Collinsville, Oklahoma
January 23, 2017
Silver Dollar Cafe Crashed
Car Crashed Into Historic Building At 11th & Main In Downtown Collinsville
Monday Morning
A vehicle crashed into the front of Silver Dollar Cafe at about 10:30am today and collapsed the entire front of the building trapping the vehicle and occupant inside under debis. He was removed in OK condition. The business was unoccupied (closed on Mondays til 4pm).
1pm Update: Main Street has been reopened to traffic. 11th Street north of Main will remain blocked off until the west wall is either shored up or torn down. Witnesses said the vehicle clipped a car parked west of Scoops and Grinds and continued north across Main (at high speed) into the building which has stood on that corner since at least 1912. -- Ted
LeeAnn Wisely submitted this photo taken (from Broadway at 11th) just moments after the vehicle struck Silver Dollar Cafe ...before all the dust settled. The timestamp on her photo says 10:21.
This is the path of the vehicle (still stuck inside the collapsed roof of Silver Dollar Cafe). It struck the left rear corner of this parked car beside Scoops & Grinds on 11th St. before going thru the landscaping and into the cafe at high speed (according to witnesses). Drone coverage (close-up) after high elevation shot by one of the TV stations + helicopters + film crews from all the Tulsa stations in Collinsville today.
Collinsville Rural Fire (who assisted City Fire along with Owasso today) posted this photo on their Facebook page today. It shows the vehicle inside Silver Dollar Cafe. One of the main support post for the steel beams in the front facade can be seen resting on the cars hood. -- Ted Wright -- 1/23/2017
The driver (who was not yet identified) may have had some type of medical issue ... as he was said to not appear drunk.
Silver Dollar Cafe owner Dale Stotts says he plans to rebuild.
The Owasso Reporter identified the driver (of the 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis) as Scott Andrew Wright, 53, of Collinsville. -- [NewsOn6 says he is from Ramona 1/24/2017]
Collinsville Downtown Inc. posted this photo from inside Silver Dollar Cafe after volunteers had done some cleanup and build a temporary wall between the open front and the rest of the business space Monday evening. The car won't be removed until after the west wall has been secured. -- Ted -- Tuesday 1/24/2017
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