Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 22, 2009
2009 CHS Grad Page Preview

Asking For 2009 Seniors & Parents Involvement Now
For Better Pages May 1st

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2009 CHS Senior Pages Preview:

In About 3 1/2 Months ...
Brittany Scott will be one of about 180 CHS Seniors who will each have their own page on Those pages are to be completed by May 1st, 2009. Each student or parent is invited to submit a few favorite photos to be included on their page. Contact Ted Wright ( for additional information on photos or advertising on those pages.
For Comparison:
Pages are FREE to students.
I do sell ads to businesses to pay for part of my time. Parents (or anyone else) may purchase congratulation message ads ($10).
Pages will not be online until May 1st.
Each student may pre-view their unfinished page before then by contacting Ted Wright. Times will be set up at CHS.
I already have some photos from my archives.
Students in sports, band, & chorus are most likely to have photos on their pages already. I also have either your yearbook senior photo or a similar one I took the same day. I will continue taking photos thru graduation night.
Please provide a few photos of your own.
For example: any favorite photo of yourself, family, friends, car, pet, job, hobby, etc.
Please provide any other original material you would like on your page.
For example: poem, art work, written material, etc. ... as long as it is family friendly. Do not provide personal info likely to cause identity theft problems.
Please provide: (in your words) Your favorite things about Collinsville.
Please provide: (in your words) Things about Collinsville you would like improved.
Please provide: Where you work now. Potential college or career plans ... if you know.
Be Creative: I would like each page to be unique. You may think of something I haven't thought of.
Any suggestions?

Provide photos & other material to Ted Wright (via email: or leave in envelope on Mrs. Bowman's desk at CHS (for photos to be scanned & returned).

Participation is voluntary. If for any reason you do not want your page to appear in this annual feature on .. please let me know ASAP to not waste my time. -- Ted
Sample Material From Previous Years:
You may also see one of your photos in ads like the one below that I will be running on various news pages up until the May 1st release of the full set of pages:
I Need Your Help!!
If you have an idea for a photo you would like me to take ... send me an email: