School Board Meet
June 8, 2020

First In-Person Meet Since March
Note Time change: 6:30pm start

Ted Wright comments in purple

2. All board members were present.
3. No requests to address board
4. Approved consent agenda (an extra day was added before the start of school (Aug 11) for cleaning by staff.
5. Insurance 10/25 option approved (up ~22%)
6. Approved workers comp coverage

7. Wellness Report -- More/healthier/fun food choices, more outdoor activiries ... but major impact by COVID-19 pandemic caused switch to distance learning but continued provoding healthy meals via drive by or delivery. Over 53,500 meals provided by CNP and voulnteers.
8. Policy change wording for distance learning (like video selection age-based)

9. Directors Reports --
* Brad Cantrell -- OSSAA curveball left individual schools to determine own COVID return sports plan. May learn more after June 9th OSSAA meet. Football conditioning has begus outdoors on track infield. Other sports soon. More details soon.
* Kelly Hamlin -- Math teachers to meet; revising standards for distance learning
* Julie Crutchfield -- not much new on funding uncertainty; 40-50 false unemployment claims so far

10. Lance West's Superintendent's Report:
* Oil Prices improving slowly
* Planning August 20 "normal" start to classes ... but many details still subject to change (by CDC, State, Tulsa County, ...) ... some potential guidelines may be impossible to meet ... can't afford to provide masks daily for students ... maybe shields for teachers ...
* Limit outside use of facilities and visitors
* New carpet and tile at ECC over summer (Art Smalygo and crew installing)
* Adding asphalt at CUE to reach playground on muddy days

11-14. Executive Session 7:47-8:39pm

15. All rehired
16. Resignnations acceped
17. Hirings approved. Swanson part-time for color guard. Shaw teaching social studies, also coaching wrestling & football.
18. New Business: Accepted resignation of Linda Perkins (ECC janitor for 13 years), retiring
19. No announcements
20. Adjourned at 8:50pm

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Ted Wright Resignation

Rehiring Support Staff

No In-Building School Since March 13th, 2020

"Distance Learning" April 6th - May 15th, 2020

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