Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 27, 2009
Potential City Park Equipment

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Further Detail Backs Up Drawings Presented For April Vote
Still Pending Park Board &
City Commission Review

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Improvements/Sales Tax Approved April 7, 2009
Additional local tax collection starts July 1, 2009

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If you have comments (pro or con) about these potential park equipments ... please email to and I will share with the park board & city commission. -- Ted Wright 6/27/2009

(see comments at bottom of this page)

Note: The park board has not met since May 11th.

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Web Viewer Comments:
Sunday 6/28/2009: I feel as a citizen in Collinsville the skate park will not be a great asset to the city park. I visit the park quite frequently and see the vulgar and awful things kids are writing on the buildings. It takes a lot of time to re-paint the building and shelters after the kids destroy it. Recently, a girl scout troop planted flowers to make the park look better and kids have already ripped the plants and thrown them on top of the shelters. If kids are already doing this, then why would we put a skate park in? They would just tear it up. -- (Name Withheld)
Sunday 6/28/2009: They make me wish I was a kid again, I think they look great. Thats my 2 cents. -- Thanks, Dan Moore
Monday 6/29/2009: I think the idea for a splashpad for the park is a GREAT idea. I live by the park and I know that the kids (especially the little ones) would enjoy it. I’m not a fan of skate boarding but if a place in the park would keep them out of the alleys by the library and doctors office I think it would be a good idea. -- JWebb
Monday 6/29/2009: I have lived in Collinsville for 30 years, and think its about time to get something like this in Collinsville for the children. When I was growing up, we had the movie theater, pool hall and pool, Now that my kids are old enough for this stuff (FUN) its all closed leaving nothing at all for them to do. They need something to occupy them, so that the kids don't run the streets in town and get in trouble. -- Thanks, Susan Voyles
6/29/2009 Ted Note: I appreciate the comments above but would like to redirect back to equipment selection. The decision has already been made (by the voters & city commission): there will be a skatepark. My skatepark comment is that I tried to push for a concrete skatepark instead of the equipment shown (which is still awesome) but was told a concrete skatepark budget was more than the total allocated for all the park improvements.
Tuesday 6/30/2009: The equipment looks great if you are under 12 or a skateboarder. What about the other kids? My granddaughter is 12 and does not skateboard. It has been my experience that the waterpad will be for the younger children not teens. I have never heard anything about getting the pool up and running. Is this a possibility? -- R Smith
6/30/2009 Ted Note: The former pool (~55 years old) has been closed since 2006 and there are no current plans to attempt repair nor build a new one. Preliminary (2005) concepts for a new pool proved more expensive than the city could fund and the plan changed to the splashpad in 2008 before bringing the improvements vote to the citizens. The fact that other cities (especially Tulsa) could not afford to open functional pools also influenced that decision. Resurfacing of the tennis courts is pending bids/funding finalization.
Thursday 7/2/2009: I was looking at the equipment online with my children boy 4, girl 8 & boy 9. My youngest thought the skate park was the best. My oldest thought the playground and splash pad was great. When he looked at the equipment for the 5-12 yr olds he said and I quote "that is just a jumbled up mess. The little kids is great but what do we get? a big mess." I hate to agree, but the picture that shows the equipment looks rather confusing and clustered up very close together. Too close to play on safely, with other children. I hope it is just a rendering of the equipment and not the actual placement of the equipment shown. I was also wondering is the equipment for the 5-12 yr old age group made of metal or plastic? If it is metal (that is what it looks like) how many adults are going to be willing to see how hot it gets in the middle of our summers. I know the slide at the park we have now, has given my youngest a burn from trying to play on it. If it is not metal the word needs to get out. If it is metal the city should reconsider. -- C.Downing
Friday 7/3/2009: I personally like the idea for the splash pad, younger kids would love it. But what about older kids? I like the skate park idea as well, there needs to be a place for the teens to be able to skate, rather than up and down the busy streets or around the schools. I think they should try to get the funds to repair or replace the city pool, because without it, the park just isnt going to be fun for most people. The pool was really what brought people to the park. -- D. Mansfield
Sunday 7/5/2009: Ted, I look at the facilty at German Corner area that Owasso put in and there are alot of kids playing there, which is awsome. I think that its great that Collinsville is doing this for the kids. Only concern I have as a parent is the skatepark. When you see skateparks around on tv and in person in some areas there is alot of painting on them. Who is going to keep this clean and make sure that no bad words are being put on it and around the area with the number of kids that its going to be drawing in from surrounding areas.Is the city going to hire someone to check this daily and carry spray paint with them to cover over the wording that shouldnt be there, because its going to happen. There will be many broken bones in this area as well, whose going to be responsible for medical bills, Are there going to be waivers to be signed because you know as well as I do somebody will try and go after the city for their child being hurt. I think there are still alot of things such as the questions I have brought up to be addressed by the city and these should be made public. Work out the kinks and I think it would be great for the community. Thanks Ron Koscheski
7/6/2009 Ted Note: I can't speak for the city, but I am sure there will not be anyone there making kids sign waivers or following them around with cover-up paint. The skatepark will be no different than a swing set, swimming pool, softball field, any other park equipment, or driving down a city street. The kid and parents are responsible for their own safety and medical bills. Anyone can sue the city for anything but unless they can prove gross negligence they will not likely get any relief. Graffiti is possible anywhere in the city and will be handled as quickly as possible when it is reported or discovered. Again, I will pass all these comments along for the city to consider.
Tuesday 7/14/2009: I think the little kids will love the splash pad. However, my daughter who is eleven has felt too old for those for several years now and won't play on them. Most of the kids she knows around her age won't either. Older kids who aren't skaters and are older than 12 need something also. We would really like to have the pool up and running again. I agree with other people commenting that it is the big draw on the park. If the city made it public that they needed funds to make the pool possible, I believe people would come forward and help make it possible. Are there going to be any swings in the park? These are a 'staple' item for a park. -- Elmore
7/14/2009 Ted Note: A crew was working on the tennis court surface this morning. And I had a photo of kids on swings at the Independence Day celebration in the park. The park board is scheduled to meet July 30th at 2pm at City Hall.