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James R. Dolton
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Collinsville, Oklahoma
Dec. 1-2, 2006
More Snow Photos
This Snow & Ice Will Likely Be With Us For Several More Days
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Stephanie Dowdy sent me this photo of a heron at the City Lake yesterday. She had an assist from her Dad and his 4x4. She was the winner of the first round of the "Beautiful Collinsville" Photo Contest (with another City Lake photo).
Traditional Sledder (at City Park Friday)
Non-Traditional ... sledless & shirtless young man
This sledder stopped with his face just inches from a tree at the bottom of the sled hill in City Park
Photos from early in this storm
With overnight sleet already and several inches of snow still expected today (Nov. 30th) things were white and slowed in Collinsville. Collinsville schools were closed Thursday Nov. 30th & Friday Dec. 1st. -- Ted
The "artic blast" has arrived and our recent 70 degree afternoons are now a distant memory. The 5pm Nov. 30th TV weather forcasts are saying we have a fair chance of significant snowfall still to come today. School is out, other events are being cancelled. The number of drivers I've seen in town today has been very low. I've opted to just leave my car in the garage and walk the short trip from home to work (& the city park). My only problem so far was an extra half hour just trying to get inside the Newspaper Museum today as the door lock was full of ice and the key was blocked until I sprayed enough de-icer to finally break through. My daughter Emily had mailed a sweater for our dog Georgia (above) which arrived today just in time for her to romp in the snow this afternoon. This has been an odd storm with a report of a young man struck by lightning Wednesday and Tulsa releasing their "first ever" blizzard warning today (for counties northwest of us). -- Ted -- 5:40pm Thursday Nov. 30th, 2006
This 18-wheeler had Collinsville's Main Street blocked Friday evening as it became stuck after the sunny day's melt has refrozen.
Bart Schultheiss supplied this photo from Saturday morning after the overnight fog/dew had frozen on the trees.