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May 31, 2020
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Comments made by my great-gnandfather (W. L. Wright) in the very first issue of "The Collinsville News" printed 121 years ago. He had moved his newspaper equipment and family here from Ellsworth, Kansas. -- Ted Wright 5/11/2020
Collinsville Public Schools -- Parent Letter (May 13, 2020)
* School Ends May 15
* Details of July 10th graduation still pending
* Classes Resume August 19
* School start/stop times change in August

May 4th, 2020 Collinsville City Commission Meet --
* Mayor Bud York gets plaque;
* Mayor Larry Shafer to be sworn in;
* New commissioner for Ward 3 will likely be selected by the commission;

* $423,085 Bid for Replacement of Water Lines on 9th and 10th Streets;
* $240,000 Bid for High Voltage Line (Tree) Clearance from Electrical Lines;
* $29,838 Cardiac Monitor and accessories purchase;


A draft version of only the intro page for 2020 Grad pages is online today.

I will try to start adding an individual page daily starting later this week. Even under the best circumstances, this is never a "Fair" process. Some kids I have many photos to choose from ... some kids I've never heard of. And I wasn't planning to do senior pages this year ... until just a few weeks ago. -- Ted Wright 4/22/2020

All 2020 Senior pages are online as of Thursday May 14th -- No pages are finished -- these are works in progress ...

I have 4 senior pages online so far ... and hope to pick up the pace to have them all available before the May 15th "end of school". None of the pages are complete, and I will continue to add to some of them until I retire at the end of June. -- Ted Wright 4/30/2020

To honor our 2020 Senior class, our school will shine the stadium lights at both the football and baseball fields every Friday for 20 minutes. This message of both recognition and appreciation will take place from 9:00-9:20 PM every Friday Night until the end of the school year. -- Brad Cantrell 4/15/2020

We further hope that this will be a symbol of one day soon being able to gather with our Cardinal Family.
We do ask that there be no congregating of groups at either location. The safety of our community is paramount, and we must continue to abide by the CDC guidelines.
Collinsville students have not seen the inside of a classroom since Friday March 13th (24 calendar days ago) as they officially begin six weeks of "Distance Learning" today (April 6, 2020) at their homes. Students, parents and teachers have adapted daily to a rapidly changing world that is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with the primary tool being isolation. The coronavirus is spreading from country-to-country and state-to-state and community-to-community and household-to-household at varying rates with varying impacts ranging from mild symptoms to death. Everyone is making sacrfices and many are risking their own health as they serve others. Please continue to do your part and try to obtain the best outcome possible during and after this historic event. -- Ted Wright -- April 6, 2020

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