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School Board Meet
(7pm) Jan. 10, 2005

Memory Ostrander Unoppossed: Post 5

The Regularly Scheduled School Board Meeting for Collinsville Public Schools, Independent District I-6 was held Monday January 10, 2005 at the Education Service Center, 1119 West Broadway Collinsville, OK 74021.

1) Call to Order and Roll Call of Members.
2) Record of Members Present and Absent. (Donna Sears was absent)
3) Presentation by the Constituency. (None)
4) Reading of Minutes - December 6, 2004 Regular Meeting. (Approved)
5) Approval of Purchase Orders and Payment of Purchase Orders - FY 2005 General, Building, Child Nutrition Funds and All District Funds - Approval of Budgets, Reports, Allocations and Investments. (Approved)
6) Discussion and Vote to Approve Activity Fund Fund-raisers. (None)
7) Discussion and Review of Building and Property Liability Insurance and Vote to Accept Recommendation of Duncan DuVall, Southwest General, Agency of Record.
(The low bid of $69,500 by the existing provider was accepted. The only other bid was ~$88,000. This amount does not include the buildings still under construction, so additional insurance will be required when they are completed later this year.)
8) School District Technology Update - Larry Meece.
(Larry thanked the Tulsa Technology Center for their giveaway program of surplus equipment which has helped the Collinsville Schools expand their technology capability. Herald Elementary had 6 computers in the library a year ago but now has 24
networked (online) computers which supports an entire class at the same time. Wilson Elementary now also has 24 computers which also supports testing an entire class concurrently. Work is in progress for wiring to Herald classrooms. Larry reported he is working with outside vendors on plans to connect all the Collinsville campuses, along with the Education Serevices Center, with a wide area network (seperate from the internet). Superintendant Pat Herald added that after text books are all paid for with Vision 2025 funds (~$220K), remaining funds will likely be used to continue to improve the school's technology programs.)

9) Resignations: (all 3 approved)
a) Shann Littleton, Bus Driver.
b) Billy Bob Edwards, Bus Driver. (moved out of district)
c) Anita Willard, PT Reading Lab Aide. (now student teaching)

10) Hiring of Personnel: (all approved)
a) Kristina Reed, Bus Driver.
b) Michelle Koscheski, Bus Driver.
c) Lindsey Flanary, MS Reading Lad Aide.
d) Kimberly Ahlgren, HS Spec Ed Teacher.

11) Assistant Superintendent's Report.
Terry Due (in his first report to the board in his new role) reported on progress at the building sites. The plan for new access road at the high school did not account for some trees which would create an s-curve without removal of those trees. Ray Henshall has volunteered to knock down the trees to allow for a staright road which will likely be used by school buses in the future. In general, the wet weather has slowed progress at both construction site but work has continued. The contractor says the June 30th target completion is still reasonable.
The footings have been poured at the Middle School.
The High School addition is not as far along but is a smaller project. A new roof leak at the heater/AC unit over the H.S. chorus room (former stage) has hopefully been fixed. The old roof leak in the H.S. commons has been fixed. Two new furnaces at the H.S. gym will hopefully be readied Thursday (required shutting off gas to entire building ... cutoff will be added with this work) and be available for Homecoming at Friday's basketball game with freezing weather predicted. The Wilson parking lot has been ripped and re-graveled.

12) Superintendent's Report.
Pat Herald reported that Memory Ostrander was unopposed for the post 5 seat on the board and welcomed her for a 5-year term. Pat thanked the City of Collinsville and Cory Slagle for their efforts to made the flashing signal lights on Highway 20 by the High School a step closer to reality. The city has paid $2100 of the approximate $10,500 cost and ODOT has the process in motion. The precise schedule is not known but it hoped to be completed before the new school term this fall. Wendell Johnson and Terry Due will attend the National School Board meeting in San Diego this April. January is "School Board Appreciation Month". Pat indicated he will provide a letter of appreciation to the local media thanking Collinsville's board members for their efforts.

13) Announcements. (None)
14) New Business. (None)
15) Adjournment.

-- Ted Wright Jan. 11, 2005

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