Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 25, 2013
Education Foundation Grants
Grants To Teachers Supplement Academics In Collinsville Schools & Will Total Over $23,700 This Year

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Most Funds Come From Annual CEF Golf Tournament -- Next Is June 9th, 2014
Note: ~$38K in grants were requested but only ~$23K were granted in 2013.
If you would like a team in the 2014 golf tournament (to allow more CEF grants) contact a CEF Trustee (or your school). Your donation or membership would also be appreciated. (More Info)
Carol Ann Sallee (center) was the first ECC teacher to be presented her grant check Friday Oct. 25, 2013 by CEF Trustees. L-R: Rhonda Paul (CEF), Sheryl Witten (CEF), Carol Ann Sallee (ECC Teacher), Sussan Babbitt (CEF), and Ashley Boomer (ECC Principal).
L-R: Jeanie Barnes (CEF Trustee) and ECC Teachers: Aryale Mahan (subbing For Jade Finney), Sarah Casillas, Natalie Tacker, and Whitney Mendez.
L-R: Sheryl Witten, Jeanie Barnes, Deann Brewer (ECC Teacher), Kelli Harker (ECC Teacher), Rhonda Paul, Susan Babbitt, and Ashley Boomer. Becky Darland was another Pre-K teacher on this combined grant but missed the photo.
At Herald Elementary -- Front row: Jeanie Barnes (CEF), Sheryl Witten (CEF), Whitney Wilson, Lisa Weygand, Tammy McShane, Anna Gorrell, Amy West, Kim Cherry, and Amy Garrett
Back row. Jennifer Morgan, Taylor Kite, Paula Caudill, Susan Jennings, Jennifer Rupe, Jennifer Christian, Laura Brown, Rhonda Paul (CEF), Susab Babbitt (CEF) and Herald Principal Arlin Stacy.
L-R: Susan Babbitt, Ali Ryder (Wilson Teacher), Cheryl Hunt (Wilson Principal), and Rhonda Paul.
Wilson Teachers (L-R): Melissa Gillman, Misty Rangle, Carolyn Cornette, and Sheila Riggs.
Wilson Teachers (L-R): Mitzy Vogel, Debbie Wolfe, Karen Butts, and Marney McNutt.
Beverly Craig received her check with her Wilson students in the background.
Rhonda Meece posed with 3 of her students Friday (at Wilson Elementary).
Check back after Friday Nov. 1st for photos from the CMS & CHS check presentations.

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2013 CEF Grant Summary
Awarded Oct. 25th:
ECC Grants totaled $2719
Wilson Grants totaled $2719
Herald Grants totaled $3983
Anticipated 2013 CEF Grant Summary
To Be Awarded Nov. 1st:
Middle School total $4036
High School total $10,756
2013 Grand Total: $23,704
Grand Total Since 1998: ~$217,879