Collinsville, Oklahoma
September 21, 2012
CHS Football -vs- Claremore
Cardinals Drop To 3-1
With District Loss
To Claremore
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I could find no "recent" varsity football games between Claremore and Collinsville. I did find that the two teams played in 1964 and 1965 but didn't have time to do any significant research, so they might have played in other years? ... I just don't know. But fairly certain they haven't played for decades. There have been many JV, JrHi, and Elementary football games between the Cardinals and Zebras. -- Ted Wright 9/22/2012
10/17/2012 Update: Collinsville played Claremore (here) in Sept. 1967 also.

2012 CHS Football Team Photo /Roster

2012 Oologah (Previous Game) video & play-by-play

Tulsa World 9/22/2012

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Sept. 21, 2012 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
at Collinsville
Collinsville was trailing by a touchdown when T.J. Johnson (#6) caught this (4th and 1) Zane McElroy pass near the sideline and and raced 51 yards for a Cardinal TD with 3:06 left in the first quarter.
Collinsville's only extra point kick attempt was blocked, leaving the score at 6-7 in the first quarter.
Collinsville's defense stopped Claremore for a loss on this fake field goal try, taking over on down at the 19 early in the 2nd quarter. Claremore had moved within the 2 yard line before the Cards started pushing them backwards.
This Zane McElroy (#4) pass was completed to T.J. Johnson down to Claremore's 29 yard line as the Cardinal drove in the 2nd quarter. Another pass to Keenan Hamilton got the Cards to the 18. A Hunter West carry reached the 17 before a delay moved the ball back to the 22.
T.J. Johnson (#6) was unable to hang on to this pass (near the 7 yard line) against two Claremore defenders. This brought up 4th and 13 for the Cardinals and they attempted their 1st field goal (left).
Athen Shambrook's (#90) field goal try was between the posts but about 5 yards short (note the delay penalty above) at 5:58 in the 2nd quarter.
Claremore had scored again and the score was 6-14 when Keenan Hamilton (#20) hauled in this McElroy pass and reached the Claremore 10 yard line. QB Zane McElroy then spiked the ball to stop the clock with 53.1 seconds left before the half. Two incompletions left Collinsville with 4th and 1 still at the 10 yard line and 44 seconds remaining.
Huge Momentum Swing ... Just Before Halftime
Collinsville had a promising opportunity to score late in the first half (trailing by only 8 points) but stalled at the 10 yard line. The field goal attempt (below) was blocked and returned for a Claremore touchdown instead. Collinsville then blocked Claremore's PAT kick leaving the half time score at 6-20.
Colorful "Pompeii" artwork appeared in the band's show.
Hunter West (#33) taking a handoff from Zane McElroy (#4) with blocking ahead early in the 3rd quarter.
Dylan Cook (#18) reached the 41 yard line with a block from Chase Wilkins (#7) on this 3rd quarter play.
Collinsville gave up two 3rd quarter touchdowns and the 4th quarter was scoreless. Collinsville did get near the 5 yard line on this screen pass to Hunter West, but was called back closer to the 20 (due to a block in the back) early in the 4th quarter. A 4th and 16 pass was incomplete.
Collinsville travels to Grove next week for their
2nd district contest