Collinsville, Oklahoma
August 25, 2011
Miscellaneous News
Senator Inhofe's Collinsville Visit / Gym Roof Repairs In Progress /
Shellenberger To Nazarene Revival

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Revival At Church of the Nazarene
U.S. Senator James Inhofe "Conversation With Collinsville"
United States Senator James Inhofe received a box of shotgun shells as a gift while visiting the City of Collinsville today from Mayor Stan Sallee. The senior Oklahoma Senator presented a brief slideshow on key issues facing the nation and then answered questions from those gathered at City Hall Wednesday morning (Aug. 24, 2011).
... More Below ... Sen. Inhofe's unabashed Republican message that President Obama is "destroying America"
More CHS Roof Repairs
I'll have a few more photos (later) for the 8th grade football scrimmage from Tuesday evening (Aug. 23), but got double duty from this photo as it also shows repair work has begun on the CHS gym roof that was damaged by high winds early August 10, 2011. (Previous Coverage: Art Room Roof)
Sen. Inhofe's Collinsville Visit (Coninued)
This was just one of Senator Inhofe's charts (huge increases in the federal spending and debt since 2007) shown in Collinsville Wednesday with the opening title chart of "Obama's Four Approaches to Destroying America". Topics included Military budget cuts/Gitmo policies, EPA Regulatory Tsunami, and energy policies. Inhofe said it was a "done deal" that Republicans would soon take back the majority in the Senate and would quickly begin correcting the current problems (but would not have a veto-proof majority).