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Collinsville Carnegie Library

1223 W. Main

Collinsville, OK 74021
(918) 596-2840

Noon - 8pm

Friday: Noon - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm

(Closed on Sunday)

Books, Tapes , Internet, Concerts, Magazines, Meeting Room
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Friends Of The Collinsville Library
1223 W. Main
(918) 596-2840

Joy Rice (President)

Diane Schultz (1st Vice President)

Verlinda Norris (2nd Vice President)

Stefanie Catlett (SecretaryTreasurer)

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2005 Plans
(dates subject to change):
June 11 2nd Annual Murder Mystery Dinner
July 9 Special July Event
August 13 1960's Laua Gala
Aug. 20 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off
2nd Annual Chocolate Cook-Off
Nov. 29-Dec10 2005 Silent Auction

Collinsville Library
History Project
60th Anniversary of the
Death of FDR

Do you remember where you were when FDR died? Would you tell us where it was and what you were doing?

What were your greatest concerns or fears when you realized our President had died while we were in engaged in World War II?

Name______________________________ (please print)
Phone number ______________ (optional)

Please return to CV Library by April 16th or email me at
There will be a display in the Library April 16-22, 2005.
I truly appreciate all you do for the Collinsville Library.

Thank you much!
Susan Babbitt
1223 W. Main
Collinsville, OK 74021


Collinsville Librarian Dr. Susan Babbitt is asking for your help in commemorating President Franklin D. Roosevelt's era:

This year we are entering another History Channel competition for a $1,000 or a DVD player and a set of history tapes. This one is to remember the 60th anniversary of the death of FDR. It will be more difficult to win since we won last year, but I say, give it a go! I have thought of several ways to educate our students about FDR, WWII and all that was taking place at that time. I could use your help on these ideas.

Do you know about WPA and CCC projects in the Collinsville Area?
Do you have pictures of those projects?
Are any of the projects still in use today?
Do you have items we could use for display that have meaning for that time in our history?

I am open to ideas you may have for our presentation. I will need these back by April 16th for display April 16-22nd.

There will be a 4 hour documentary about President Roosevelt, FDR, A Presidency Revealed, on the History Channel April 17 and 18 at 8pm central time.

You can also go to for more information and to enter a contest for a trip to Baltimore, Washington D.C. and New York.

Each TCCL Branch Library had a drawing of their local Books and Bagel entries.

Bonnie Farley won a $15 Gift Certificate to Barnes and Noble and Dawana Thompson won a book journal.

Congratulations to both our winners. All entries, including our two winners, will be put into a drawing at TCCL for several prizes. Novelist, Jacquelyn Mitchard will “Wrap Up” the 2005 Books and Bagels on Tuesday, April 19th ant 7 p.m. at the Central Library on the second floor. Mitchard is the best-selling author of “ The Deep End of the Ocean,” “Twelve Times Blessed,” A Theory of Relativity,” “The Most Wanted,” and the “The Rest of Us.” She will discuss her new book, “The Breakdown Lane,” answer questions and sign books.

We had 122 customers sign up for Books and Bagels and 87 completed the program.

Way to go Collinsville! Your Library Staff loves you!