Collinsville, Oklahoma
October 20, 2011 (Page 2 of 2)
CHS Football -vs- Skiatook
Cardinals Rally For Lead
Then Hold Off Skiatook Rally

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Skiatook had the early 2nd half momemtum after scoring on a 27 yard run (following an interception) at 10:28 in the 3rd quarter moving the score to 6-17. On the next possession Skiatook had separated Derek Iannapollo from the ball but Cole Keim recovered for the Cardinals (at the 18) preventing further damage and enabling a Cardinal rally to take off.
Following the Keim fumble recovery, Iannapollo's pass to Keenan Priddy moved Collinsville from the 18 to the 35. On the next play (above) Derek Iannapollo hit T.J. Johnson in stride with a long pass that ended with TJ in the endzone on a 65 yard TD at 6:54 in the 3rd quarter. Collinsville went for 2 points but was called for holding leaving the score 12-17.
Oliver Noesen (#9 above) placed the kickoff just over the first line of Skiatook receivers and the Cardinals made first contact with the ball and then recovered (left) with Conner Crutchfield (#11) emerging from the pile with the ball at Skiatook's 30 yard line.
Derek Iannapollo and Hunter West provided the yardage to move from the 30 to near the goal. Iannapollo (#10 above) was marked down near the 1 yard line on this keeper from the 3, but appears (to me) to have reached the goal or very close to it.
Keenan Priddy (#40) completed the final yard of the drive giving Collinsville it's first lead at 18-17. The Cards attempted another 2-point conversion but the pass was incomplete. The time was 3:11 in the 3rd quarter.
Skiatook attempted a field goal on 4th and 6 from the 15 yard line (with Dylan Dyer #83 providing a distraction). The kick was short on the 2nd play of the 4th quarter.
T.J.Johnson was finally awarded a catch (with one official over ruling another) and Collinsville had the ball at Skiatook's 17 yard line on a drive that started at the Collinsville 20 following Skiatook's FG miss.
This 11 yard Keenan Priddy (#40) TD run put Collinsville up 24-17 at 5:40 in the 4th quarter.
Oliver Noesen (#9) kicked the extra point (after Priddy's 2nd TD) giving Collinsville an 8 point lead at 25-17.
Conner Crutchfield (#11) and Carter Rasmussem (#85) sacked Skiatook's QB at the 22 (back from the 18) in Skiatook's final drive. Skiatook gained 1 yard on the next play setting up 4th & 12 at the 21 yard line and 2:54 left in the game.
On 4th & 12 Skiatook pitched to a back (above) who then launched a perfect pass into the hands of a Bulldog receiver surrounded by Collinsville defenders in the endzone with 2:46 left in the game. That moved Skiatook within 2 points at 25-23.
Skiatook's QB (#1) tried to reach the endzone for a 2-point converion and a tie but was ruled just short.
CHS Head Football Coach Kevin Jones accepted the first annual Highway 20 Bowl trophy from presidents of the Collinsville & Skiatook QB Club Presidents (Ron Koscheski, left and T.J. Hudson, right). The trophy will go to the winning team each year.