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February 10, 2014
Individual Photo CD Orders Photo CD
Deadline Is March 14th
Archive Search Begins Mar. 15th ... but photos will continue thru May

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Frequently Asked Questions
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I am now officially taking orders for photo CDs for individual student photos from the archives (August 2013 - May 2014). The price is $40 for the current school year only.
I may add a few (free) photos from earlier years but will not provide a complete search.
Orders and at least half payment are due by March 14, 2014. CDs should be completed a few weeks after CHS graduation in May 2014. Orders received (or paid for) after the March 14th deadline will still be $40 but will only include photos from files not already searched.

Payments can be mailed to Ted Wright, 1110 W. Main, Collinsville, OK 74021 or placed in the door mail slot at same address. Please provide contact information for notification when CDs are completed. Also email if you have additional questions.

Note: Each CD is unique. It will contain specific images for your student (or other family members). There is no additional charge for additional brothers & sisters but I will need name/grade/activity info for each and will just be a small sample.

These CDs are not just for CHS seniors but, but for non-seniors it is recommended that students be involved in activities that are often photographed for this past school year: band, football, softball, volleyball, cheer, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc..

The images on the CD are copies of the original full-sized (un-edited for brightness corrections) from the archives of and are copyrighted as such and are not to be given away (other than to family members) or sold or used for commercial purposes.

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2014 Individual Photo CD Orders
Date Requested Requested By Student Years Date Paid
early2013 Mom Rachel Griffin Sr. 2/19/2014
Aug 2013 Mom/Dad Zane McElroy Sr. 3/12/2014
Aug 2013 Dad T.J. Johnson Sr.
Jan 2014 Mom Sawyer Sallisbury Jr. 5/7/2014
Jan 2014 Mom Kanyen Cole Sr. 2/12/2014
Feb 2014 Mom Zach Guest Sr. .
Mar 2014 Mom Taylor Townsend Sr. 3/15
Mar 2014 Mom J.B. Hamm Sr. 3/11/2014
Mar 2014 Mom Dylan Dyer Sr. 3/11/2014
Mar 2014 Mom Brandon / Carter Lowe So/7th 5/21/2014
Mar 2014 Mom Stanley / Sophie Sallee Sr/9th 3/13/2014
Mar 2014 Mom Gary Olivier Sr. .
Mar 2014 Mom Kaitlyn Jerome Sr. .
** - Will Steltzlen Sr. n/a
** - Sydney Smith Sr. n/a
** - Connor Crutchfield Sr. n/a
** - Ravyn Murphy Fr. n/a
** - Baylee / Brooke Eigenheer Jr/8th n/a
** Senior Page / Grad Video Assistants Frequently Asked Questions for hours / payment options.
New for 2012-13: If you bring me a (USB)thumb drive once during the search process (Mar-May) I can provide (early) photos already located rather than wait until the entire process is completed after graduation.
I've been doing this for several years and had taken folks at their word that if they asked for a CD that they intended to pay for my hours required to to build these 1-of-a-kind CDs. Starting in 2013, I will not even start a CD until payment is received. If you do pay late the price will be the same but you will have missed any portion of the search already completed. -- Ted Wright 2/25/2013
I still have unclaimed photo CDs for Katie Sullivan (2007), Cory Flynn (2007), Jerica McColley (2008), Jeff James (2008), Chris Pelton (2008), Shelby Charles (2009), Ethan Carothers (2010), Dillon Harwood (2010), Katie Sowards (2011), Tyler Taber (2011), Breyden Varner (2011), Kara Gerber (2012), James Norris (2012), Casey Scott (2012), Chance Danderson (2012), and Colby Cole (2013)

* I only do this search (of my thousands and thousands of photos) one time per year.
* CD orders are not related to the annual graduate pages (which are free to each CHS senior)
* I don't mind if a few of my photos appear on Facebook (from your CD) but please keep the numbers low and giving me photo credit is appreciated.

* If you are unsure if I have enough photos of your student to make a $40 CD worthwhile ... email me and I will give you an estimate.

Single Sport CD Alternative
If your CHS (or JrHi) student is only in one sport (football, softball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, ... etc.) you might consider requesting a generic CD for that sport instead of an individual unique $40 CD. The by-sport CDs will be $10 each (pre-paid) if you order them directly from me and I have to answer questions and worry about payment and deliveries.
If one person (per team) wants to handle that overhead: taking orders, collect the money and make the deliveries ... I would only charge $5 each (minimum of 5 CDs) if I get the total amount up front before I burn any CDs and have just a single interface. That could be a coach, "team mom", or booster organization.
Note: band is mostly buried inside my football photo folders except for concerts. But I can extract those if I get enough requests. -- Ted Wright
Email CD Requests (or questions) to Ted Wright:
Final Batch
I have reached the decision that I will NOT offer individual photo CDs next year (2014-15). I will be lucky to finish this current batch before July 2014 (I used to have them wrapped up before June)... and have not even started on Nifty Fifties class prints. -- Ted Wright 6/23/2014
I have all of the requested photo CDs completed and available for pickup at my school (ESC) office. I will try to send individual emails today. I will be out of the office Wed. & Fri this week. -- Ted Wright 10:45am 6/30/2014