School Board Meet
June 29, 2020

Prep For New School Year

Ted Wright comments in purple:
-- All board members present: Stout, Reed, Bess, McElroy & Ostrander
4. Consent agenda approved
5. No directors reports
6. Supt. Lance West reported on these topics:
* July 13th Board meet will include budget & "Return to Learn Plan" ... which will be as traditional as possible ... pending CDC & County health rules
* Changing carpet/tile at ECC
* Ourrently only one open position (CMS) and interviews today
* Survey results: only ~5% responded "NO" on sending their student back traditionally in August (most of those had extra health issues) and those have been contacted individually
* 2 to 5 days is likely shutdown if "substantial" community spread of COVID
* summer has gone well
* 8 tickets per graduate for July 10th (7pm) graduation ceremony at Union's UMAC -- have to limit attendance due to COVID -- hoping further restriction aren't imposed before then (by City of Tulsa)
7-10. Executive session 6:18pm - 7:02pm
11. Resignations approved
* Ben Davis is headed to Caney Valley as Middle School Principal
12. Hirings approved
14. New Business -- resignation accepted for Tammy Smith (para at CUE)
15. Adjourned at 7:09pm

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