Collinsville, Oklahoma
December 30, 2017
Center Street Project "Done"
"Improvements" To 2 Blocks & 3 Intersections On Center Street
After almost 5 months Center Street between 11th and 13th street is free of construction equipment and road blocks. Two blocks of asphalt have replaced the historic (but poorly maintained) brick surface with two "fancy" new intersections on either end (with newly purchased bricks). This photo was taken from the Middle School with unaltered original brick visible in the foreground between 14th and 13th St. Sidewalks were also improved (or added) on both sides of Center in the 2 block project area.
It took two tries to get a good top layer of asphalt with this final attempt Dec. 21st.
I don't know what the issue was?, but the Dec. 15th asphalt layer was removed the next day (Dec. 16th).
This top layer of asphalt (applied Dec. 15th) lasted less than a day before it was ripped up.
After little activity the last week or so waiting on the final layer of asphalt on Center Street between 11th and 13th ... I would imagine we will once again have east-west access to that revised portion of Center Street with that asphalt applied today. There was also some "new" or "redo?" activity across the street from the Post Office on the sidewalk on the northeast corner of 11th and Center (stopping at Dividing Bread Ministries). -- Ted Wright -- Friday Dec. 15, 2017
This 2010 aerial view shows the original brick (now gone) from the two blocks of Center Street. The brick streets in Collinsville were paved over 100 years ago with bricks manufactured in Collinsville's own brick plant.
The 2017 improvements were overdue (as seen in these 2010 photos taken adjacent to the post office at 11th and Center St.) after city untility work removed bricks but did not replace the brick driving surface ... instead just filling with gravel or asphalt. Multiple grants were accumulated to finally improve the driving surface as well as improve drainage.
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