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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Jan. 6, 2006
Change Continues In Collinsville
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New City Hall Finishing Touches /
Temp City Hall Building Changes /
City of Collinsville offices in the temporary city hall at 901 W. Center (south of the fair barns) will close Jan. 13th, 2006 after a 4 year stay. The offices will re-open Tuesday Jan. 17th back at the original City Hall at 12th & Main. Before the Dec. 1, 2001 fire at City Hall, the building at the fairgrounds had served 4-H and Senior Citizens in addition to Tri-County Fair duties. Before moving to Collinsville in 1974 the building had served as temporary classrooms in Tulsa.
Better Late Than Never -- Now that the city officials are getting ready to leave, their view to the east has been greatly improved with the removal of the burnt-out building between temp city hall and the railroad tracks. I'm not sure when that building burned but did find the original use (fertilizer plant) in the 1974 story below.

Dec. 2004 Corporation Commission inspection of burnt-out building by temp city hall.
Burnt-Out "Kiwanis Hut" Torn Down In Park
Again, I don't know exactly when the "Kiwanis Hut" burned in City Park, but found when it was built in 1967. A citizens committee is still evaluating options to recommend to the city council for how to spend remaining Vision 2025 "Neighborhood Beautification" funds. A replacement building in this location is one of the possibilities in addition to the "wish list" of un-funded projects presented to the city commission Aug. 2005 and citizens in July 2005. -- Ted -- (If you have suggestions for park improvements and possible funding sources, contact a city official or send them to me and I will pass them along).
Park Cleanup
A city crew has been trained to install the brick pavers that will accent the sidewalks around City Hall. The pavers will also be featured in the sidewalks planned for the TEA-21 beautification project on Main Street between 10th and 12th in the coming months.