (11), Kyle Rush (25), Tyler Chronister (5), Jeff James (12) and Kyle Lee Smith (4).
Middle Row:
Dalton Rasmussen (10), Kyle W. Smith (30), Colton Turnbull (trainer), Dom Iannapollo (3) and Vance Tallman (50).
Back Row:
Coach Ryan Christian, Chance Riley (32), Adam Harrell (22), Steven Gerber (43), David Chester (44), Jeremy Guest (35), Thomas Isam (33), and Head Coach Ken Chronister.
CHS Freshman Basketball Team (L-R) Front Row: Justin Caruthers (30), Merin Oakley (3), Derek Thurman (4). Jamero Oakley (5), Reece Montgomery (22), Cody Fulton (12), and Chris Dixon (11).
Middle Row:
Coach Art Smalygo, Shelby Stickles (1), Mitch Bouressa (33), Steven Majike (35), Jacob Cambell (44), Dylan Weabe (20), Steven Chiartano (25), Dillon Harwood (trainer).
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CHS JV Basketball Team (L-R)
Front Row:
Jeff James (12), Joe Fuller (4), Dustin Blaskey (10), Dylan Shurburn (25), Kyle Rush (25), and Jerimiah Becker (5).

Middle Row: Coach Ryan Christian, Marlin Craft (44), Dalton Rasmussen (10), Steven Gerber (43), Thomas Isam (33), Alex Goosen (?0) and Dom Iannapollo (11).
2007 Basketball Seniors (L-R) Front Row: Vance Tallman, Tyler Chronister, Colton Turnbull and Kyle Lee Smith.
Back Row:
Kyle W. Smith, Chance Riley, David Chester and Jemery Guest.
Date Opponent Location
Nov 28 Bristow Bristow
Dec 4-9 Sperry Tourn. Sperry
Dec 12 Cleveland Here
Dec 15 Skiatook Skiatook
Dec 19 Oologah Oologah
Jan 4 Sequoyah Sequoyah
Jan 5 Catoosa Here
Jan 9 Mannford Mannford
Jan 12 Cleveland Cleveland
Jan 16 Oologah here
Jan 19 Bristow Here
Jan 20 Glenpool Glenpool
Jan 22 Pryor Tourn. Pryor
Jan 30 Skiatook Here
Feb 2 Glenpool Here
Feb 6 Catoosa Catoosa
Feb 8 Sequoyah Here
Feb 13 Mannford Here
Feb 16 District Tourn. TBA
Feb 22 Regional Tournament TBA
Mar 1 Area Tourn. TBA
Mar 8 State Tourn. TBA
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