2020 Collinsville High School Graduate
Jasper Tyler
Collinsville, OK
1st Grade White Football (August 2008)
0 Josiah Hendrixs
3 Caden Buoy
5 Kannon Ramsey
6 Gage Tacker
7 Jasper Tyler
10 Landon Prows
12 Gage Barhand
14 Blake Battles
20 Avery Morrison
21 Caleb Seidell
Herald Elementary Character Kids Named
Third Grade Compassion Character Kids
Nathan Newstrom – Ms. Riggs
Cayley DelMonte – Ms. Riggs
Riley Hedges – Mrs. Meyer
Emma Schnell – Mrs. Meyer
Jasper Tyler – Ms. Brusto
Jessica Byers – Ms. Brusto
Allie McDonald – Mrs. MsShane
Calvin Ledford – Mrs. McShane
Katie Ellis – Mrs. Coburn
Trevin Hodges – Mrs. Coburn
Georgia Hadley – Mrs. Vogel
Jacob Brown – Mrs. Vogel
Elizabeth Aman – Mrs. Jennings
Nathan Treptow – Mrs. Jennings
Addison Kallam – Mrs. Pahukoa
Justus Getz – Mrs. Pahukoa
-- Names submitted by Debbie Kite (12/14/2010)
-- Photos submitted by Teresa Fine (12/15/2010)

8th Grade
Second Grade Friendship
2nd graders at Wilson continue to learn about friendship and what ittakes to be a friend to others. 2nd graders who possess the characteristic of friendship were chosen from their classes for December 15th, 2009.

Front row (l-r) Jasper Tyler, Jordan Stealer, and Jesse Shaw
Back row (l-r) Jayde Adair, Adriana Luevano, Cambrie Schlomann, Trevin Hodges, and Elijah Swartz

-- Submitted by Lee Ann Due (12/15/2009)

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