School Board Meet
March 9, 2020

New Style Purchase Card

The Tackett brothers led the Pledge of Allegiance for the School Board Meet.

Board of Education Regular Meeting
Monday, March 9, 2020 6:00 PM
Collinsville Public Schools
1902 W Maple
Collinsville, OK 74021

1. Call to Order and Roll Call of Members
2. Record of Members Present and Absent -- All Present: Stout, Reed, Bess, McElroy, Ostrander
3. Request to Address the Board -- None

4. Consent Agenda: Discussion and Vote Items (a. - i) of the Consent Agenda
4.a. Approval of the February 10, 2020 Regular Board Meeting Minutes,
4.b. Approval of Purchase Orders and Payments of Purchase Orders -FY 2020 General and Building Funds , All District Funds- Approval of Budgets , Reports , Allocations and Investments
4.c. Approval of the Activity Fund Fundraisers as Attached
4.d. Approval of the Amended School Calendar for 2019-2020
4.e. Approval of the Contract with Barlow Education Management Services, LLC for the 2019-2020 School Year
4.f. Approval of Municipal Accounting System, Inc Software Service Agreement of 2020-2021
4.g. Approval of the Transition School To Work Contract for 2020-2021 School Year
4.h. Approval of the Contract with Interquest Detection Canines for the 2020-2021 School Year.
4.i. Approval of Out of State Chorus Trip to Dallas Texas , April 17-April 19, 2020.
-- Approved

5. Building Site Reports
-- CUE/Stacy: Presentation by Mrs. Mussleman on Gifted and Talented program;
-- Herald/Hunt: Reading Sufficiency ~80 students, will offer summer school option also; $5300 McTeacher Night; Dec-Jan students illnesses up followed by staff illnesses now ... volunteers filled in with quality education
-- ECC/Boomer: 18 kids after school tutoring Tues/Rhurs; April 7 McTeacher Night planned; changing enrollment site this year ... back to ECC (April 16th) with building tours
-- MS/Lang: Spring Sports underway; STEM competition; ~20 girls to Math Day; Cherokee Language competitions; Leadership students to food bank, variety show Friday; State testing in April with Chrome books for 4 days;will start enrolling after spring break
-- 6th-Alt/Bilyeu: Similar new to MS; state testing in 2 days (reading & math); Art Show April 3rd; Cheer tryouts; Alt Ed woring on "relationships"
-- HS/Kiker: Grace Baysinger named to Academic All-State; testing in 2 days; April 9th "virtual day" Freshman, sophomores and seniors study off-campus while juniors take ACT test; 2020 honor students announced; 350 quailified for exemptions the Friday before spring break; 60 units gathered during CHS blood drive; talent show Wednesday

6. Discussion and Vote to Accept Board of Education Policy Changes -- Approved, use of new travel credit card (start with travel use only now ... to expand use later). Cards must be checked out from Stacy Byrom.
7. Discussion and Possible Vote to Approve the CPS Purchasing Card -- Approved (see item 6)

8. Board to consider and take possible action, in the absence of the President and/or Clerk, to appoint an acting President and/or acting Clerk for the School District to execute any and all documents pertaining to setting the maturities, date, time and place of the bond sale. -- N/A
9. Board to consider and take action on a resolution determining the maturities of, and setting a date, time and place for the sale of the $3,450,000 Combined Purpose Building Bonds of this School District; and designating bond counsel for this issuance of bonds. -- Approved, will meet noon Friday April 24 with Stephen L. Smith

10. Discussion and Approval of the Engagement Letter and Contract for the audit of your 2019-2020 financial statements. -- Approved

11. Directors Report
-- Hamlin: practice testing; Teachers of Year announced + new this year for Support Person of the Year at each campus;
-- Crutchfield: tracking taxes collected
-- Janah/CNP: Chili cookoff popular; April 1st will switch breakfast & lunch
-- Cantrell: Wrestling State Champs (9 of last 10 years); Band & Chorus individual contests; Baseball win at OKC Bricktown (unbeaten)
-- Harp: conference today with 12 representatives from Collinsville

12. Superintendent's Report -- Lance West reported on these topics"
* Cherokee (Tag) check for $9200
* Carryover of $250K likely
* Utilities have gone down (mild year and school rate helped w/city)
* Graduation is May 8th (7pm)
* Day at Capitol is tomorrow
* Make up days via banked hours
* 2896 students
* Substitute teachers 17% out (sub pool increased with pay raise but some days stilll not full)
* April 13th 5:30 board pictures (ESC staff photos same day @ 10:30am)
* Letter out today on Corona Virus (from our nurses)
* Trying 'tech day" during juniors ACT testing

13. Proposed Executive Session to Discuss Re-employment of Executive Directors, Directors, Principals and Assistant Principal (as Attached) for the 2020-2021 School Year Pursuant to 25-OS ss 307(B)(1) of the Open Meeting Law,
14. Vote to Convene in Executive Session
15. Acknowledge Return of Board to Open Session
16. Executive Session Minutes Compliance Announcement

17. Vote to Hire the Executive Directors, Directors, Principals and Assistant Principal (as Attached) for the 2020-2021 School Year. (as Attached)
-- Approved (all rehired)

18. Resignations:-- Approved
18.a. Brandi Overholt- Herald TA (to medical field)

19. Reassignment: -- Approved
19.a. Megan Reed- Moving from Herald CNP to Herald Paraprofessional

20. Announcements -- None
21. New Business -- Approved, Middle School surplus list
22. Adjournment -- Approved 9:05pm

By: __________________________________

Lance West, Superintendent

Posted this 6 th day of March at 12:00 p.m. on the door of the Education Service Center, 1902 W. Maple.

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Detection Canines

Chorus To Dallas

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