Collinsville, Oklahoma
June 23, 2007
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10 & Under Baseball Cardinals Undefeated
Tuesday June 26th: KTUL's Meteorologist Mike Collier will be reading for the kids at the Collinsville Library at 1:30pm. Pick up free tickets at the Library for the August 17th Tulsa Drillers baseball game (-vs- the Frisco RoughRiders) as part of the Summer Reading Program.
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Tax Relief for Working Families
Part of State Budget Plan

By State Rep. Earl Sears (June 22, 2007)

When state lawmakers passed a comprehensive budget agreement, we included a four-point tax relief plan that speeds up state income tax cuts and features extra relief for parents who stay at home with their children.

Both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan believed the economy is best served when individual consumers of all walks of life can pump more of their own money back into the system. By lowering taxes, we can effectively spark new job creation, higher profits, better wages - and increased tax collections.

In the past few years, Oklahoma has seen several budget surpluses due to rising tax revenues, the positive result of a decreasing tax burden on citizens and small businesses.

This new tax relief plan we've passed extends that economic prescription further by returning more money to the hardworking Oklahoma taxpayers who earned it in the first place.

Anti-tax relief groups often claim that lower taxes strain the government's ability to meet the public's needs. However, many of these same groups receive funding through government grants (financed by tax dollars), and they often partner with public employee unions and state agencies to work against tax cuts.

Granted, taxes play an important role, funding vital services like law enforcement, fire protection, infrastructure and education. But when there's a surplus, it means state government has collected more money than expected and probably doesn't need to spend it all.

Some surplus money should be set aside to help with "rainy days" like the budget shortfall following 9/11. And some should go to state agencies that are truly under-funded and not just mismanaged. The rest should be returned to the taxpayers.

These concepts play an important role in our new tax cut plan. The plan accelerates previously determined cuts in the state income tax, bringing the rate down to 5.25 percent by 2009. That eases the burden on working families and lets them put more money back in the economy, a year ahead of schedule.

The childcare tax credit helps parents who make a financial sacrifice by providing their children with a full-time parent in the home. About 227,000 Oklahoma families will qualify for the credit, reaping a combined $13.6 million each year. The credit applies only to families with minor children and income of less than $100,000 a year.

Also included in the plan is a practical elimination of the state's franchise tax on small businesses. A few would still pay the tax, but most would not. Small businesses create the majority of jobs in Oklahoma, and an extra tax at the startup phase only frustrates their efforts, which frustrates job growth.

Finally, a back-to-school sales tax holiday during the first full weekend in August will assist families statewide. It will apply to sales of clothes and shoes costing less than $100. Oklahoma families will save an estimated $6.4 million per year on school purchases as a result of the tax break.

The new budget agreement is a good development for Oklahoma taxpayers and the state as a whole, and I'm proud to support it.

Earl Sears(R- Bartlesville) represents the citizens of District 11 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He can be reached by phone at (918) 336-4855 or via e-mail at

City Manager Pam Polk assits the Collinsville 4-H members by donating approximately 60 pounds of newspapers and magazines. Club members pictured (not in order) are: Karen Klein, Jennifer and Tyler Lutz, Greg and Emily Haan and Micah Cooper. Also pictured is 4-H Friend Cody Faith.
Beginning in May, Collinsville's 4-H Club, The Dairy Capitol, has been participating in the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful project. The goal of this project was to raise awareness of recycling and the effects of pollution and littering, both in nature and our living and working enviornments. The Dairy Capitol members spoke with approximately 200 people doing their project work and this served to make people aware of the 4-H organization as well as boosting the 4-H image. The members and some friends of the Dairy Capitol, children ages 6-16 as well as 5 adults, worked a combined total of 105 hours cleaning, collecting and planting.

During the month that the Club participated, 602 lockers were cleaned at the highschool, and there was a vote at Hogs and Hotrods to determine what Collinsville's offical flower would be, in which the Red Zinnia won. On June 16, the Dairy Capitol conducted a clothing/paper/cell phone drive and 155 pounds of clothing were collected to be donated to Prevent Blindness, approximately 540 pounds of paper and magazines were collected and donated to the Collinsville Library, 14 cell phones were recycled and 44 pairs of shoes were turned in, some shoes to be donated to Prevent Blindness, the other shoes sent to the Tulsa County 4-H Extension Office where they will be passed on to another organization and ground up to make a base used for athletic surfaces such as basketball courts and tracks.

The final project completed by the 4-H Club was planting flowers, specifially the flower voted to be Collinsville's City Flower. On June 20, 6 4-H members met with a representative from the Collinsville Garden Club and together they planted 108 Zinnias at Cardinal Corner (5th and Main), City Hall and the Collinsville Library. In addition to planting the flowers the club members assisted Garden Club Spokesperson Vicki Thompson with the relocation of other previously planted plants and the planting of newly purchased Crepe Myrtles.

In addition to the Collinsville Garden Club, the Dairy Capitol recieved assitance from the Collinsville American Legion, Collinsville City Manager Pam Polk and the Tulsa County Extension Agency. Publicity of our events was provided by The Collinsville News and Ted Wright of and posters were displayed at the Collinsville City Library and the Collinsville branch of Bank of the Lakes.

The Collinsville Dairy Capitol is always looking for new members and volunteers. If you or child (ages 5-18) are interested you can contact Deb Lutz at 371-8236 or

-- Submitted story & photos June 22, 2007

Garden Club Spokesperson Vicki Thompson teaches 4-H members Tyler Lutz and Micah Cooper as well as 4-H Friend Cody Faith how to properly plant flowers and shrubs.
Congratulations to the Collinsville Cardinals 10 & Under team for another successful season. They went undefeated throughout the season and won 1st place in the playoffs. The have played tournaments in Collinsville, Bixby & Muskogee. They will play in a state tournament June 29-July2 in Owasso. The team constists of:

1-Shawn Koscheski
4-Seth Jensen
5-Hunter Rush
7-Kai Overson
9-Justin Kothe
13-Austin Murphy
25-Tyler Yock
28-Sam Andrews
37-Caleb Buchfink

Coaches: Ron Koscheski, Brandon Rush, Shawn Murphy, and Scott Ouverson

Photos & Text submitted by Jeanne Rush.(June 22, 2007)

Ted, didn't know who exactly to tell but just wanted the hard workers who put the flowers out, they did a great job and it really looks great.
-- Mary Jo Griffin -- June 21, 2007